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Any InuYasha fans out there? I think it'd be cool to have an InuYasha: Secret of the Cursed Mask (PS2) undub made. I know it wouldn't be easy (I started to look into it as far as being able to listen to the audio from the game) to do but it's not impossible for those with the right skills and interest... Beyond just swapping the audio from one ISO to the other I do see that there's at least one cutscene that'd need subtitling (I only did a quick play of both ISOs in PCSX2 to see what I'd be up against, and what would theoretically need to be swapped). I'd be willing to help test on both my good PC here using PCSX2 as well as my softmodded PS2 (Free MC Boot) and Open PS2 Loader. I've pitched the idea on the Discord server, but no one's really shown interest as of yet.

Any takers? I can't really help directly since I have no skills when it comes to ROM hacking, but as I said, I can help test as we'd go along.


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