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Two new projects! Hooray! (They're both forks of byuu's programs so I'm putting them both in this thread. Why not?)

bsnes-plus (or bsnes+) is a fork of bsnes (based on bsnes-classic) intended to introduce some new features and improvements, mostly aimed at debugging.

Screenshots: 1 2 3 4 5

What's new
"Step over" and "step out" buttons in debugger
Improved debugger UI with register editing
Redesigned memory editor and breakpoint editor
Improved handling of address mirroring for breakpoints (extends to the entire address space, not just RAM)
Real-time code and data highlighting in memory editor, with fast searching for known code/data locations and unexplored regions
Cartridge ROM and RAM views in memory editor for mapper-agnostic analysis
Enhanced VRAM, sprite, and tilemap viewing
SA-1 disassembly and debugging
SA-1 bus and BW-RAM viewing and (partial) usage logging
Super FX disassembly and debugging
Super FX bus viewing and usage logging

Non-debugging features:

Satellaview / BS-X support
SPC file dumping
SPC output visualizer (keyboards & peak meters)
IPS and BPS soft patching
Multiple emulation improvements backported from bsnes/higan (mostly via bsnes-classic)

Coming soon
On-the-fly ROM saving and reloading from the memory editor for quick hacking and testing
More keyboard shortcuts for menus, etc.
Automatic saving/loading breakpoints between sessions
Similar addressing improvements for cheats

See the project on GitHub for more info and source.

bsnes-plus v073+3a (Windows, 64-bit accuracy & compatibility)
bsnes-plus v073+3a (Windows, 32-bit compatibility)

xkas-plus is my fork of the xkas v014 assembler. Among other changes, its biggest new features are:
Assembling directly to an IPS patch
Table file support
SNES ExLoROM / ExHiROM support
Ability to export defines and labels to a separate file (supports FCEUX and VICE debug symbols or regular assembly includes)
Additional architecture/platform support:
    MOS 6502 (NES, C64, etc)
    WDC 65C02 and CSG 65CE02 (untested)
    Hudson HuC6280 (TurboGrafx-16 / PC Engine, untested)
    Sony SPC700 (SNES sound chip, syntax subject to change before release)

See the project on GitHub for more info and source.

xkas-plus v14+1 (Windows)

Personal Projects / KALE (Kirby's Adventure Level Editor) version 0.92
« on: January 30, 2014, 01:23:47 pm »

Download KALE v0.92 (15 MB)
Download KALE v0.92 (update only) (257 KB)

Something I've been working on very slowly since the beginning of the year is starting to shape up. (And now it's actually usable!) Can you guess what it does?  :D

v0.92 fixes a few small bugs and includes a couple of optional limit-removing ASM hacks. See CHANGES.txt and the docs for more info.

Please post feedback, suggestions, bug reports, etc. I've been slowly testing this over time, but of course the more eyes, the better.

I've already been pushing source updates to github here, for whoever has Qt 5 (or possibly also Qt 4, but I haven't tried it) and wants to build whatever exists so far (or just keep up with the status of the project :P)


Which versions of the ROM does this thing support?
All of them! Isn't that nice?

Is this program named after food?
I have it on good authority that Kirby loves leafy greens. Just doing a favor for a friend here, people.

Enjoy guys~

Personal Projects / Kirby's Dream Course editor (version 1.13b)
« on: March 29, 2013, 09:37:42 pm »
(still forever untitled)

Download v1.13b (Windows)
Download v1.13 (OS X)

Screenshot (from v1.10)
Source code

Sample course images (by Kles): 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

After documenting the level format and compression and stuff for this game back in January, I started working on this at the beginning of March. This is both a hacking project and a personal exercise in developing GUI apps (of which this is basically my first).

All level-editing capability is implemented, as well as background, palette, and music selection. US/EU ROM support is now in. Special Tee Shot support is still planned for some point in the future.

Bug reports/suggestions are still welcome (preferably via github).

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