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ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: YouTube/Google Video thread
« on: April 12, 2013, 02:59:21 pm »

This was the first ever level that I romhacked for High Seas Havoc. Actually the easiest level to do so - Maybe I should do Burning Hamlet 2 also, if I have something in mind. Done using hex only.

Newcomer's Board / Psycho Pinball music trouble
« on: January 10, 2012, 11:30:27 am »
I have found the pointers to Psycho Pinball's music, which is located at $14450C, and finishes at $1446FC. When I change these pointers, I was hoping to get a real sounding music sample (Changing Abyss table music to Trick or Treat's table music) but it keeps the same instruments from the original place (Title Screen music changed to Creature of the Deep music, but keeps the same instruments from the Title Screen music, sounding horrible)

Is there a way that I could play the actual instruments from the same music by changing these pointers, or would I have to look elsewhere to find the instrument pointers?

(Also, I haven't found a byte to change the title screen music, or any other music in the game)

I actually have some data on this game, and as I can tell you, each level part is 6 screens across. for example, if you were in the desert, and were going to either the pyramid or lava area:
<-Pyramid[  ][  ][  ][  ][  ][  ]Lava area->

It's been a while since I looked into it, but I might make a rom map on here, as well as documentation. Stay tuned! :)

ROM Hacking Discussion / compressed data to uncompressed data
« on: August 15, 2011, 11:55:59 am »
I was wondering, is there a way you can change compressed data into uncompressed (meaning you have the uncompressed data on the rom and it still works)? I've seen it used on Copa Libertadores 3 (Super Formation Soccer II hack) and I was wondering if it was possible as long as you knew where the pointer was? Sorry if I couldn't word it any better.

Penta Penguin

That's odd.... I got it to work with all three emulators. I will see that it isn't just my rom by getting a different rom, which is unedited, and see if the problems are there.

EDIT: tried 3 different American region roms from different places and they all work/patch correctly, on snes9x, zsnes and bsnes. I really dunno what the problem could be.

stranno, have you tried applying the patch to the American version of Super Soccer? The (U) version, as it will only work on that. You must apply this to the headered version. If you have done that and it still doesn't work, it could be a patching problem.

Super Bomberman 2. That game was awesome back in the day, and was the only bomberman game where you could move around in different shaped rooms, whether it be upwards or across.  Also, not forgeting Super Bomberman 5, because that was an amazing game, where it merged the previous Super Bombermans into 1. I would like to try these 2 soon. :D

ROM Hacking Discussion / Adventures of Lolo findings, & help
« on: February 05, 2011, 07:59:12 am »
I've found a lot of data with Adventures of Lolo, as I will show you some (not all of them) here (the rest will be put on the rom map):

AC - Kai palette
3B0 - Lala captured palette 1
3D0 - Lala captured palette 2
6CE - Lala captured 2 palette
6F8 - Lala captured 2 8x8 map
2999 - Starting message text
2A3B - Progress text 1
2A85 - Progress text 2
2AAB - Almost there text
2AE3 - Last Message text
39D2 - Water auto palette
39E6 - Lava auto palette
8010 - Main art
F010 - Lolo & Lala 8x8 map
F410 - Unknown art?

The way that the pointers are found is by doing this, for example, the starting message text (2999):

2999 + 8000 = A999, then -10 = A989. Invert the 2 bytes to get 89 A9, which is then found at 18CB.

There is 2 banks to this game, a music bank and a sound bank. But, the music bank also has sound effects in them.


00 - Level music
01 - Game Over Music
02 - Lolo win music
03 - Lolo walking
04 - cleared floor music
05 - ending music?
06 - Password music
07 - vs GD music
08 - next floor music
09 - Lolo & Lala music
0A - Heart pickup
0B - Leeper asleep
0C - egg on water
0D - Use bridge/arrow powerup
0E - ???
0F - Medusa gaze
10 - breaking rock
11 - Jewel
12 - Gol fire
13 - shoot egg
14 - death
15 - all hearts obtained
16 - Lolo shot
17 - x2 heart
18 - Powerup obtained
19 - Move (password)
1A - Select (password)
1B - Incorrect sound
1C - Lala captured
1D - GD Laugh
1E - GD Escape
1F - T Screen reveal
20 - GD turn to egg
21 - GD shoot egg

And the sound bank:

00 - Heart pickup
01 - Leeper asleep
02 - egg on water
03 - use bridge/arrow powerup
04 - ???
05 - Medusa gaze
06 - Breaking rock
07 - Jewel
08 - Gol Fire
09 - shoot egg
0A - death
0B - all hearts obtained
0C - Lolo shot
0D - x2 heart
0E - powerup obtained
0F - Move (password)
10 - Select (password)
11 - Incorrect sound
12 - Lala Captured
13 - GD Laugh
14 - GD escape
15 - T Screen Reveal
16 - GD turn to egg
17 - GD shoot egg

The only trouble I am having here is finding the music data, which could be in between 5000 - 8000, or even EAEC - F00F. How would I be able to find the music data in these areas?

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: Just in time for this holiday season!
« on: December 15, 2010, 06:21:08 am »
I will have to play this. It has been a very long time since I tried a mario hack. I noticed it the day it was released, so yeah. :)

RedComet, very nice work on the translation. I used to play this game quite a lot when I was 10. I will be sure to check it out with the translation! :D

Newcomer's Board / Re: Introduction Topic
« on: August 01, 2010, 09:31:02 pm »
Hey everyone, I'm RRB Brick (RowdyRuff Boys' Brick), and I have been romhacking for nearly 2 years. I mainly try to romhack games which have never been tried before, or don't have any tools made for it. I'm quite good with the Genesis, Master System, SNES and Gameboy, and I am hoping that I can move onto romhacking the GBA, NES, and possibly either the N64 or DS, whichever one I fancy. I am hoping to be able to learn asm for these specific formats and hopefully create something amazing. I like to make a lot of ROM/RAM maps, are they allowed to be posted here or not?

Anyway, I am currently trying to find data inside Bubble Bobble for the Master System. Anyway I'm sure I will enjoy it here.   ;)

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