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Final Fantasy Tactics Advance: Force TV color mode.

FFTA has three color modes.  The first two are made to counteract the dark screen of the original GBA screen.  The third "TV Mode" was a forward-thinking measure to make the game not ugly when played on DS or Gameboy Player.

I would love to have a version of the game that boots with TV Mode activated by default.

Graphics hack of All-Night Nippon Super Mario Bros. that converts enemy sprite graphics back into regular Mario enemies.

The purpose: The game has separate Mario and Luigi play mechanics from Lost Levels.  It's a slightly different way to play the original game, so I thought it'd be fun to have a version that removes the All-Night Nippon licensed imagery.

It has Try Again mode, which gives quad EXP/Gold (aka Retry mode in Lufia II). Unlocked by beating the game once, so it's only meant to be that way on the first playthrough.
What about unlocking that permanently?  I mean, I have a finished game, so I don't need it, but I'd imagine that new-comers might like that.

Maybe even change the text from "Try Again" to "Easy Mode" or something like that.

Definitely not.  I have the Player's Choice edition, and it has the same car sprites as the original release.

Sprite hack of F-Zero and F-Zero Grand Prix 2 in which cars from one game are ported to the other, and vice versa.

Bonus points if the extra circuit from Grand Prix 2 can be added to standard F-Zero, but obviously not going to hold my breath on that one.

Yes, I found this obnoxious, too. If possible, it would be nice if the patched version would remember your selection, but I'd settle for just having it default to TV mode.
That would be a nice touch.

A lot of GBA games suffer from bad color due to the screen being so dark, but FFTA is one case where the problem is easily mitigated.

Is it one of the automatic detection things? Or is it an option in the menu somewhere? While there are automatic games most things I know of are more on the manual side of things.
It's an option menu on the title screen.

Definitely not an auto-detect.  It always defaults to the brighter palette on start-up regardless of which device you use.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Boot game in TV color mode.  I swear I had such a patch once before, but I can't find it, and I have no idea how to create it myself.

It was just a very convenient patch, as the default color mode is terrible on an actual TV.

How does that work, anyway?  I'd listen to the PS1 version's soundtrack before making that wish, but maybe there's a fan cover of the soundtrack that sounds more appropriate.

An English translation for Famicom Detective Club 2 for the Super Famicom already exists.  It's good.

...maybe if the font had been a little bit bigger and perhaps a couple of extra exclamation-points at the end..?
I'm very enthusiastic.  What can I say?

Ninja Jajamaru: Ginga Daisakusen - Pause Doesn't Work!  FIX IT!

So there's a rather irritating problem with the Japanese version of Ninja Jajamaru: Ginga Daisakusen.  The pause button don't work!  It only pauses the game while you hold down start, and it's the same problem with the HTI English translation as well.

Pause is fixed in the Squashed prototype rom, but I'd also like to see it work in the Japanese version and the HTI translation as well.  Can anyone figure it out?

As a side bar to this Contra/Probotector stuff, how about a title screen hack for the version of Probotector to Operation C on the Konami GB Collection Volume 1?  It's got the Contra guy in the game, anyway, right?

Okay, I have no problems if people want to recolor Batman to gray or black or whatever that's supposed to be.  However, as a graphic artist, I have to throw in my two cents here.  I think the "black version" color mods for the Batman games are kinda missing the point.  The blue or purple color choices are more an abstraction.  they're not meant to be taken literally.  They're stylistic flourishes to make the character stand out.

Am I missing something?  Are those not the very same games (minus Legends) that were colorized in the Konami collections?  Maybe they're a little ugly.  I can certainly understand that.

I would just like to see Sailor Moon Another Story proofread.  There were quite a number of instances of "should of" throughout that entire script.

And the GameBoy Castlevania games.
Those exist, actually...

But as long as we're on that topic, there's a slight bug in these autoboot hacks.  if you soft-reset (A/B/Select/Start), it boots you out into the Konami GB Collection title screen.

We really need fully colorized versions of the Megaman gameboy games, a few have tried:
I've been waiting a long time for someone to do this.

Saw the title of the video here, and it gave me an idea of my own.  If anyone ever colorizes the Gameboy Mega Man games, can you also throw in the title screen change to Mega Man WORLD so there isn't that title confusion anymore between these and the NES games?

For clarity, there IS a port of Donkey Kong Country for the Gameboy Color, but it's literally the worst version of the game.

If the emulator identifies itself to the game as an SGB, when no SNES is present, the game would try to play music on a nonexistent chip.
That's exactly what it's doing.  The end credits on Donkey Kong uses the SNES sound chip on a Super Gameboy.  But since there isn't one available, you don't hear anything.  Same as the Pauline screams.

You'll have to pardon me, as I'm not a romhacker, so I may mince terms from time to time.  That's unintentional.  I'm just trying to describe what I'm experiencing.

The emulator apparently flags the games for SGB support, because it makes all of the palette and border choices as it would in real hardware.  For example, in Game & Watch Gallery (the first one), each of the four mini games has its own border and palette, and the emulator switches them accordingly, just like a real SGB.  (Side note: Any Gameboy Color games with SGB content will behave differently with the "fake" SGB display, but that's not really at issue here.)

Emulators seem as though they're attempting to access SNES hardware when prompted. For example, there's an interesting side effect when playing Space Invaders in emulation.  The cartridge had a separate SNES game built in, which you could select upon boot-up.  This select screen shows up in emulation, but obviously nothing happens when you pick the SNES game.  (Actually one of my other hack ideas was to bypass this screen in emulation.)

And lastly, the Retron5 may not have a Super Gameboy mode per se, but the emulator it uses sure does.  I'm about 90% sure it's VBA.  VBA does read for Super Gameboy content, and every Retron5 I've seen can display the games accordingly.  And it's the same thing as on the PC.  Donkey Kong plays normally, but Pauline and the end credits are silent.

My suggestion was to simply hack the game so that it always plays the DMG sounds, no matter what.

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