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I was finaly able to reproduce the famous Rockman 4 Minus Infinity hack on a cartridge and I have a problem. It's nothing hardware related I'm afraid, but the hack itself is flawed.

Although it is not occuring very often, the "weapons menu" which is usually activated by pressing Start button, is popping up from time to time.
I'd say it's a random occurence when pressing other buttons, but as 3gengames from NA said "it's probably corrupting controller writes from some DPCM samples" .

So my question is simple - can this be repaired? By someone here?
Author of this hack, puresabe, is Japanese, and it might be worth a shot to contact him directly (in his mother-tongue)  and let him know about this effort and compatibility issues. If I have translated his readme.txt correctly, he knows about issues in Nestopia emulator, because primarily he used FCEUX. And since Nestopia is closer to the real hardware, the issues occur on the real thing too (the same glitch occurs both in Nestopia and real hardware).

Author's website:

Any ideas and help-out is appreciated!
I want this hack to get more attention since it's the best bloody Rockman hack out there!

PS: Label made by RainLink at [link to the topic]

ROM Hacking Discussion / Japanese ROM hack to European conversion question
« on: December 12, 2011, 07:55:28 am »
Is there a possibility to somehow convert these Rockman (J) 1 and 2 patches :
to work with the European (PAL) versions of Megaman 1 and 2?
Thanks for the answer!

Newcomer's Board / Searching for Zelda 2 J (FDS) NES port
« on: May 20, 2011, 08:19:38 am »
Is there a direct port of the japanese Zelda 2 Link no Bouken to a NES/FC cartridge? And if yes, is the FDS extra sound preserved? I'm not searching for a normal US translated release!
I have read somewhere on the forums that there is a pirate cartridge of it. Would be great to have a rom working on some normal mapper (MMC3?).

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