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Well, I don't really know that.
I imagine they will be equally programmed ...

There are no fireworks in SMB Special

No ,in SMB Special there are fireworks
Looks this!

you probably haven't seen them, because in the emulator you can increase the fps rate or cpu speed
and when going at a different speed than the original one, it ignores them when representing them

ohh !! great we can finally try it !!
I want to play and see the great work you've been doing
Thank you so much !

 ;D ;D :woot!: :woot!:

One of the things that I have noticed is the Mario jump, in the x1-pc88 versions it is higher
For example, when it comes to reaching the plant that is in 2-1, it is much easier to reach it than in this version (I really am not able to go up to it)

It seems that the behavior of this goomba is different, in version x1 it falls to the platform in the hack it falls to the void

June 26, 2021, 12:17:51 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

It looks more and more like the original version
 :woot!: :woot!:

Great cool! It looks good, a pity that the castle of 1- 3 cannot be seen in its entirety(or is it just in the screenshot?)
hahaha that strange castle from 8-2 looks great

Yeah true
in the nes version there is a large window and in the special version there are 4 small ones
(I thought this was in the previous hack versions, but it seems not)
(in the central section of the castle)

great, you implemented them too ... another step to make it the most complete version for Nes ...
thank you very much
they look pretty good.
So, you have already added everything exclusive in the hack.
or is there still something to be implemented?
title, credits, pipes, clouds, bushes, power ups ,dual power up on screen.
it's fantastic

cool! everything looks great.
I've been searching the internet and wikis always end it with -ou
but it is true that this is due to the Japanese origin ...
So the most correct would be O, as you have chosen to leave it.
Cool!, I like the screen type Nes

want to try it

Sliding sound for Mario and Luigi when skidding in Special version, is that what you mean?
No ,the sound is not present in any of the versions, sharp x1 or nec pc88

Thank you very much for the fix of the game palette, it always seemed to me that it had a strange color in that area

Oh yeah ! I am a big fan of Mario and I think the special version is very good, with the new power ups that it adds, it has bugs and hardware limitations but in general it seems like a good Mario game.

Thank you very much, Anode / Cathode have their English version in wonderswan color, maybe you can import the texts from the color version to the mono versions

cool!! excellent progress.
it seems that this hack is on its way to being the definitive version of the game :woot!:

I personally prefer the nes colors, as if the hack was a port of the full game to the console.Although if the colors of x1 were like an easter egg it would be great
Regarding the title screen, I prefer the nes style.
(although of course, it is true that this hack goes beyond all the previous ones with all the exclusive additions of the special version)
Another thing that is also exclusive is the way to enter the game's demo mode, (that is, the original of nes, continues on the title screen)
and the special version (it is as if the player played giving way to the demo of level 1-1)
I know this is something very additional, but could it also apply to the hack ??
It could also be difficult to add , I think

Thank you very much, for this translation we can finally play it in English .... :woot!: :woot!:

Variable pipe exit done  :crazy:
looks pretty good!
Would it be very difficult to add the exclusive final screens of this version along with the credits to the hack?

Excellent!!  :woot!:
every update you give are good news,
hope you have luck for the pipelines

that screenshot looks great,(height of the tree is different)
I'm excited to see everything exclusive to the special version on Nes

I'm not totally sure but I think one of them appears on the 1st / 2nd screen of level 1-3 (small shrubbery)

Are there plans to implement the graphics for the small clouds and small shrubbery?

Perfect!! :thumbsup:

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