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Personal Projects / Re: My Abandon Packs
« on: September 18, 2018, 10:28:50 pm »
Entering the last quarter of the year, I have yet some more Abandon Hacks that will be added shortly in 2019. The good news is there still are a few months left this year so there may be a few more.. Maybe.. I am as always in so many different projects that nowadays I mostly just make small hacks when I am on a break from something else. There is not much time..

I have far bigger projects that I am actively in the middle of..

CNN Reporting Robot. I guess is a News Media Propaganda Hack of Crystal Mines plans include all Networks before release even Fox, NBC, CBS. 

Next is a Donkey Kong Classics Luigi Hack. Maybe it was already made IDK but I have a Patch ready too.

Lost World Of Jenny is a simple fix of the Original Release to say World instead of Lost Word Of Jenny, I also have a Patch for it too.

Then there is this last one the more Lam Hack "Trumps War On Canada" A Battle Tank Title Hack.

Other then that I have 1 translated Menu Patch of a already completed Translation that I am considering, I guess if someone was doing a re-translation it might be useful, at the time I didn't know it was completed already. It'll be next year probably January til these join my Abandon Pack, in the mean time there they are..     



ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Screenshots
« on: August 03, 2018, 03:58:03 am »
A little humor.. Maybe..

Gaming Discussion / Re: Does anyone know what game this is?
« on: June 01, 2018, 05:31:26 pm »
The only first-person dungeon crawlers on the NES I know (I assume you mean in English officially) are Wizardrys, Magic & Magic, The Bard's Tale, Dungeon Magic and Swords & Serpents. Supposedly Ultima Exodus had first-person dungeons (top-down overworld) but I never played it long enough to even get to a dungeon. :D

"I assume you mean in English officially" yes I did, as it was on a console and before the internet. lol

Thank you!!!  :thumbsup:

I was thinking I might could rule out Wizardry I thought I knew what it was about but after looking at some screen shots maybe I don't. I won't hold myself to this but I think it started with a S, so I'll start with Swords & Serpents, The Bard's Tale is probably not it. I wasn't over there every day, and it was my cousin, so I only went to his house occasionally, but he was always playing the one game.

That is a good list to start with I'll give them a try when I get some time, maybe I'll find that I like a dungeon crawler or two and could play more games, there are so many of them. I did like Drakkhen but it just is a really weird game. 

Gaming Discussion / Re: Does anyone know what game this is?
« on: May 31, 2018, 03:34:13 pm »
Did anyone figure out what that first game was I remember a game where you went around in a dungeon like a First Person Shooter prospective but it wasn't and you would get attacked by rats, spiders, and I think you had a sword. I didn't play it much but I think it was like an early Tomb Raider maybe. I don't remember much of it but you would get killed very fast and you couldn't really read or tell what happened to you in the game. I think I played it on a MAC though and well the Mac Version of WolfenStein is what was converted to make the SNES version and is different from the PC Version it came from a different code base.

One game I can't find is for the NES or at least I think so, I've searched for it for years as I've played every NES and possibly Famicom game there is or at least I have tried to play it.

Although I never actually Played the game, but my friend was always playing it when I went to his house everyday and he didn't allow talking because it was a very difficult and challenging game and is likely why I don't know the name of it. Anyway it was a First Person Dungeon Crawler where he would collect items like a Huge Shield that he had to hold up later and use to block the fire of a dragon in the game and then some how pass by it. I thought it was probably a Dungeon and Dragons game but none that I tried is like it. I've thought for years that it is likely Shadowgate but I have not made it to a part the game where there is a shield or a dragon you have to pass, all cause I didn't play it back then, I hate dungeon crawlers but I thought it was one I might one day play, but watching it was more fun. lol


I get ideas all the time but I usually have a Hack or Two on the Back Burner awaiting me to finish them, and I'm just too busy to get to everything. Anyway I was looking at the US Released Rygar cartridge and then I looked at the Japanese "Argos no Senshi: Hachamecha Daishingeki" Cartridge and noticed it showed the Main Character Holding a Shield that kind of resembles Captain America's Shield so thought a Hack of Rygar Staring Captain America, would be really cool, but like I said I have no time..

There you go..

Personal Projects / Re: My Abandon Packs
« on: December 07, 2017, 03:44:47 pm »
I just submitted The New Final 2017 Release, into my Abandon Pack, you will have to wait til it is Accepted to get the Full Archive, Take it as your early Christmas Present.. In the mean time you can check the readme for more details.

It includes the following Hacks
Flathead Super Mario Bros. "There are two patches one is with the New Title"
The Magic Of Peacherazade
Arabian Dream Scheherazade English Font Hack
Robocop3 Ms Dos Hack
The Hacker 2
Back To The Future 2
1944 Japan and 1943 Japan English Power Up Menu Patches "Two separate but Equal Patches"
Dragon Quest Hacked English Patches "Two Patches beta1 and the beta2 final version"
My NesDev Forbidden Four Pac-Man Menu Patch
Senjou no Ookami "Commando Title Hack"

Hopefully this will free me up to finish my new Full Hack before Christmas, but if it doesn't come out by then it will be coming sometime in January. It's a secret. :crazy: :banghead:

On a Note: I just would like to say though I made some comments else where, That I do not care what a person or person's do with my hacks or abandon works they all are meant to reach as wide an Audience as possible, and I will not be altering my hacks in anyway to hinder people from the use or misuse of them, they are public domain and meant for your "our" enjoyment whether you want them or not.. All the best.. I love RHDN. Encase I don't make it back in time have a Merry Christmas and a Great New Year..   



Personal Projects / Re: My Abandon Packs
« on: November 17, 2017, 09:34:45 am »
No Auto Merge this time at least I hope so.

I made a few more changes to my latest hack, Back to the Future 4 "Orange Hair" it's a Trump thing or The Hacker 2

Another thing I did was I took the Title Screen Of the US Commando and Fit it into the Japanese game Senjou no Ookami.
Although Senjou no Ookami stores the title screen in a bit out wack way, I couldn't put the TM in the same spot but there is room for more than that in the Japanese Version.

Then I have a minor hack of Robocop 3, where I just made it to have MS Dos instead of Rom Bios.

I don't know why I Abandon some these Hacks, mostly it is lack of time and Old Age, normally they are just something that keeps me occupied til I find the one Hack I really want to work on. I'll be back when I have some more stuff or if I make any progress I have to like make a table file and when it comes to that part I often get lazy. lol 

I hadn't really got around to doing anything else yet, and do to some recent events and well sometimes I think they make rules just because of me, or there just were ones I wasn't aware of, so I re-read up on The Rules, and well I know that I can't include my Custom Menu Rom for the NESDEV Forbidden Four as a Rom Image but I will included a patch but you'll have to get the Forbidden Four Archive and Patch it's Menu.Rom in order to make use of it. It is only for making the Forbidden 4 with Zelda 1.

This upcoming release will likely be the final update for 2017 - 2018, at least for most of 2018, but I'm going try to hold out near to the end of 2017 before releasing the update. By then I may find some other stuff to include.

I've really gotten into Dumping and I've spent like 500 dollars on it already, I don't plan to spend 10,000 or more on it like one guy did for the SNES but I'll likely be spending a few grand on it. So I'll be spending a lot more time over on the NESDEV forums, were I have already been making my self known.

Instead of making any new hacks after the release I will be starting work on revamping my existing hacks one by one til I finish updating them starting with the lamest ones first. As Not to make this a blog I'll cut off for now, All The Best.   

I hope everyone had a great Holiday. :)


It's the Christmas Season and I started feeling generous so am including a lot more hacks in my End year Release.
Some them can be seen here that I have ready for release already, and as not to load the forum with too many images I started using my website to host them.

They are
Flathead Super Mario Bros. "There are two patches one is with the New Title"
The Magic Of Peacherazade
Arabian Dream Scheherazade English Font Hack
Robocop3 Ms Dos Hack

I'm not done with the Back To The Future 4 or The Hacker 2 but have made some more progress on those too. That is it for now. It'll likely be awhile before I come back again hopeful I'll have some more to add to this release soon. There are a few Patches that are on my current or former site that I'm still considering adding. I'm trying to get things together to put in the Pack. Later.   

Note: In a panic I deleted the new pack file, so that is a dead link now you'll have to get the full archive, but you may want to wait till after the upcoming update is finished. 


I would like to change the part in the above picture that says "A LINK TO THE PAST" to "ZELDA'S QUEST" if possible.

Your best bet would be to use the program from RHDN to decompress the Graphix open the Graphix file with YYChar make changes and then reinsert them back into the game with your changes,
the program is self explanatory in it's readme I just did it and I've never hacked a SNES games graphix's before.

Just don't put anything over THE "THE" part "Because it is Mirrored" like I did at first you just have to remove it or at least I did.

Zcompress - Zelda 3 Compression Tool

Another tip is instead of naming the uncompressed part .Bin name it .SMC makes it easier for editing in Yychr.
You have to use the command line but this works for windows 7 just create two separate .Bat files.

Extract or Well decompress
zcompress 0 Zelda.smc Graphix1.smc

zcompress 1 87200 zelda.smc Graphix2.smc

if you noticed I renamed it after having edited it with YYchr.


At least if you hack Ultima Exodus into Dragon Quest X, it would have better graphics than what I hear of the "3DS version". :D

I so probably would. lol

Personal Projects / My Abandon Packs
« on: November 03, 2017, 10:59:37 am »
Well I have a new Abandon Pack of hacks, but I already have one on the site. Then I don't really do Projects anymore, that I Actually work on just stuff that I decide to Abandon, anything I plan to release I keep to myself, mostly.

I could just add these 7 or so hacks into my old Abandon Pack, and nobody would know what was in there. So I Figured some might want to know what they were getting, and if it was worth downloading again if they already had it or if I am allowed or should submit a New Pack. IDK.

The First two are Zelda 1 Spoofs and all my Hacks are for the NES.

The Pac-Man Of Zelda "You heard right that's Pac-Man as Link"

The Zombies Of Zelda "Link As A Zombie" Mostly with some Text Changes and More Enemies on the world map thanks to "Tony Hedstrom".

Ultra X-Men Mission Impossible adds X-men to the game Mission Impossible.

Those are the 3 major hacks if you can call them that, the rest are very minor in comparison.

All Are Explained in detail in my read me file and you have already seen my other two Title hacks in another Post. So That is it For my latest round of Abandon Hacks, there is however at least one more hack I know of that will be in there that I haven't got around to making a patch or taking screen shots of yet called "5200 Bros" a minor hack of Mario Bros. And I will search my hard drive before release to see if there are anymore.

If you are wondering yes there will be more future Packs to come so is why I am making this post. Enjoy.

I found that 5200 Bros. Patch and added it to my archive I just submitted everything as an update to the Abandon Pack I already have on here, it seemed sensible to not wastes anymore space. That is all there is for this time but there is always next year is probably how long it'll be before I have another update maybe longer.. I just got a Kazzo Dumper and that is keeping my booked.

However if you just want the newer Patches from here I upload that archive separately so you can get it too.

November 08, 2017, 07:22:24 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Just a Small update and A New Hack.

A 5200 Bros Image and one of My Own Custom NESDEV Forbidden Four Patches. In the future I might add my Pac-Man Menu Patch.   

All the above hacks I was already done with those at the time when I came up with this post and had spent most of 2017 on them so was no room for criticism or change.
Just had to get them out there as I don't have time to finish them I have to move on there are thousands of hacks I consider everyday and the list grows.
I even have a Privately Closed Suggestion Box, and this after Halloween Pumpkin I bought insist on a Pumpkin Themed Game. :crazy:

Anyway I just came up with this new Hack that will go in the next pack, Tokoro San no Mamoru mo Semeru mo (J).nes Hack.

I had the idea initially to turn the main character into Biff, and thus it was born as another Back To The Future,
but I have also considered calling it "The Hacker 2" as the 2 games are kind of Similar.

So I'll likely come back and will add a image that Already has a "The Hacker 2" Title in the game.
there is no patch I just made it this morning and I like to have at least 5 or more Abandon Hacks before I release stuff.

One More note I forgot to put a link to my huge abandon pack that is already on the site, it has lots of other Hacks.
In the future I may post some images of those here too. Need loads of More Time. :banghead:   

Me_Daves MutiNesHacks Package

These aren't much just something I did in a short time, I am going release them in a new Abandon Pack I'm working on.

for Youkai Douchuuki I wanted to do this for awhile but finally just did it while I was bored. Is hard to tell but it reads Mario I secretly call the game "Mario 25" anyway.

Then I was planning to Hack Ultima : Exodus for Nes and came up with this

I have some other stuff but would fall out side this topic. Any Criticism's are fine.

Programming / Re: Anyone get a job after rom hacking and hobbying?
« on: May 31, 2017, 10:57:55 pm »
Romhacking is my real job, I don't do anything else I'm 36 attending college, I owe zero debt, am broke as hell,  but I don't have to work I'm disabled. Am both physically and mentally impaired.

I don't know how to program, but studying Hexadecimal I've learned a lot, I aced my math exams.. lol

Newcomer's Board / Re: How Do You Hack SNES Text
« on: May 17, 2017, 09:53:15 pm »
1- Table creation (w/ relative search or any method you prefer)
2- Locate the text in the ROM using a hex editor with that table loaded (at this point you could directly edit the text, but you're restricted to strings of the same length - or less with space padding)

3- Look for the pointer table showing the game where to get the text (either using methods from documents, or a dedicated tool)
4- Read about how to use Cartographer (the tool dumping text out of the ROM to a more readable txt file) and Atlas (the tool cramming the text back in the ROM). Some prefer Kruptar.

With compression for all of the text data, or dictionary compressions, or encodings that are not just 1-byte long per letter, or fonts that are not arranged in order or lacking some letters that need to be graphically edited back in, or the difficulty involved in generating tables for kanji characters because of what's called rupture of the gestalt rather than a real technical hurdle, this basic process may get easier or harder.

All the "text editors" you see on this site are glorified Cartographer/Atlas-like scripts with a graphical interface.
Thank You,

I had read a document on relative searching once, but forgot about it "will look for it again". had used it to find text in a Sega Genesis game long ago.

The Theory of Relative Searching

I'll give some the others a try to like how to use a Cartographer, when I get a chance.

The VRAM viewer in No$sns was a real life saver recently. I probably never would have gotten my table set up for the menus in Akazukin Cha Cha otherwise. My table entries ended up being a mix of the Tile No and Attribute numbers and were not something I could have deduced using the other details I had available up to that point.

The dialogue text was just as simple as what GHANMI listed for 1 and 2 though and with a little experimentation I was able to decipher some of the control codes that handled things like which font was used, window size, etc.

For that all I can say is wow didn't know such a tool existed for the SNES. Thanks. Though FireFox tried to tell me it was a Virus and wouldn't download it I think is because it's a EXE file "False Positive". My computer has been acting weird ever since I updated Windows and got the latest Fire Fox.


Newcomer's Board / How Do You Hack SNES Text
« on: May 16, 2017, 10:53:25 pm »
is probably a stupid question but is why I've not really hacked Super Nintendo Games,

I did make one called Super Mario RPGed available on Zophars Domain a easier version of Super Mario RPG. 

How Do you hack text for the SNES? Do you have to have a special program or is there a way to make a table file? Or is there something I've missed that will help with Hex Editing of SNES Games?

I've been there myself, not with the programing part but with the whole wanting to redo Zelda 1. I actually want to hack Final Fantasy 1 but every time I start any such thing I realize early on that it's a lot more work then I want to do.

The Legend Of Zelda is no short game either, but with the tools available the whole game can be reworked, Which I tried that long ago when Zelda Tech was first released and made a hack but it turned out as a miserable daunting failure, it just wasn't up to the Snuff of Zelda Challenge Out Lands, BS Zelda, Etc.. And I knew nothing about Text Editing at the time which for Zelda1 was not fun or easy, but now there are tools for it. Currently I'm working on a Hack or two of Zelda myself from scratch unrelated to any previous hack I've made except I'm using The Legend of Zelda Optimum Patch.

I recommend using it as a Basis The Legend of Zelda Optimum

It enables you to edit all the Sprites of the game in a much easier fashion for the normal game most are compressed, it is what I'm using.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Gamers beware! We are the door to hell!
« on: April 28, 2017, 09:58:42 pm »
Emulation and ROMs gets the filth and an angry mob of parents to come kick down your door?

I guess my corrupter of innocence joke at the start was actually accurate. Worst that ever happens to me is I get "I don't like old consoles like the PS1".

that probably would not happen, most parents probably already know about emulation, and may not even care.

Heck they sell Modded Wii's and Nes Classic's on Ebay, so I probably have nothing to fear.

I look for the interested not the uninterested I don't like to influence people, who have not already been corrupted.
What I mean is if a kid or anyone asked me about it I wouldn't hesitate to point them in the right direction, but I just don't go around telling people about it.

I once showed a guy how to make custom Game Genie Codes and he had one for his Nes, but I had forgotten to tell him not to use costume codes on the real thing but he did, and he keep calling me when he encounter ones that he couldn't turn off an screwed his games up had to change my phone number and leave town. lol   

Gaming Discussion / Re: Gamers beware! We are the door to hell!
« on: April 28, 2017, 06:05:48 pm »
I have a nephew, who loves a particular Video Game, and when ever he is at my house I let him play it, but if he knew you could edit the game he probably would take off with it and make custom versions the kid is likely smarter than me, and he has a smart phone.

So I could even put the game on his smart phone, but I've considered the dangers which would be the minute he went to school showed his friends they all started playing it on their phones, and guess who the police and everyone's parents are going come after for introducing their kid's to Emulation and illegal Roms. No Thanks.   

For something "RomHacking" that is not even illegal enough to be noticed by the FBI or CIA because it is not criminal.

Now if it was my own Kid I would teach him to keep it secret, and he would be like a Hacking Prodigy.
Nobody in real life knows who I am or that I hack Video Games. I trust no one. lol

ROM Hacking Discussion / The Legend of Zelda Optimum Patch
« on: April 28, 2017, 04:30:35 pm »
How do you get it to work, I applied the patch over my LOZ.NES  and it loads in most emulators but as soon as I enter the cave to get my sword the game freezes, and if you try to go in any direction link doesn't go anywhere.

I downloaded the FCEUX 2.2.2. that it was tested on still does the same thing what emulator does it work with.

Never Mind I missed an important Part it said patches over the English version I was using the US Rom.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Gamers beware! We are the door to hell!
« on: April 26, 2017, 01:20:12 pm »
They can't touch me because I got news I've been building up inside I'm freaking Innocent.. GNR..


Without looking it up, I'm going to take a wild guess there's naked ladies revealed as you remove tiles.
If they were a large background image, it likely would not be possible with the NES tile limitations.

I know Puzznic had dirty girl pictures as backgrounds originally in the Japanese arcade version, but for the western arcade version and console ports it was censored out (though it looks like the X68000 included it as an option).

That may be the case, I don't know, as I haven't played the game long enough to find out if you even get rewarded in the Famicom version. The cartridge I have is kind of slow loading on my Game Fillip "Famicom Clone" would likely have to play it in a emulator instead.

Supposedly the Arcade game rewarded players for successfully clearing certain stages by presenting them with drawings of partially clothed women.
Isn't that the same thing. lol

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