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I have an adamant armor and a cursed ring equipped, which should cause elemental damage to be absorbed, according to various sources.

This doesn't work however (I take regular damage with a fire spell for example).

Is this a bug in this edition?

When you try to give something to the fat chocobo but his inventory is full there is an incorrect message:

I'm full!ou give me?

Ok thanks, then I will try the update!

One more question: I'm running into the issue that I don't have enough inventory space in the fat chocobo storage.

Since I'm the completionist type, I was wondering if it's possible to increase the space in the hack to allow for a complete item collection?

That would really make this version perfect!


First of all, thanks for making this great version of FFIV, it must have taken a lot of work but it's a lot of fun to play!

I made it about halfway through a playthrough about a year ago before getting distracted, and am now picking it up again.

My question is, can I update the rom to the newest version, and still use my old save file? I think I have version 1.95.

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