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Decided to try posting here because moderators haven't approved my attempts to bump the thread.
I would love if someone could finish the translation of the Korean RPG for PC Magna Carta: The Phantom of Avalanche.
Old translator Talbain seems to have disappeared off the web and when I contacted one person who knows him, I was told he quit translating and does not wish to be contacted. From what I've seen, he left all the work he did uploaded on Mediafire. I absolutely have no skills for translating games and I know nothing of Korean but I really hope someone could pick up where Talbain left and finish translation 100%. I also found some tools on Russian forum for cancelled Russian translation attempt so I could post them if there was someone who was seriously interested in finishing the translation.
Next year on 28th December, it will be the 20th anniversary since the game was released.

Could you please post those tools? I've found within the mediafire files some translated texts (to be honest, the whole script is translated, albeit not edited and with plenty of mistakes) and I'd like to put them into the game, just to see if it is possible to add more translated texts into the game. That would be a great help, since I don't know how to edit the text files. Thanks in advance!

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