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picasso72:  Thank you!

aqualung:  Thank you as well!  And yes, this game was released back in 1993.

Midna:  I thought it was translated as "The Abyss of the Great Demon" or "The Great Demon's Abyss".  Anyway, I did a quick check on a spreadsheet, and seeing that it fits in just two lines, I made the change on the title screen.

This also saved me from researching pallette hacking as well, so that's a double bonus!  Thanks for the suggestion!  :D

Edit:  In case anyone was wondering, the font used in the title screen came directly from Castlevania III.  Your mileage may vary, but I like how it looks!  ^^


I wanted to showcase the new title screen I worked on along with other progress I've made so far in this game.

As of now, I managed to identify almost all control codes and areas where the game's script is located, so I can insert translated text whenever that I receive it.  So that's no longer an issue.

Most monster names will have to be truncated as in the battle menus, there's room for, at most, six characters per monster name.  This means for monsters like "Hakumen", I'll have to display it as simply "Haku".

Of course, I managed to insert my shiny new title screen graphic into the ROM and simply changed the subtitle to "The Abyss of the Great Demon".  I might have to change the palette on the last three characters in the subtitle as the text there is displayed as white instead of gray.  (Only, I'm not sure if I change the palette on that area, it'll change the palette for other sprites all across the game.  Somebody clear me up on this issue, please!)

The hardest part, hacking-wise, will be changing the 16x16 text shown in-game... especially, the text shown with the spear in the background.  I'm not sure if that will require someone to work some ASM wizardry, but I'll try to work on that on my end for the time being.

Also, I still need help with the ending credits.  I have them translated, but inserting them in the game will be much harder.  That area may require someone to do some ASM wizardry or whatever hacking necessary that's beyond the scope of what I can do.

Well, that's all I have to share for now.  Thank you to the precious few who's been following my personal project!

P.S.:  In case anyone is wondering where I picked up the design for the title screen, it was from the English release on DVD/Blu-Ray and on Hulu.

There was some free space at FF90, so I moved the name there from B6CF and changed pointers to it.


Thank you so much for helping me out with that!  That saved me one heck of a headache!

September 25, 2021, 10:03:05 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Another roadblock...

This time, it has to do with the ending credits to the game.

When I replaced the game's Japanese font with an English one, this spilled into the game's ending credits as well.  So this means, I'm gonna have to fix this.

Fortunately, I figured out the pointer system for this area of the game (SetOff 8000), and finding free space for more text might not be an issue as well as I found a couple areas of empty space to fill up.  The problem is displaying said text.

Here's the area where the game's end credits text exists.  I did find empty space somewhere below that.  I did change the pointer that directs to the name of the where it's supposed to say "Original Works".  (Kazuhiro Fujita)  I did type up and rerouted the pointer, but when it was display time, It showed "Kazuhiro_F"... and that's it.  (That area displays only ten characters, just like it did in the unaltered ROM.) 

So how can I try to display more text in the ending credits?  Will this require some ASM voodoo to fit everything in?

P.S.:  Translation for this area is not an issue.  I found translations to the end credits on sites like MobyGames.

P.P.S.:  The aforementioned "blank space" can be found at 0xFFC2 to 0xFFEE (I don't know if pointers can be pointed from one bank to another) and another area of blank space at 0x13F9C to 0x13FEE

I've moved the name to the last bank and expanded its length, works for me. You probably were a bit greedy and used more than 7 characters, which is out of 0797-079D buffer range.

However I've only checked the very first fight, I don't know this game at all.

This walkthrough from GameFAQs can help you learn how to play the game if you're interested.

Also, this "last bank" you were referring to, can you explain to me how you were able to do it? 

I don't have to worry about finding a translator for Ushio & Tora (NES) right now.  I have another issue to deal with and is recruiting the assistance of an advanced NES Rom Hacker.  Description has been added on main post.

Might as well make it official.

Yes, I'm reviving my ancient "Ushio & Tora: Shinen no Daiyou" NES project.  As of now, I'm going over whatever info I can glean over the game.  When I started this 20 years ago, I didn't have any thoughts of stuff like control codes and dictionary terms, so that old patch was just... well... I don't think there's a work in the English language I can think of to describe it.

Anyway, I already typed up table files (one in English and one in Japanese) for the game as well as figured out this game's pointer system (This one is really odd.  In one aread, it's just standard pointers, another area had Setoff 4000, and another had Setoff 8000.  Also, I think there might be a pointer or two INSIDE the script itself!  Holy *CENSORED!!*

As of now, I came up with some images of some very rudimentary hacking work I've done so far.  (When it comes to the character names, those squished-looking character names are a temporary fix.  In the fighting menus, there's only room for 4-char names up there at most so Ushio in the menus will have to be displayed as "Ushi".

Small spoiler alert:  This will affect four of the six playable characters in the game.  (Two of the six's playable characters names are four chars max.)

Anyway, now for the images...

I also designed a possible new logo for the title screen... only I haven't figured out how to insert it into the game at the moment.  Here's a preliminary design...

It may go in the game in the future.  It might not.  It might need some work.  And if someone wants to help out, any help would be greatly appreciated.

A translator may have been procured as well. (crosses fingers)

I just gotta see what he/she does with the script dumps made by filler.  (Big thanks to him for dumping the game's text, BTW!)

FYI: I made a dump of this script here.

I had no idea something like that already existed!  Thank you!  This saves me some trouble... now all I need is for someone to TL it from Japanese to English.  (I can only hope someone can do that for me...)

Thank you for the well wishes, aqualung.  I can only hope this can be finished someday.  I'm still trying to get the hang of dumping the script for this game, and I updated my script dump so that there's about seven pages instead of seventy-plus pages.  (I really hope I can get used to using this program to dump it correctly.  Fortunately, the script is NOT compressed, so that's a plus in my favor.)

I tried to input a lowercase "z" for a name.  It would not work.

That bug was mentioned in the readme.  Just like in ded302/snark's patch, my addendum patch still has this bug.  (If someone can squash it, I'll update the patch.  Fixing it is beyond my ability to hack this game, sadly.)

Well, I guess it finally happened.  I'm going to restart my ancient "Ushio & Tora: Shinen no Daiyou" project.  (First, I have to say, so many new tools had come out since I had started years ago!)

I already constructed a table file for the ROM, and I started tinkering with the script... including figuring out this game's pointer system (I think I figured it out.) and came with a script dump which I made using the program, "Pointer Tables".  (I really hope I used this program correctly.)

As for my script dump, I'll upload it "here" as it's a bit too large to copy and past on this board.

In any case, I could use the assistance of someone who can go over my script and translate the text from Japanese to English.


I did manage to figure out the game's pointer system in the dialogue after some trial and error.  Now, I'm trying to figure out how to insert the characters' names being displayed fully during battle.

As of now, the characters' names are displayed as following:


I want them be displayed as the following:


I tried using a control code in the dialogue as a way to fix that issue, but that didn't work.  I even tried changing one of the pointers to a different location... only to have it break in the game.

This is where I may need the assistance of a more advanced NES ROM hacker for this task.

I see the possibility of adding DTE (Dual-Tile Encoding) to this area of the game (maybe to the dialogue as well), but I keep getting stumped in how to do it.  I've been reading KingMike's tutorial on it, but I'm confused.

I did find the location where the character names (to display during battle) is located:  0x01B6DF - 0x01B6F3


It's been a lot of hard work, but I've managed to finish my addendum patches for the NES JRPG, "Bloody Warriors: Shan-Go Strikes Back" (Bloody Warriors: Shan-Go no Gyakushuu).  Now, I'm looking for beta testers to text these patches.  I need some people to test these patches out and find any untranslated text that may appear in game.

There's only one known bug:  the "y" and the "z" in the character naming screen does not work.  This also appears in the ded302/snark patch.  Once beta testing is done and no other bugs are found, it's release time!

Again, big thanks to everyone who helped with these patches.  (Especially bigger thanks to ded302 and snark!)

Thank you very much, LostTemplar!  With this, I think all untranslated text that appear in game has been fixed.


After receiving some help from some people on this board (Thanks, guys!), I've cobbled together an updated version of my addendum patches.  In the archive, you'll find four flavors of patches inside:

IPS Patch requiring patched ROM
BPS Patch requiring patched ROM
IPS Patch requiring unaltered ROM
BPS Patch requiring unaltered ROM

This difference between the IPS patches and the BPS patches are all a matter of preference.

It's almost finished!  I need a beta tester or two to test this, and it's done. (Besides, I'm sick and tired of playing/beta-testing this game myself, lol.)

That really helped me out!  Also, thanks to you, I was able to solve the game's pointer system in the script!  (Set X000, x-8; monster names in battle menu were Set X000, x=4)

Thanks for helping me out!  This addendum patch is almost complete!

TanaElmsly, you have nothing to apologize for.  What you described is very informative, and I do like reading such things.  I want to learn Japanese.  Only problem is that I live in an area where Japanese isn't all that prevalent.  :P

BTW, TanaElmsly, if you're still reading this, could you look at the new line I discovered on another playthrough?  This addendum patch is getting close to being completed, and this should help push it to the finish line.  ;)

August 01, 2021, 06:01:50 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
I now have one more line that needs to be TLed.  It's now up on the first post, so the other line was erased.  I can only assume this is the last untranslated line of text I have left to fix, but if I find more, I'll update the post.

Anyway, I can only hope someone can help me out.  ^^


I've made a substantial amount of work on my Bloody Warriors addendum patch, but I've reached the point where I have hit a roadblock.  After finding the location where the monsters' names appear on the battle menu and making the names reappear again, I am at the point where I have to modify the area so that I can get names (up to 6 character as the battle menu permits) to appear on screen. 

For example:  The monster name "Guard" as it currently stands only has five characters, but according the ROM, it takes up to six.  I want to use that extra space next door to be moved to the next monster's name, General (Gene) to that spot.  However, if I replace the empty space with an FF and change the next spot to a "G" and type in the next four characters "ener", the name "ener" will be displayed in the battle menu when that monster is encountered. (Shown in the image below)

I currently need help to figure how the heck can I made those names fit and be displayed in the battle menu (again, up to six characters).  Finding the pointer tables is a bit of a pain for me as read the current documentation on it, and I cannot figure out what pointer system this part of the game uses (let alone what system the game uses at this point.)

Here's a link that contains an IPS patch and my table file which I use to edit Bloody Warriors: Shango no Gyakushuu (a.k.a.: Bloody Warriors: Shan-Go Strikes Back).  The ROM, of course, is not included, but this patch uses the same ROM that the ded302/snark patch uses.  You'll have to find that yourself.

Edit:  After posting this ad, I'm playing through Bloody Warriors AGAIN and finding more untranslated text.  My addendum patch will be updated to reflect the changes in the future.  I still need help with the pointers, though.  :(

That sounds more or less  what I got when I put it through DeepL myself.  I thought having an actual person look atthe text would be better, but I can accept DeepL as well.  (NES games don't have kanji.  There wouldn't be room for them in an 8x8 square and look legible.  I saw that when I looked at Ushio & Tora years ago.)

Thank you, aqualung. ;)

ちじゃ.ちに うえておったからの.
いまの わしは,さいきょうじゃ.

I found this line as well while doing another Bloody Warriors playthrough.  I don't know if there's any left at this point, but this is giving me headaches as I tried using 10ten, DeepL and Google Translate (please don't hold that against me) and I had a hard time with all, wondering what the heck this means.  This could use another person to TL, hopefully.

For context, this line occurs when fighting what's called "The Battle of Hatten".  (Three fortresses, north of Prusha Village)  If you lose to the third strategy battle, this line is displayed and later showing the line where the player character is killed.  (Think, "Thou art dead." in Dragon Warrior terms.)

First things first, please excuse me if I have made any errors in this post.  This is the first time I've done this here, and I hope I have not broke any rules with this.  If I have, I apologize.

Second, I want to thank both ded302 and snark for making an English patch for the NES game "Bloody Warriors: Shan-Go no Gyakushuu".  However, as I was playing the game, I had noticed some things:  untranslated text and errors in the English script.  As a result, I decided to go over the game and do whatever I can to fill in the void as well as fix any grammatical errors in the game itself.  So this could be considered an addendum.

It wasn't easy, though.  I still can't get my head around this game's pointer system, so I had to fit in whatever I can within the allotted spaces of text in the game.  I know I fit in a good portion of untranslated text, but I'm afraid there might be more that I might haven't discovered yet.

This is where I'll need some help.

I need beta testers to go over the game and FIND any untranslated text while playing the game.  If you do find any, send me a screenshot and tell me where and hot this text appeared in the game.

The bugs where a couple of letters do not show up on the name selection screen for your main character is still present.  I don't know how to squash that bug.  I'm going to need some help with that.

Here's a list of what I've done so far:

1.  Find as much untranslated text as I can in the game and added it here in game
2.  added the following tiles in the game: 's, 't, il, li, ll
3.  Fixed as many grammatical errors in the English script that I can encounter
4.  Translated the game's title as: "Bloody Warriors: Shan-Go Strikes Back"

This is what I might do in the future:

1.  Change the game's English font
2:  Re-Add the name of monster to the right box on monster battle screen.  (I need to look for the code that's used to display up to six characters in the monsters' name for that.)

This is what I could use help with:

1.  Beta test game to find any untranslated text
2.  Someone to fix the name input screen bugs (the bug that was in ded302/snark's patch is still present here as I don't know how to fix that)

Current work-in-progress addendum patch

The patches inside come in either IPS or BPS format.

BW-english-newrompatch (IPS/BPS)
This patch requires the use of a clean, unpatched ROM which does not have any modifications involved.

BW-english-addendum (IPS/BPS)
This patch requires the use of an already patched ROM which has ded302's patch already applied to the ROM itself.

As for why I chose to add both IPS and BPS files in the archive, they are for personal preference.  Either version will work. 

July 25, 2021, 04:57:39 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

I wanted to post that I found the space where the monster names are located.  From what I can see, ded302 had left blank spaces in that area of the battle menu where the monsters' names should be.  This was from comparing his hack with the unhacked ROM.  Now, I begin the task of adding the monsters' names in that area (in English) and try to make everything fit.

I'm glad I made that breakthrough as I've been wracking my brain over this for days now.  My addendum patch will be updated as soon as I add the monsters' names in here.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Introduction Topic
« on: July 06, 2021, 05:23:12 am »
Good evening.  My name is BlackPaladin.  (Years ago, I made the incomplete NES patch for "Ushio & Tora: Shinen no Daiyou" before I had to walk away from the scene because "reasons".  I might work on that again, but I haven't decided on that yet.)  I've been a lurker here for years, and I regained my interest in rom hacking and (by extension) emulation.

Nice to meet you all.  *bows*

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