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I do not know if it has already been proposed, apparently not since I did a search with the word lufia and that no real subject concerning the trade of this game appeared to me.

I therefore launched the idea which must have crossed the minds of many of you, I know that there is a patch for lufia 2 but it is at 5% I believe, the menu and translate and the first sentence of the games then after nothing more everything back to English.

since no group has its project (well it seems to me excuse me if I'm wrong ^^) it would be interesting in the near or distant future can matter (as long as it's been a day ^ _ ^) that someone a realize project because this game is simply excellent (well it only aeging me but I find it excellent in every way)

I am surprised that no one has proposed this project already since the games are in English and not in jap like 3/4 of the other proposals, maybe you have talked about it in another topic (difficult hack, or compression has to pull the hair what do I know).

In any case, good continuation to all good luck in your project, thank you again for all the trouble you give for "You" (above all) and to please us, because it is always pleasant to redo a game in French afterwards. have played in Vo ^^

Ps! by the way, as it had been a long time since I came, I saw that Tales of phantasia on Play was going to be translated, I would like to know if the saves will be compatible? (because I have a part in jap or I use it far in the games, but I stopped for lack of time I would be delighted to resume it

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