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I'm not getting the blank textbox either, which is strange. Are you using the standard title screen or the Project II one? I will have those text errors corrected soon though. Let me know if you guys find anything else.

I'm using the standard one, I'm just a sucker for the Japanese title screen.

Don't remember exactly where my rom's from but it was basically the first one that didn't freeze after the title screen (fade to black, then nothing) so I assumed it was good, there's a chance there was some funky stuff still.

My emulator is BSNES, wanted to use the hi-res mode7 from the newest build.

Yeah this is the current version, I patched it myself.  ;)

Played the hack a bit yesterday and I found a couple error's I thought I'd report:

-when you return the Earth Crystal to troia's Epopts there's a blank textbox

looking it up, this box should have Cid and Cecil reacting to Kain's voice, who notices they've returned the crystal.

-After the whole tower of zot section and the party is in Cecil's bedroom Kain needs to tell you something and after Cecil asks what.

Looks like Kain should be saying the last line in this box but his name isn't there, leading to Cecil having a small exchange with himself but there IS alot of text to shove in here so it's hard to fix without reading a bit clunky. My idea would be...
Kain: Cecil, I must tell you something.
Cecil: What about?
Kain: The Crystals.

Really enjoying your work, tho.  :thumbsup:

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