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I've briefly looked for existing codes and couldn't find much either... so I made one myself! :)
It does seem to make the game a little more fun.

And since I found the steering a bit frustrating, I looked into it and found how to alter it:

For Slalom (U).nes
- Increase the value of $B2B1 and $B2BB (up to #$3F) to reduce the inertia when you release the left/right button.
  This can make the game a lot easier.
- Increase the value of $B2C7, $B2D2, $B2DC and $B2E7 (up to #$3F) for faster steering.
  This too can make the game a lot easier.

Converted to Game Genie codes:

Reduce inertia (to the max)

Faster steering (to the max)

TBH, these codes make the game so much easier that it almost kills the fun, but they can be altered to lessen their effect.

This is awesome!  Thanks!  I'll try this after work, tonight.

Slalom (NES) - No brake during freestyle tricks:

Slalom (U).nes
Game Genie: TALUPP

Slalom (E).nes
Game Genie: TALUIP

VS Slalom (VS).nes
Game Genie: TEGLAL

I'm not really familiar with this game so I'm not 100% sure there are no side effects, but this fix seems to work fine.

Thank you for letting me know about this!  I've looked for a GG code like this in the past and wasn't able to locate one.  I appreciate it.

I'm brand new here on the boards, but a long time lurker and user.  Feel free to let me know if this isn't the right place for this hack request.

For a long time, I have really wanted a "bug fix" hack for the NES version of Slalom that prevents you from slowing down when pressing down in the air to do a trick.  It always seemed like a bug, as it seems like it's also putting on the "brake" that would normally be put on to slow you down if you're skiing on the ground.  If you're in the air, there's no reason to slow down.  I'd be willing to make a modest monetary contribution for someone's time if they could make this rom hack, as it's a game I grew up with and that "bug" always kind of drove me nuts.

I've really enjoyed a lot of the other "bug fix" hacks on the site.


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