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Hey there, I'm currently working with a team to try and figure out how to translate Kurohyou 2, the second Yakuza PSP game that was unfortunately JP only.

So far things are going well but we've hit an issue and it's been very difficult to think of a solution so far. So basically the file globals.bin is an ELPK archive that has some important stuff in it like the games font files and text files that hold things like menu text, item names and descriptions, etc. We have a program that extracts the text file to a .csv and then a program that repacks it back and that has no issues currently.

The issue is that when adding English text over the Japanese is that because of the extra characters, the file size increases and if it increases 1KB more than the original files size of 2.328MB the game will crash on initial load. Based off forum posts from the translation team for the original game it seems like its a memory issue. The first thought would be to switch the encoding and although it may have to come to that we'd like to avoid it if possible since it causes issues with fonts rendering correctly and makes all Japanese characters turn into asterisks (the file encoding is UTF16 LE currently).

Is there any way to compress the file or remove some of its file size without removing content? Any help is really appreciated!

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