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I wonder if there would ever be a way to fix Feng Yin Dao on the nes that game is just a broken mess of glitches all over the place.

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« on: September 05, 2019, 06:35:28 am »
welcome all. I recenty found this place when i was messing around with snes rom. I have a game that impossible to pay do to some resolution issue and while looking for a fix i found this place. I am hoping to find someone arround here knowledgeable enough thats willing to fix such a minor and silly thing. Thanks and i hope to speak with people soon ^^.

I am trying to get snes -chan no oekaki logic to work because the screen is to larger its like the resolution is off.  any chance to get a fix for this?

This is for a simple idea. The game o-chan no oekaki logic for snes is basically unplable do to a resolution issues. It would be nice to have this fixed making it a playable game. The screen in the cuts off when doing any picross puzzle 20x20 or larger.

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