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If you still have it, it can be extracted.

If you're gonna do that, then we need to also fix the bugs in DQ1&2.  I listed a few when I reviewed the English patch for the site, but those might be emulator-specific.  (I was using the SNES emulator for Gamecube.)  There is one confirmed bug in Dragon Quest II when one of the party members gets sick, and a dialog box gets stuck in a loop.

I've also heard that Dragon Quest III english patch 1.1 has a save bug and several other glitches.

Seriously, those need to be fixed ahead of any other adjustments to the game.

May 05, 2016, 11:08:00 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Here's one I've been wanting for a while...

In lieu of the Shining Force III Translation Project coming up with their own English voices for Shining Force III, what I'd like is to be able to insert the Japanese voices from the Japanese version of Scenario 1 into the American version of Scenario 1.

The English voice acting of Scenario 1 really is quite terrible.  And I mean AWFUL!

The Japanese voices are much better, even if they're not in English.

And yes, you can always turn the voices off, but what's the fun in that!? :laugh:

Right.  It caught my eye when I saw it, because I know that Super Gameboy enhancements don't work on Gameboy Color.  It would just play it like a black-and-white cart.  Pokemon Yellow is a weird stand-out among Gameboy Color, because it doesn't immediately look like one.

I always wondered if all the towns and sprites could be independently colored.  Conveniently, all of the battle sprites are already in full color.

I think someone suggested colorizing Pokemon Yellow earlier similarly to the Pokemon Red color mod.  I'd like to second that.

I've always wondered, though.  What's up with that ROM?  It's a Gameboy Color ROM, right?  Why does it look like Super Gameboy?  Did they just do a last-minute quickie color version for North America?

Would it be possible to fix some of the Sega Genesis games that either don't work with or have trouble with the six-button controller?

I know it sounds like a daunting task at first, but I recently discovered that the list of games that have compatibility issues is surprisingly small.  Literally only five games.

Ms. Pac-Man, Arch Rivals, King Of the Monsters, Goldent Axe II, and Forgotten Worlds.  And of the five, Forgotten Worlds is the only one that is absolutely incapable of being played, even when using the Mode Button applied.

Personally, I don't have an affinity for every single one of these games, but it would be a neat to have the six-button controller functional with all Genesis games.

(Note: I am NOT suggesting adding X, Y, and Z button functionality to these games.)

After i've been trying Killerbob's awesome Loz Relocalized hack, i've would really like a relocalization of Legend of Zelda 2 as well, making the script a bit less stilted and more natural, and once for all solve the mystery of Bug & Error which got lost in the original localization.
I've often wondered what would be the proper way to make those characters consistent.  Do we just call them Bug and Error, or do we go all the way Engrish and call them Bagu and Errol?  Part of me finds the latter very charming.

-The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past & Four Swords (GBA)-

7. Removing the Four Swords partition (and everything related to it) of the GBA remake of The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past, just so it could be single-player only, standalone game. People might think that this might be like some kind of autoboot patch, but is not just that. I really/literally want everything that has to do with Four Swords from the remake removed just so TLOZ: A Link To The Past can be a single-player game.
But then why not just play A Link To The Past?  If you autoboot past the game-select screen, then you've already bypassed everything that Four Swords adds to the game.

I actually finished this game recently, and I chose to start with a modified save file that allowed me access to the Hurricane Blade, the Riddle Quest, the Golden Sword, and the Palace of the Four Sword.

I am not a rom hacker, but if I was, I think a better approach would be to simply unlock the above-mentioned content without having to find a save file on the internet.

Patched Startropics. There shouldn't be any problems. Anyone care to test it?
Now, will this work with the other patch that fixes the overworld music?

Just put it on the title screen.

It should be noted that the Zelda DX mod uses the original 1986 localization with such dopey lines as "ones who does not have Triforce can't go in". And the text crawl in the attract mode is even worse.

That's basically why I would like to be able to apply the patch to a better translation.

Here's one I tried recently and failed.  I would love to be able to combine the Zelda DX hack with either the 2003 Gamecube version of LoZ or KillerBob's Relocalized Hack.  Couldn't get either to work without crashing the game or causing graphical bugs.

Something i'v wanted to see for a long time, is some color corrections on the koopalings in Super Mario World, some of the color descisions is just bizzare when you compare it with the official artwork.
I kinda wish someone would draw better sprites of the Koopalings, because they're actually not as good as the Super Mario Bros. 3 versions of their sprites.

Someone recently did a sprite color fix of Bowser and Yoshi, though, but it's only for the All-Stars version.

Another hack I've wanted to see is to revert the title screen back to the original Super Mario All-Stars title screen, while retaining Yoshi, of course.


Mega Man Anniversary Collection for PlayStation 2 - Fix the audio problems in Mega Man VI

When playing Mega Man VI in remixed audio mode on PlayStation 2, the music of some tracks are too loud and are actually clipping.  It sound really bad, and it's most noticeable during the attract mode of the game.

A solution would be to insert the original versions of these music tracks from the Rockman Complete Works version of Rockman VI.

Also had two hacks that might be pretty easy, if I knew how to do them.  Both are Super Gameboy.

1. Silent Pauline in Super Gameboy Donkey Kong when played on Retron 5
Always loved the Super Gameboy color mode, but Pauline's 16-bit screams are silent when the game is played in emulation.  I was wondering if it was possible to restore her 8-bit screams when playing on an emulation platform like Retron 5.

2. Space Invaders Select Mode
Again, due to lack of SNES hardware, this screen serves on purpose in emulation or on Retron 5.  Seems like it would be an easy hack to skip this screen and go right into Super Gameboy mode.  Anyone know how to do it?

I would love to see someone completely recolor both Golden Sun games.  The original games are WAY too saturated.

Best seen in the opening of the game, when Issac wakes up AT NIGHT, and the inside of the house looks like it's lit by radiation.

VBA's color toggle does an acceptable job, but it also makes the whole game look kind of drab.  I'd love to see someone fix this game's colors once and for all.

Is there a way to apply custom Super Gameboy borders to existing Gameboy games?

Hello, everyone.  I've been a lurker on this site for a long time.  I've written a few reviews.  I am NOT a rom hacker.  But I had an idea, and I'd like to at least plant that seed here.

The MSU-1 has enabled high-quality streaming audio to become a reality on SNES.  What if somebody decided to use the chip to recreate the streaming audio in a Satelliview game?  The one I think would be most appropriate would be Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablet, which had speaking dialogue all throughout the game.  It seems to me that the MSU-1 would enable hackers to recreate those old broadcasts in English.

Would this be possible?

The only thing I can say thus far is that I wish you would have hacked it so that the opening doesn't have that seizure-inducing flashing of bright colors.  The Porygon episode of Pokemon wasn't even that intense.

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