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Hi All,

I saw that Mario's Super Picross is now available on the SNES Nintendo Switch Online app.  It is untranslated.  I had seen that someone had just translated the unreleased Pokemon Picross Game Boy game so I thought for sure I would find Mario's Super Picross translated here.  To my surprise, Mario's Super Picross is not even listed in the games section.

I'm brand new to the community and not sure if I can add the game to the game list myself, but I will look into it.  I would like to add Tetris 2 (NES) to the games list too.

It seems like there is not very much text to the game aside from the tutorial.  Nintendo has put out a youtube video that translates the Mario's Super Picross tutorial.

Anyone have the skill set to plug that text in?  I'd love to learn to do that kind of thing, but just daydream belivein at the moment.


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