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A. Then you don't need to add such a "feature" in the first place...

B. Doesn't really matter, it's a worst version of a lesser gimped version thats only purpose is to maybe ruin how someone might enjoy this.

Thank you very much!!!

I will have to do this expansion thing yes. Never knew how to do it but will follow your instructions.

And whatever you've been saying, I agree.

Why no cheats, you ask?

Besides, a certain boss at the very end of the game would be very sad if he didn't get to fight you. That's why I made sure there's no way you can beat the game without going through him! :D

By the way, it looks like the working patch is up. If it still doesn't work, let me know.

Sure, you've your stand since it's your romhack efforts.

If using cheats = wimps to you, sure.

As the other guy said, we have limited time. Every gamer does things differently.

I would give this hack a miss. Thank you very much.

Guess I lucked out and grabbed the "good" patch :P, and guess I'll never be updating this hack ever again!


May I request for this cheat-no-protection patch please?

I have always been wanting to play this but because cheats have not been allowed, I have decided not to. I didn't know a mistaken patch was uploaded accidentally.

Thank you very much.

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