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This is kind of a smartass answer, but I think part of the problem is that there aren't many games on the Sega CD that demand a fan-translation. Most of the good stuff either made it over anyway, or is light enough on Japanese text that it's still playable anyway.

The PCE-CD, on the other hand...

There's also stuff like being heavily reliant on cutscenes and voiced parts that aren't very easy to deal with for totally different reasons. All in all, I have to wonder how many games on the system are even ripe for translation in the first place?

Personal Projects / Re: Far East of Eden Zero Translation
« on: March 17, 2012, 12:52:08 am »
Tom, you lucky duck, I'd have snagged the script myself if I had seen this thread a month ago . ;)

Good luck with it. FEOEZ is one of my favorite SNES RPGs, and that's saying a lot. I'm sure you'll do a good job.

If you decide partway through that you're going to abandon all your possessions to go live as a monk in the Himalayas, feel free to hand the script off to me.  ;D

Hey everyone. It turns out I still need to get two more female voices to do a couple of minor parts in the game. One of them, the character Lumina, would be easy for almost anyone to do. Check out this new post I made on the VAA forums for more info, and pass it on to anyone who might be interested!

Oki doki!

By the way, the manual is going to look real nice, I think. It's black and white with almost no overlapping text, so it's a piece of cake to work on. I hope we can have it early as a kind of teaser for the patch itself.

If anyone's interested, though, the hacking side is turning out to be harder than anticipated. We still don't have all the script, and although I can't say for sure, I bet reinsertion is going to be a pain in the behind for poor Esperknight. Please offer him moral support the next time you see him. :)

I don't see the deal with PC Engine fans either. All I've heard of note from them, is they feel unscrupulous ebay sellers have jacked up the prices on the games causing their system to have an steep entry barrier it shouldn't.

To be honest, what they say about prices seems to be a fairly accurate. I've been hanging out on the pcenginefx boards a bit, and I've seen some good examples of ebay sellers charging 500% of current market value as a trolling tactic to snag people who don't know any better.

All of the regulars on that board, by the way, are reasonable and helpful. When I asked, I not only got a scan of the manual for Xanadu II, but I also got more than one person to volunteer their time to photoshop an English version after I wrote up all the text in it.  :)

Now that you mention it, I never found a suitable voice for the Goddess. I'll have to deal with that sooner or later, although I guess I have an emergency backup as well. I'm also on the lookout for one more woman to do the part of Lumina. The gal doing Pyura is doing her right now, but I'd like to have a unique voice.

I'll probably make another casting post on the VAA forums, but let me know if you know any women with an OK microphone who could pull off a voice remotely like this. She'd be a shoe-in for the Goddess.

Yeah, I'll probably go with Medea. Leucos or Leukos is something I'm also thinking about, but for some reason I like the former a bit more. In my opinion, the original Japanese is off enough from the Greek sources that it's kind of up to me anyway. I at least want the English names to be immediately pronounceable in the same way that the Japanese ones are, especially since some people aren't going to use the English dub.

Oh, by all means, please do an audition! I got an one from another first-timer today, and she was damned good. I'd say half the people who've submitted to me are first-timers, actually. So yes, please audition! ;D

Anyway, Xanadu II here looks pretty, and I'm always up for some PC Engine games, but how does it play? Anything like Ys?

It plays quite a lot like Ys, yes. It's the old "no attack button, just ram into enemies any way other than head on" system, It's also overhead, it's town/dungeon, you buy equipment etc. The unique feature is that you have no personal experience points, but rather "proficiency points" with weapons and armor. The more you attack enemies that take more than one hit to kill, the stronger your sword gets. The more you take damage, the stronger your armor gets. Your HP grows in a vaguely similar way.

It's loads of fun, with virtually none of the stresses that a lot of really old RPGs have. I'm actually itching to finish the first draft of the translation so I have an excuse to give it another play-through.

March 28, 2011, 09:04:29 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
One thing you all might be able to help me with: I am not getting many submissions from female voice actors. I've got enough guys that I think I'll be able to pick out a pretty good team, but I haven't even gotten enough female submissions to cover all the parts. Know a girl who can act? Send them my way. Many of the parts are short and easy.

April 02, 2011, 12:20:44 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
See previous post: I still need female voice actors. I've got a couple of friends on board, but the more the merrier.

That said, hey SamIam. Hope this works out. I think the PCE community would be fairly open to this (at least the original gamers that had Turbo CDs back in the day. There were plenty of bad dubs in CD games, be endured anyway. It has charm nowadays). Plus, it's not like one is forced to used the dub. As long as it doesn't sound like Final Zone 2. And hell, even if it does sound exactly like FZ2 I'd still play through it at least once with the dub and then decide for myself afterwards ;)

 Really wish the best of luck on this. Many have tried to pull together a dub crew for some PCE CD games (Ys IV being the most infamous in attempts).

 For the record, my younger son beat this game. He was 7 (almost 8) when he beat it. I only had to help him out a few times (via a walk through we had to look up). At his age at the time, he was just learning to read English words. So he actually was able to remember and recognize some of the japanese kana words. As in what they corresponded to, without my help. I was impressed. The young learn fast.

Thanks! We're having a good time, and I think we'll make something cool.

It's cool that your son played this. With no disrespect for his gaming skills, let me just put it out there that this is quite an easy game. I think it works in its favor, since it's virtually never frustrating, but people looking for a challenge will probably be disappointed.

Basically, I agree, and I respect everyone's tastes. I'll also say that standards are a bit higher for voice actors in Japan. However, I don't buy that Japanese voices are inherently better; if you were to compare a Japanese and an English dub of an Indian movie, there's no real reason that one would be better than the other. Finally, I do think there's something to be said for dubs allowing people to focus on the visuals more. I tell my Japanese friends to watch movies with subs most of the time, but for Citizen Kane, I would insist on a dub.

Why don't we dub songs?

We do. It's just usually not very practical. There has to be a separate vocal track that you can remove, and reworking the lyrics so that they still fit is tough.

People translate poetry all the time, though. It's imperfect, but unless you learn the language, it's all you're going to get.

I'll stick my neck out and say that I think the Sega-CD US version of Popful Mail was better written and performed than the original. The humor was funnier, and the characters were much more memorable. At the same time, it was still quite faithful to the original. If only they hadn't also screwed with the gameplay, it would definitely be the superior version.

Working Designs haters, don't worry, there will be no jokes about Euro-Disney in Xanadu II.

Thanks very much for the help with the name, guys. Kleene Juwel looks and sounds good enough for me.  :)

If you don't want to use the dub, you don't have to. Just swap in the CD audio tracks from the original game (actually, it will probably be more like "Just don't swap in the dub"). I'll upload a text file to gamefaqs with all the dialogue, and there you go.

My goal is for an English-speaking person to be able to put this game in their Duo and sit down to play it like they would with most any other official release - without any necessary supplements. A dub is the only way that's possible. There are a lot of games out there like this, so I think the community should be positive toward fan-dubbing. I've gotten a lot of good auditions, and I think we can do a good job. This is pretty much the end of what I have to say on the matter.

Thanks for your help and your reply. It's good to know that another series has it like that.


See, I just don't think that that sounds very good. No matter how I try to bend the name, nothing strikes me as being appropriately close to the original yet unawkwardly sounding like a menacing sorcerer. Krene is OK. But Jewel? Juel? I don't know.

Maybe I should post this in a different place, but it's just one name:

Kureene Jueru

This is the villain from the first game, and his name pops up just a couple times in Xanadu II. I'm trying to figure out a way to simplify the katakana into something nicer and more efficient, and not not necessarily romaji-based. Sometimes he's just referred to as just クレーネ, so the ジュエル is probably his last name or some kind of strange title. Some Japanese websites say "Kleene", so...Kleene Juel? I'm thinking there might be something better.

Any thoughts?

If all the actors and myself give it our best, I think we can do something that sounds good enough to make it worthwhile. No, it's not going to sound like Ys or whatever. I just hope that people can recognize the heart that goes into it, as well as the sheer effort, given the conditions we're working with. Keep in mind, the alternative is picking up a paper script or looking at a text document on your computer whenever there's a cutscene. On a strictly functional level at least, this will be a good thing.

Thanks for doing my homework  ;)

Very interesting. Regardless of what's supposed to be what, I've been looking for an excuse to change the name "Ryukos" just because it doesn't roll off the tongue very easily in English. The voice auditions I've gotten so far all sound a bit awkward when they say it. I was thinking of maybe dropping the y and making "Rukos", but "Leukos" ain't bad. Hmmm...

At first glance I thought it was another version of one of the Ys games! Looks like it will be a lot of fun. The pce-cd was a really cool system for its time.

Basically, that's what it is. The first Xanadu game is even more like a Ys clone. This one is more like a Ys evolution.

I'd also suggest posting a voice acting request at the voice acting alliance.

It's something of a hub for amateur voice actors.

Thanks for the help, but if you check the link in my post, you'll see that I'm a step ahead of you there ;)

Thanks! Yes, Falcom made some excellent action-RPGs back in the day. The first Xanadu game also looks like great stuff, but this one blew me away as soon as I started it.

There will certainly be an option to play the translation without the dub. The voice-acting for the cutscenes is all stored on the CD in redbook audio, so it's just a matter of swapping out the CD tracks with whichever you prefer. On the other hand, getting subtitles to work during these cutscenes may not really be feasible. We'll see, but I wouldn't count on it.

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