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I recently had this silly idea for Donkey Kong 64: alter Beaver Bother so that you can eat the beavers (beavers eaten would count toward the goal)

How about a Soul Blader / Soul Blazer restoration hack to go along with the retranslation by Steppolo Steppi?
Maybe an update to those item names that were "not straight forward".
And were the graphics uncensored? If not that would be a good thing to add in there.

I tried my hand at making a graphics restoration patch last year, with help of the ROM map at the Data Crystal and further documentation at I got stuck trying to figure out how to display the Katakana in the title screen and Lisa's hands in the ending (graphical data for both still exists in the US version, which means the programming was simply altered to not use them. it's a matter of finding the specific programming), and found a bump when trying to restore Solid Arm's boss room
turns out that conveyor programming is tied to map coordinates, not the tile type. IOW, You'll still automatically move if you're standing on a regular floor that you replaced a conveyor with in the Map Arrangement data. again, need to find the programming

I did manage to restore everything else, even Medusa, which is relatively difficult due to some technical reasons
US Poseidon's sprite is assembled using less pieces (the sprite composition data uses 46 bytes less data in the US version, I had to move some other things around in order to fit the data within a single 32KB block), and holds the trident further from his body, so the sprite behavior was slightly altered, specifically the offsets when it came to spawning projectiles. had to disassemble that myself.

I do have a possible lead on the locations of the remaining programming I'd need to alter to finish this, I just need to prod around to see if I'm on the right track, though I suppose the best I can do is see if I can screw up said specific programming and work from there

EDIT: my leads were spot on. it's funny how after months of procrastination when it comes to disassembling the code by hand, I manage to restore what had stumped me in less than 24 hours. only a few minor things before it's complete, and I can probably skip them

I recall the title screen music had the same sync in the Japanese and US versions.
what I meant was that the point where the Japanese title sequence restarts is about where the music track loops, whereas the US version's title sequence restarts about a half second off of the music looping.
this is because the prologue is a lot longer in the US version, (the JP version has only 4 screens of text whereas the US version has 14) though come to think of it, the prologue was probably extended so much in order to help preserve the loop-sync, since it's unlikely that anyone would go through the prologue twice in one sitting.

sorry, it turns out I made a mountain out of a molehill :banghead:

Would love to see the Quintet classics "Soul Blazer", "Illusion of Gaia", and "Terranigma" re-translated. By using the text font from Actraiser you'll free up screen real estate without having to mess with making a variable width font. Actraiser's font is half the height of the font used in the other three games.
it's worth noting that Soul Blazer already has a full 8x8 font, only used for the title screen, status bar, and whenever a character is whispering. IMO it certainly could've been used for the intro, possibly to maintain the music-sync that was present in the Japanese version.

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