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i was thinking about making a hack of TarePanda no Gunpey replacing TarePanda with Maromi from "Paranoia Agent"
i just think they look similar,and it would be cute. :)

And translating the game to english to go along with it, but my wonderswan hacking knowledge is just graphics,not tool making and such. so its more of something i want to do someday in the future.

Fantastic! I've always been curious about this game. Looking forward to playing it. Nice job! :thumbsup:

Hello! Translator wanted for an odd little bit of Evangelion history!

Neon Genesis Evangelion:Shito Ikusei!
In the game you play as Ryoji Kaji, and you raise Adam from his embryonic state, to a full fledged angel!
You take care of him by monitoring the LCL levels, feeding him energy and increasing his A.T. field-All in a cute Tamagotchi style of gameplay!
When he is strong enough, you can battle the EVA units of Shinji, Rei and Asuka!

When not caring for your angel, Kaji can explore NERV headquarters.
He can chat with the staff, find items and maybe find out some secrets that NERV is hiding from him.

As it is a game for the Wonderswan- not many have played it. But I hope that a translation will bring attention to this game,and the wonderswan in general!
So far we have a full script dump of about 30k words and the tools to extract and repack text and images!

As it is an old game for an old, obscure console-the space is limited.
However- We have a nice custom font that allows for 2 english characters per 1 japanese character-so we have more space to work with!

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