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I recall the title screen music had the same sync in the Japanese and US versions.
what I meant was that the point where the Japanese title sequence restarts is about where the music track loops, whereas the US version's title sequence restarts about a half second off of the music looping.
this is because the prologue is a lot longer in the US version, (the JP version has only 4 screens of text whereas the US version has 14) though come to think of it, the prologue was probably extended so much in order to help preserve the loop-sync, since it's unlikely that anyone would go through the prologue twice in one sitting.

sorry, it turns out I made a mountain out of a molehill :banghead:

Would love to see the Quintet classics "Soul Blazer", "Illusion of Gaia", and "Terranigma" re-translated. By using the text font from Actraiser you'll free up screen real estate without having to mess with making a variable width font. Actraiser's font is half the height of the font used in the other three games.
it's worth noting that Soul Blazer already has a full 8x8 font, only used for the title screen, status bar, and whenever a character is whispering. IMO it certainly could've been used for the intro, possibly to maintain the music-sync that was present in the Japanese version.

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