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It looks great, the only pieces that sometimes confuse me are the pinks with the light blue ones, but it plays quite well :thumbsup:

Which filter are you refering to?

For reference (from left to right, use 1 to 6 to mention which bean):

No Filter




My guess is you are talking about Tritanopia, and referring to bean 2 and 5? If so, I can replace one of those beans to become grey.

Script Help and Language Discussion / Re: Is Japanese hard to learn?
« on: February 05, 2021, 04:22:06 pm »
Hi, thanks. I think in kanji there is only 50 characters compared to over 80,000 in Chinese. Unfortunately, it's not on Babbel. Rosetta Stone can be pretty expensive costing around $300 per level. (On a side note I did spend today in Little Tokyo, although most of the area was shutdown due to the epidemic.)

There isn't an exact known number of Kanji (Chinese) characters, but there are over 50,000. Japanese speakers need to know around 2,000 before their compulsory school ends. Here is a list of what they are taught during each grade:

Someone did make a patch that changed Red to White, and Purple to Black:

There is a Sonic Mania Mod that provides color blind support (although it crashed when I tried).

With the help from this website, I should be able to make some color-blind patches for Deuteranopia, Protanopia, and Tritanopia. This would just be for the palettes used by the beans.

Now this sentence by Humpty (Stage 3):
Code: [Select]
You're here already.
I'm shell shocked!

To be honest, this sentence is very odd in the way it is structured. Gracious is a very uncommon to express polite surprise. A more modern way of saying this would be "Oh no" or "Oh dear".

The second line I feel should be part of the first sentence. Something like: Good gracious, you are here already!

Now shell-shock in this case is more to do with being irritated/annoyed at the player, not that he is shocked to see the player. The gracious part has made that clear. In the TMNT Aracde game, when they lose a life, they say "Shell-shocked!". The joke being they are turtles that have shells, but are upset they have been defeated and lost a life. Since Humpty is designed like a turtle (his head can hide in his body), shell-shock is a play on words that he is unhappy.

The issue is the Spanish translations refer to him as being surprised, and then shocked. Making the sentence more strange in Spanish.

My suggestion would be to translate it like: Oh no, you are hear already! I can't believe it!

To be fair:
- It is using a black and white manual.
- The still images don't make it clear.

So the manual has to make it clear it's the same color. However, in game, it shows 4 red beans being grouped together, so the color. By using the word "together", it is obvious they mean the same color.

Still, I have no problem modifying the Spanish text to mention the color to make it more clear. I might even update the DX hack to mention this.

Puyo Puyo does mention color: 色

January 26, 2021, 05:28:55 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Thanks for your hard work! It will be great if the new translation is compatible with the DX patch

I could add the Spanish translation to the DX Hack. I will see how I feel. :)

I have seen that in the manual if they mention that they must be the same color, I would like to indicate it also even if it is not in the original game.

So CMDreamer has provided a new translation. I have added it on the first post.

From what I have checked, I am happy with, but I am hoping Sics and Jate can check it.

Hello everyone. I'm CMDreamer, I'm from México.

Would like to help on this translation project as much as I can.

First things first. I've downloaded the spreadsheet provided but it doesn't have the full dialogs on the rows from the "English Original" column, so I can't complete such translations and provide them to you for your consideration.

Barely read what is available on the spreadsheet and I'm sorry to say that most of the localized jokes and word games will have no sense in spanish and they might have to be modified (loosing its original meaning and context).

I've been looking around and you have most of the text translated, but some of it doesn't make much sense or context (as I mentioned earlier).

Could someone provide me -please- a (complete dialogs) spreadsheet to work with? Thanks in advance.

Hi CMDreamer. Looks like google drive is hiding the rows for some reason. You can download a current copy here:

I do agree some of the dialog will need to be changed to make more sense in Spanish. If you are able to help with that, that would be great. I have made a separate one that has suggested Spanish translations/explains the English dialog.

I was looking at words that mean clever in Spanish. There seems to be less in Spanish:
- inteligente (intelligent)
- brillante (brilliant)

While "chispa brilliant" does mean "brilliant spark", I wounder if that is clear he is talking about how smart he is? I was thinking "un sabelotodo", which means "a know-it-all". Frankly could say: "I'm a know-it-all, and I think I can defeat you!"

There is also a popular Spanish saying: "comiendo moscas (eating flies)"
From what I can, it's used when someone isn't concentrating. So Frankly could make a joke about Arms eating flies, hence why he lost the last match.

For Dynamight's second line, I feel we can keep the stick part if we change the sentence to something like:
"Ya has dado suficientes palo al Dr. R. (You have given enough stick for Dr. R.). If that doesn't work, they change palo to problema

I wasn't happy with the accent characters for the 8x8 font. The diacritics were touching the letters, making it difficult to read. So I have improved the font to make the diacritics stand out, along with adding a upper case variant for each one (for Options and Staff Roll).

Here's an example of them being used in Options (where upper case letters are used):

The Main Menu text has been updated. I made the N smaller by 1 pixel, which meant I could use the unmodified R from the original game. The Á on PRÁCTICA looks so much better now.

I have also modified the Á and Í for the 16x16 font (used during the PASSWORD and HIGH SCORES). There is now a pixel gap between the letter to make it stand out.

I'm in the process of modifying the HIGH SCORES background. So that is what I'm focusing on.

"The robots in the Sonic games have animals inside and they are alive because the robots have to feed on their energy or something like that."

In "Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog" cartoon, this isn't the case. Robotnik has a machine that builds (or baking) them from objects/food (see episode 1 @7:35: They are not powered by animals.

Unless I am missing something, the English text in the manual doesn't explain the process. It just says it transforms them into robots (which I think are the the gray beans that are called refugee beans).

As for the "-steaming" part of the name of his invention that turns the beans into robots, this could mean a few things:
- The process of cooking the bean by heating it in steam from boiling water.
- A funny/intimidating way of saying he is cooking/transforming the bean.
- Referring to the fact the machine lets off steams as shown during the opening.
- Could be a play of the word "scheming", but that is a stretch.

Keep in mind the "mean bean machine" part is a reference to the title of the game. I wouldn't worry about trying to make sense of the name, but make it sound evil/ridiculous at the same time.

I wonder if "jintoi-hikken", is meant to be "jintai jikken (人体実験)"? The translation means "testing on a living person".

But yeah, that font is hard to read and doesn't display the correct letters. I'm wondering if it's "connections of the working and peril"? I do see cyril, but that's a Greek name.

You will update the excel document, right?

As sisc and Max1321 speak Latin Spanish, you could put two translations: Spanish - Spain ans Latin Spanish Although much of the text is valid for both.

I have slowly been updating the excel document. I'm happy to include two separate translations for the dialog. Latin Spanish by sics/Max1321, and European Spanish by Jate. More work for me, but nothing I can't handle.

Let me go and update the to include the translations, and I'll provide my notes on certain English slang.

Edit: Check the excel spreadsheet. It has a Latin / European section, along with notes to explain some of the sentences.

@Jate: So for the tutorial, you put "Agrupa cuatro o más beans del mismo color para lograr que escapen."
You don't need to mention the color because:
1 - The original translation does not mention color.
2 - It's obvious from what is being shown, you are to group the same colors.

Thanks for the feedback sics. Bare with me, as I will be on and off checking the dialog (and in random orders).

If you want to see the dialogue in action, this video shows it:
I can reference the time stamps if necessary.


For the Tutorial, I agree with the changes. Max1321 sort of removed stuff in the translation. Like the first part just talked about moving the beans, nothing about them appearing/reaching their destination.

The alt for part 5 (1:38) would be more misleading. The English text to be fair doesn't explain it well, but the game is over if you place a bean at a certain spot (later versions of Puyo have a X to indicate this). The alt is suggesting the beans can't go above the margin, when in fact, they can on 5 of the columns.

It's best to stick with "if you exceed the space". The demonstration just help in showing this know, so it makes more sense in context.


So Davy Sprocket's first line: "A squirt like you has been reuniting too many beans."

So squirt is basically an insult, although a very tame and uncommon one. It's used as an insult when talking to a puny or insignificant person. I'm sure Team Rocket from Pokémon used it when talking about Ash (but I can't find any proof), and I found this, which I presume is text from Adventures of Billy and Mandy:

So we need to use a insult that is still family friendly. The fun part is picking a word that is suitable for all Spanish countries. Like "Pendejo" in Spain means "Coward" or "Wimp", while is slang in South America for "Pubic hair".

- Apparently calling someone a burro (donkey) is a popular and tame insult.
- Sics mentioned "renacuajo" (tadpole). Similiar to donkey.
- We could use "insignificante" (insignificant) which sticks to the correct meaning of squirt.
- "mequetrefe" would be a safe option. Used when calling someone an idiot.
- I can't find much information on "SOQUETE", although I suspect this is more used in Mexico
- "tonto" is used when saying someone isn't very smart.

Looking at the dialog, Spike also uses squirt. Although he is being more abrupt about it. So him saying "Vamos burro" would fit the character well.

For Davy, he is more calm about it, so tonto is a more friendly way of saying fool. "Un tonto como tú ha estado reuniendo demasiados Beans."


Grounder's dialog is a bit of a pain to translate. The joke with the second line is SAM can be an abbreviation of "Surface to Air Missile", and an actually given name (short for Samuel). In Spanish, they are called Misil superficie-aire, which would be short for MAS. As sics has stated, MAS/MÁS in Spanish means MORE/PLUS.

As sics / Jate have mentioned, we could keep the joke by changing the type of weapon to Misil Aire-Tierra (air-to-ground missile)
This means Grounder's alt name can be MAT (short for Matthew/Mathew).

Now his third line I'm not even sure what they were going for. So he says "and I'm gonna have you for
launch." My understanding is this is play on the word "lunch", so he's saying I'm going to have you for lunch", but he is saying "launch" instead since he was talking about missiles that can be launched. Ha ha? :huh:

I would suggest changing it to make a joke about the missiles are targeting the player. So something like: y mis misiles están blanco en ti.

I'm sure blanco is used when talking about a target. Someone can correct me on that?


For Humpty's second line, I think it's just best to remove the pun. Unless we can find a play on a word that uses huevo.

I just remembered there is an Inspector Gadget (2015) episode where Talon makes a lot of egg jokes. Netflix won't let me access the Spanish dub, but I can access the French. They basically keep the same idea using of using egg-, like so: Egg-cellent > soyons œuf-fensif (let's be offensive)

Curious what the Spanish dub does.


I'm off for a week, so I can spend some time sorting the dialogue out. I have included a link to an Excel document with the English and Spanish translations. This should make it easier to check and update.

Also "¡Dios mío!" is the equivalent to saying "Oh my God!". I personally don't think using religious words in this kids game is a good idea (although Amy Rose does say "Oh My God" and "Holy Cow" in Sonic Heroes, but shut up! :P)

"Gracious" is basically used when you are surprised at something. Although it's a old fashion word which I don't here people in English use that much. 

¡Qué susto! seems to be used when you are shocked at what you see. So I went with that.

Just bumping because I need help with making Á and Í look better. See first page.

I have finished updating my DX Edition, so my next focus is finishing off the Spanish translation of Mean Bean Machine.

So the ALL RIGHT and OH NO graphics have finally been added! I had to figure out where the X and Y values were for the Beans, Steam, and Sparkle animations. Plus had to dedicate some VRAM space as well. Here is a screenshot:

To see it in action, check this video:

The next focus is updating the HIGH SCORES background. Hopefully start adding that tomorrow.

As for the dialog, I plan to put the translations in word or excel, and update the changes in that format. Once I am happy with the script, I will put it in the game.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Screenshots
« on: January 09, 2021, 05:30:39 pm »
Whoever decided to put more animations for the ALL RIGHT and OH NO graphics in Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, I really dislike them.

It's crazy because the Beans under the ! are separate animations. Plus 2 steam animations for OH NO, and 2 sparkle animations for ALL RIGHT. Plus figuring out the X and Y values were a pain. Figured it out know! Now to put the OH NO animations!

Programming / Re: Rom Hacking vs. Hacking
« on: January 05, 2021, 06:45:59 pm »
AM2R was a fan made game (fan remake), not a rom hack. Nintendo took it down because:
1 - It was using their copyrighted property.
2 - Another company was officially remaking Metroid II for the Nintendo 3DS.

So Nintendo weren't just going to sit by and let this fan made remake take away from sales, even if it was better than the official release. Although the person who made it did get hired as a programmer for a different company, so there is a happy ending.

Now with this website, they host IPS Patches and not the ROM/ISO itself. IPS Patches only contains the data that needs to be changed, so it is legal to upload.

As for the Beans' gender, the game doesn't say. In situations like this, it's best to refer to them as males.

I will say that we do have decide if we want to "improve" the dialog? For example, - is used instead of a comma:
"Beans, beans let me give you a hand - or two."
"I'm hungry and it ain't meals on wheels I'm after - it's you."

Most likely this was done to make it standout more that a pause is required while the text is on the screen for the amount of time set. So Arms' first dialog cold be:

Original: "Beans, beans tengo ganas de echarles una mano - o las dos.
Improve: "Beans, beans, tengo ganas de echarles una mano, o las dos.

Personally, I think it gives more charm sticking to the original. But I don't have too much of an issue improving it as well. It's a tough decision.

For Arms' second dialog, the word FEAST and BANQUET have two different meanings:
- Feast = a large meal, typically a celebratory one
- Banquet = an elaborate and formal meal for many people

Since he is talking about making the meal for Dr R (one person), FESTÍN would be correct.
Also, when he says "beautiful feast", he is talking about how the food LOOKS, not how it TASTES. So I would go with something like: "Quiero usar beans para preparar al Dr. Robotnik un magnífico festín."

Arms calling them "adorable beans (adorables beans)" I feel is a good alternative to "beauty". This may be a Spanish thing, but in English, we would not say "adorables beans" because the second word indicates it is a group (adorable cats, adorable hamsters, adorable ponies, etc.). It just seems strange to an English speaker seeing "adorables beans" instead of "adorable beans". From what I can tell, in Spanish, the adjective must be plural if talking about more than one.

In the opening, "My latest invention, the mean bean-steaming machine", should that last part be translated? The game's title is called MEAN BEAN MACHINE, so translating "mean bean-steaming machine" seems unnecessary and loses it's charm, especially when he explains what the invention does in the next sentence.

For Humpty, the "shell shocked" is a term that came about from the British during WW1 ( Although in the TMNT cartoon/games, they use this saying a lot. Usually when they are irritated when something bad has happened to them. It's also a reference to the fact they have shells.

Some of Humpty's animation does involve him hiding in his shell (well his head anyway), so the writers borrowed the line from TMNT. For the Spanish translation, saying "sorprendido (surprised)" is a suitable word, but it does lose the pun.

As for his second line, "eggcuse" is a pun on "excuse". There are a lot of English puns that can be with eggs. The "scramble" part is a reference that you scramble eggs together. "Huevóname" apparently is a pun on huevo (egg) + perdonar (forgive), but that doesn't seem to be clear. In cases like this:
- Change the sentence to a pun about eggs.
- Lose the pun and stick with the translation.
The second option is the safest.

I will check more of the translations at the weekend.

Quote from: sics
I did not know, it is a rather unusual mechanic, in that case it is correct to use "Pulsa A + Start para Salir", thanks for the clarification :thumbsup:

On the other hand I have seen their captures and now I understand better the context of the Refugee Beans, they are not bad, but victims of Dr. Robotnik. so its translation is completely justified and anyone who sees the complete tutorial will be able to understand what it refers to, so I think it would be a mistake to change it

No problem. I will keep it as "beans refugiados". I will also use "A + START" as that stands out better.

Yes, from what I have been able to see in some images I think he speaks Latin Spanish.
Maybe it is a problem because we use a lot of words and in each site they have a meaning or they are not used.
I will give my opinion on the European version.

I will review all the images and comment on what is wrong. Do you mind if I put the image here with my comments so that others can also comment?

I have made a separate topic where the dialog translation can be discussed. Just to make things easier. Best to put the image/comments here:

To make things easier, we can discuss the Spanish Dialog for Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine here. The main project page can be found here:

The current script can be downloaded here:

Or viewed here:

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