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It finally worked!! Comodo Antivirus was blocking Asar without notification, so the new MMX3.sfc file could not be created. I didn't think it was the antivirus because I didn't receive any message or notification when trying to do it and never had this problem before when applying rom patches.

So, just sharing the info as might help other users. I downloaded the last source code from GitHub and unziped it. I copied "Mega Man X3 (USA).sfc" into the main folder and changed its name to "Base_ROM.sfc". I executed "Asar MMX3.bat" and it automatically created the "MMX3.sfc" file with 4 MB instead of the original 2 MB. I copied this new "MMX3.sfc" file to the Atlas folder and executed "Atlas.exe - X3 (Everything).bat". The file "MMX3.sfc" was changed again with the Zero Project hack applied. I tried to play the game using Snes9x and, despite working correctly, it showed [bad checksum], but I solved it quickly with the "IpsAndSum" program to get a [checksum ok].

Thanks a lot to both of you for your help, Justin3009 and G30FF!! Now it's time to play this definitive version of Mega Man X3!!

I wonder if I typo'd in the instructions then.

The Mega Man X3 ROM should be renamed to "Base_ROM.sfc" as THAT gets copied by the .bat file and the copy gets renamed to MMX3.sfc. It'll then apply all the changes right after it's copied and renamed.

Edit: Yep, I wrote it wrong. It needs to be renamed to "Base_ROM.sfc" then run the .bat. That's my bad.

Thanks for the info Justin3009, but I couln't get it work either. I copied the Mega Man X3 ROM into the main folder and I renamed it "Base_ROM.sfc". Now, when executing "Asar MMX3.bat" it seems to recognise the file and apparently copy it. But neither a new file is created in the same folder nor the original "Base_ROM.sfc" expanded to 4 MB as I understood it should.

Is this is the final release, have you any plans on creating an ips file and uploading to romhacking? Your ips file works perfectly but I read this new update v4.4 have a lot of bugfixes and improvements. Thank you!!

That's strange, I'm not sure why it's not working. I know it will try to copy "Base_ROM.sfc" to "MMX3.sfc", but that part isn't necessary if you already have MMX3.sfc in the folder. It will throw the error, but the file it needs is already there.

I just tried doing it myself to make sure. I got an error that it couldn't copy Base_ROM.sfc to MMX3.sfc, but then it went ahead and ran all the Asar scripts. I copied MMX3.sfc to MMX3-ZeroProject-master, and then double clicked Asar MMX3.bat. It gave me messages for each .asm file it applied, and then finally said press any key to continue, and close the command prompt. The end result was MMX3.sfc as a 4 MB file. My original MMX3.sfc rom has the same CRC as yours. You have MMX3.sfc in the same folder as Asar MMX3.bat, right?

Thanks again G30FF for the quick and detailed help! Yes, I put the MMX3.sfc in the main folder, where is Asar MMX3.bat. As you said, I clicked Asar MMX3.bat. It gave me messages for each .asm file it applied, and then finally said press any key to continue, and close the command prompt. But the original MMX3.sfc was not modified as yours to a 4 MB file, it still had the same 2 MB and date 25-12-1996. I'm not sure why it isn't working, but it seems it not correcty detects or apply to the MMX3.sfc file. It seems easy following your detailed explanations. It's a shame, since the v4.4 seems to have a lot of bug fixes since the last ips release v4.1. Guess I'll have to wait until it's published in ips form here in romhacking. Anyway, thanks a lot for your help!!

The file's name won't change after you run the scripts. The Asar and Atlas executables are both included in the GitHub project in their respective folders.

"Asar MMX3.bat" expands the ROM, so that it can fit all of the new code added by the actual project. That's why it has to run first. You'll know it worked if MMX3.sfc is now 4 MB in size.

"Atlas.exe - X3 (Everything).bat" is what actually applies all of the code. If it works, you should see the command prompt window telling you the outcome of each of the patches it's applying one by one, and ask you to press a button to continue after applying each patch. If you don't see this, it's not working properly.

The end result is the file still is called MMX3.sfc, but it now has all of the Zero Project changes applied to it.

Hope that helps!

Thanks a lot for your help, but I may be missing something in the process. That's what I tried to do:

- Go to Github
- Download code as zip "" (version 4.4 at the moment)
- Unzip everything directy into a folder called "MMX3-ZeroProject-master"
- Copy a "Mega Man X3 (USA).sfc" ROM with CRC32:FA0FE671 and 2 MB" into the unzipped folder
- Rename the "Mega Man X3 (USA).sfc" to "MMX3.sfc"
- Run "Asar MMX3.bat"

There is some problem because it says "The system cannot find the specified file" (I'm actually translating this message from another language). And I see copy "Base_ROM.sfc" "MMX3.sfc". It doesn't seem to find MMX3.sfc even if it is in the main folder.
I understood that executing "Asar MMX3.bat" should expand the ROM I had to 4 MB, but it's not doing it. The size is still the original, as the date of modification. The process seems easy but I didn't work and the following Atlas process would't neither work if this first step isn't completed. What I'm doing wrong?

Version 4.3 was never published on RHDN, but the code for it is available in GitHub. It's easy enough to apply though, if you have Windows.

- Download the source code (clone the repository, or click the Code button and select "Download as ZIP"
- Copy your Mega Man X3 headerless ROM into the unzipped folder, and rename it to MMX3.sfc
- Run "Asar MMX3.bat"
- Move MMX3.sfc into the Atlas folder
- Run "Atlas.exe - X3 (Everything).bat" from the Atlas folder
- Play Zero Project 4.3!

I tried doing all these detailed steps with the unziped "" file from GitHub, v4.4, but it doesn't seem to work. The "MMX3.sfc" rom file was not changed as it is when applying the ips patches normally found in this site. I guess I don't have to download asar nor atlas as they are included in the file from GitHub. I may be missing something. Will the ips file for v4.4 be uploaded on or could someone please help with this?

Thank you for your help!!
And thank you Justin3009!! This hack seems to be the definitive and best way to play Mega Man X3!!

That wouldn't be possible without getting rid of most of the in-game speech, unless an MSU-1 patch was developed. Even if they had it, the music in the Genesis version of NBA Jam and the SNES NBA Hangtime was extremely simplistic. The former game's in-game music had two channels and no percussion.

Thanks a lot for the info, I didn't know that. I was just curious, as I always thought the game felt more alive with in-game music even if it was very simplistic. But in this case, I think it's preferable to have varied in-game speech and listen to the music of your choice outside the game while playing if you'd like to.

I didn't know this game. It looks great and the translation very professional! I'll try it out. Thank You!!

Personal Projects / Re: International Superstar Soccer Deluxe S.A.
« on: November 22, 2020, 05:40:25 am »
It looks very interesting. Will also be present the real names for the players?
Thank you!!

I would like to suggest a slight speed increase for two great SNES games:

- Return of Double Dragon (Japanese version) is a great beat'em up for the SNES with a great variety of moves that could be a lot more fun with a small speed increase. A lot of people have complained over the years that it's too slow. Just a little speed increase, to be able to still appreciate the complex movelist of the game and blocking system. This could be a very popular hack among the community.
It would also be great to have the little ending text from the USA version appear in this more complete Japanese version, instead of just having the staff credits roll as you defeat the final boss of the game.

- Ranma 1/2 Chougi Ranbu Hen is a great 1on1 fighting game for the SNES based on the popular Manga/Anime of the same name, similar to Street Fighter II that has some nice graphics and good humour, but its gameplay feels a little too slow. A slight speed increase would definitely make the game more fun and one of the best fighint games on the SNES, a hidden gem. There are still being celebrated some competitive tournaments for this game in Japan.

I hope some skilled hacker could make this happen. Thank You!!

Thanks a lot eskayelle for all your hard work with this game. I really enjoyed the last year's NBA JAM TE 2K20 hack you made. It's great to have a new one with the next season's updated roster and the improvements you've been working on! Really looking forward to it!

Just one question, it would be possible to have in game music like in the Sega Genesis version of this game or the SNES version of NBA Hangtime? If possible, it would be great.

Thank you!!

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