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Well, there's the obvious KHs and Zeldas and Castlevanias, but others include Okamiden, Dragon Quest Rocket Slime (yes, this is a very fun action adventure), and Maple Story (it's a Korean metroidvania with level ups and equipment management, and there's an Eng translation -- I haven't tried the translation, because I'm fluent in Korean).

A side note:  this isn't action adventure nor action rpg, but it's my personal fav NDS game -- Custom Robo Arena.  It's a fighting game, sort of, but it is so so damn good.  If you're gonna play NDS, I suggest you to try that.

I played all of those.  CRA was great indeed.  I played everything you listed, except for Maple Story.  I'm pretty sure Maple Story is a phone game, but I guess NDS released something there too.


Pff.  If you want action rpg, then you really should try Front Mission Gun Hazard.  It's sort of like Castlevania SOTN, since you can explore all the maps (as long as you "unlock" those maps), and you buy/sell/equip multiple parts.  And obviously, you level up as you kill more enemies (and you can grind for more exp if you want).  It's probably the first action rpg metroidvania that uses level up system, even before SOTN.

And yes, it's insanely good.  I'm sure others can tell you how good it is.

I thought Front Mission was a strategy RPG.  I guess gun hazard was a spin off or something.  Based on what I can see on youtube, it seems like Cybernator and Metal Warrior.  Not sure how RPG mechanic works here, but I know I greatly enjoyed both Cybernator and Metal Warrior.  I shall try this game first.

January 09, 2022, 12:51:30 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
You should have said that there's a translation for Gun Hazard.  I was gonna ditch this, because it was in Japanese, then I remembered that there might be a translation, so I searched, and there it is!

In any case, thanks.  And thank you all for your suggestions.  I see that they're all for SNES, but I'd appreciate it if you can recommend some NDS games too.

Thanks.  I played both Illusion of Gaia and Terranigma.  I didn't know the 3 games were related.  Didn't particularly like Gaia, but Terranigma was absolute a blast.  Loved it so much.  Did all of sidequests too.

Thanks.  I already played Earthbound (which is Mother 2), but that's not action rpg nor action adventure.  That's just straight up rpg.

I haven't tried Soul Blazer.  I heard about it, but I don't know anything about it.  I shall give that a go.  Thanks.

Grr.  The anticipation of the new version is killing me.  Really looking forward to trying it out.

Btw, can anyone recommend me a good action rpg and/or action adventure for SNES or NDS?

nah, is ok.
also: "originally published on 2011-12-22", typical youtube stuff

Whoops.  Didn't see that.  My bad.

At that time there was no official translation and just random hacks aren't allowed if you want to TAS the original game.

The video is from a week ago:

I'm guessing the guy who's in charge of the channel is using your video without your permission.

I wish...
there's nothing complicated about SD3 - items have their icons, spells shouldn't be used, dialog options are always in the same place. And if something comes up during making a TAS - rewind, temporarely translate the ROM, then you know what's up and then undo that.

Oh.  In that case, why intentionally use the J version, instead of the fan translated version, or Trials of Mana?  Or does TAS not work with anything other than J version?


Hey.  I saw your SD3 run video on youtube using TAS.  Do you run that TAS channel?  You played the J version, so I'm guessing you can read Japanese and stuff.  I'm quite jelly about that.

That is something I want to do but I'm stuck at the "math part" (creative blackout if you will);
melee strike would add 15 x LUCK_ADJUST to aggro
spells and L2/3 techs would add 40 x LUCK_ADJUST
if the monster uses a spell or L2/3 tech it loses 10 aggro.
Threshold could be 80 for regular monster, 200 for bosses.
I'm just drawing a total blank on what LUCK_ADJUST should exactly be.
I kinda want it to be 100%+ (or even 150%) if you have absolutely no luck stat (15) increase at lv45+ - so a spell plus a couple random hits gets you vanilla behaviour for random mobs -
and like ~20% at max luck (22)

Perhaps I'm overthinking, but having "spells and L2/3 techs would add 40 x LUCK_ADJUST" would just encourage people to use Lv1 techs.  I think spell/tech should have the same chance as melee (but not 0) -- spell/tech tends to be more powerful than melee, thus encouraging people to use spells more.

Also, if threshold for regular monster is 80 and boss is 200, does that mean that normal monsters would counter more frequently than the bosses?

Also, don't some characters' luck max out at 15?  And you want their attacks to have 100+% counter rate?  Uhh.  Perhaps that's a bit much?

Second, while I like the idea of putting a throwing item in the black market (not sure about Pumpkin Bomb, since that's the most powerful throwing item), but doing so would get rid of the "item that gets enabled after the first class change".  And I want something in the black market to be enabled after the 1st class change.  I don't mind putting the seeds in the 1st secret shop though, and then enabling other items after the 2nd class change.  Hmm.

Oh, right.  Well, maybe you can leave one of the special seeds that gets enabled after the first class change.

Theoretically yes but that would require editing the AIs of all affected enemies directly.
And the AI for "random" enemies (anything that is roughly player sized) is a mess I want to avoid as much as I can.

Also even if, I don't see the benefit in this; it would make mobs both less dangerous (never get a tech when you enter a room) and more dangerous (ALWAYS get a tech to the face before you kill the mob; hit 2 mobs at the same time = game over)

I actually prefer the current version, where it is entirely up to RNG.  I do hope that the counter rate is either decreased or is limited to one (aggro meter or some sort).

With that knowledge, you might be able to find the ??? Seed item error (current, LL and LD results in D class items).  I don't even know which bank has that though, so it's pretty hopeless for me... Any idea which bank has that info?

I sincerely hope one of you fix that thing.  It really throws off the balance for Carlie (Sage Carlie is so powerful, because she has access to Black Curse).

December 24, 2021, 08:51:32 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Not much I can do with that knowledge, sadly, because 2nd class change comes so late in vanilla.  But you might be able to do something for your Sin of Mana (unless you've already done so).

I got an idea.  Put one of the throw items in the original black market (Pumpkin Bomb enables players to access the tree element attack), and move the three seeds into the secret shop 1.  And make the secret shop available after the mana stones break.  But only enable the non-seed items after the 2nd class change.

Actually, that is even preferable to me since that should just be changing one date point from 00 into an FF, otherwise I'd have to change the day logic itself.

Awesome.  Thanks.

They copy 1:1 the stats of whoever they copy. The only thing they don't copy is spells known.
RNG will always hate you.

Argh!  Damn Shadowzeroes!  RNG (G stands for God) always screws with me.  I hate those little pukes.

Writing it down it begs the question:
this it make him less OP (no imba defense) or more OP (just the VIT from class change alone should be enough to cap def)

Despite Kevin's high VIT, he doesn't seem to get a very high DEF stat.  Only like 2 points, relative to Angela or something.  I'm not sure what's going on, but I'm guessing Kevin's armor sucks.

spell damage scaling for enemies is a whole can of worms...
like the tier1 spells are just stat x6 plus some base multiply with a level based value up to 190% at lv40 with stat from 3 to 20
so the damage starts very scary (60 damage vs 110 hp, limited resources to heal) and then becomes barely relevant (200 damage vs 900 hp, hundreds of heal items in storage and likely also heal spell known).

well, changing that would go way beyond the intend of the fix patch

Oh, I'm not asking you to change the damage scaling for enemies.  I'm simply asking you to not give Mana Holy Day the boost to non element.  That's all.

Debatable; they are probably only non-elemental because they don't matter vs players in vanilla so they didn't bother setting those flags.

That too, but now that I replay the game again, I realize those damn Goblins in the beginning using the non-elemental Hand Axe, which do ~58 damage, when I only have ~110 HP and limited resource.  And it's pretty much guaranteed that those early ones will be during the Mana Holy Day.  Not cool.

That was me.  I requested Mana Holy Day to boost Light or Dark, depending on the time of the day.  I still think that's a good idea, but apparently, nobody else thinks that.

I have no problem with that.  I'm the same as you in that regards -- I just want Mana Holy Day to mean something.  Anything.  It's supposed to represent Sunday, the most grand day of the week.  So Mana Holy Day has to be grand.

Err... I don't suppose there's a way to move that 25% to the end of the formula, right?  If not that, then reduce the element weakness exploit from +50% to +33% before defense? (yes, this will weaken Angela, but given that it weakens sabers, I think it's worth it)

Hmm.  Saber is indeed strong, but with melee counter being a thing now, does it even matter if the melee is too strong?

Plus, having these tiny little elements make the game more fun.  Think about Castlevania SOTN.  People loved it because of so many ways to "exploit" the hidden features to overpower enemies.  Besides, enemies having melee counter (however little chance) will raise the difficulty significantly.  I think a little helping hand to players will be nice.

God, I love SOTN.  So many neat things in there.  I recently played SOTN on PSP, and found about Muramasa's secrets, and damn, it's awesome.  I had to leave my game on with a weight on my turbo button to to power it up, but still.  Awesome.

Not sure if that day should include non-elemental.

I was gonna say I want Mana Holy Day to boost the non elemental, but then after what hmsong said (apparently, all the signature enemy magic's non elemental), I changed my mind.  Please don't boost non element.  Thank you.

Btw. someone has feedback on how much the rubberband helps for actual play?

It helps a lot.  SOOO much less grinding.  It does sort of "punish" players if the player decides to not catch up the level and plow through the dungeon for the higher level enemies in the next dungeon, because the players would run out of money for the weapon/armor before fighting the said higher enemies (which will get you killed, or at least have you use up items).  Luckily, hmsong's less grinding gives a bit of surplus of money, but not enough to offset the "dungeon skippers".  And that's a good thing, imho, because it encourages players to catch up a bit before moving on.

Btw, it's not exactly 25%, 50%, and 100% (not that I'm complaining -- just reporting something I noticed).  For example, for Lampflower Mega Crawler, vanilla Lv22 drops 115 exp, Lv23 drops 129 exp, and Lv24 drops 145 exp.  If I were Lv21, then Lv22 drops 144 (+25.2%), Lv23 drops 203 (+57.3%), and Lv24 drops 286 (+97.2%).

I know someone is gonna disagree with this (I forget who), but can you make Mana Holy Day boost all elements, instead of none of them?  Mana Holy Day is so... mundane.

Not really; that logic is in the compressed section.
Changing anything there beyond a constant value goes way beyond the effort I'm willing to put into SD3 these days.

Making the proposed change to counterlogic would maybe take an hour; changing that chest logic? Can say goodbye to a whole weekend.

Ah.  Oh well.  Thanks anyways.


Hey.  Thank you so much for your work.

Is it possible for you to make something, so that only Black Rabite drops his treasure 100% of the time?  I have a feeling that BR was supposed to drop his treasure 100% of the time, but the devs screwed something up somewhere.  You can also make only bosses drop the chests 100%, but that only affects Machine Golem (2nd time) and BR, so the result is the same, more or less.


Haha.  I see that you're trying hard to say what's on your mind, but you're not very good at articulating your thoughts onto the screen.  Not that I'm any better, probably.

Anyways, can you give the Dart (item) a poison SE?  Dart is so useless, esp in the beginning of the game with the new mechanics.


Awesome.  I haven't tried the new version yet, but I shall try sometime soon.  I like how you kept your Luck stat relevant in determining the counter rate.

Based on what hmsong said, it seems that everything works great.  Having said that, I see that the problem I mentioned in the earlier post is reality now.  I don't mind the frequency of the melee counters -- ~15 times in a boss fight sounds reasonable -- slightly high, but not unreasonable.  The problem is the combo.  Getting hit twice in a row from Lugar's MT is indeed a total party kill.  Somewhat similar to what Messianic and hmsong said, could you make it so that enemies can't combo tech/magic?  That's just an overkill.  I know it's RNG, but getting your whole party wiped out by a bad draw of RNG is... less than desirable.  If it's Black Rabite or the final bosses, I'm okay, but for all other bosses, that's just an overkill.  Can that happen with the normal enemies too?

What do you think?

Can someone try fighting the first Bill/Ben fight, with 3 characters not including Carlie?  Your characters should be ~Lv12.  The recovery item will be limited, so the fight is gonna be extremely hard, I imagine.

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