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As the title indicates, I'm interested in completing a Spanish translation for this title. I'm a native-level speaker in both languages and have plenty of real-life work experience translating documents so that's one thing I'm not worried about. 

My main issue is that I have little to no experience working on romhacks. I mostly do pixel art (hence my nickname). I've experimented with Tile editors to change graphics and the like and have also messed around with hex editors, but haven't gotten too far.

What can I tell you about this title?

Well, all of the text appears to be uncompressed so it can be easily edited with a hex editor. However, Spanish tends to be a much longer language than English, so my main concern is whether there's a possibility of either:
  • Adding additional "panels of text" to a character's dialogue (not sure what the correct term for this is) for longer sequences of dialogue.
  • Changing the font to one with a much smaller width, both in menus as well as dialogue. This is because a lot of menu elements have names that are much longer in Spanish than they are in English. The game appears to use the same font for just about everything (menus AND dialogue).

If anyone is interested in helping out, I would greatly appreciate it.

This tool has an animation, graphics, font, letters, string, values and a script editor. You can translate the game without any romhacking skills. It has also a spellchecker to help with this propose. Please, download the latest release from this repository:

The translations files for MFoMT in Portuguese are in my profile. You can copy the font. It has some characters you may want. (àáâãéçó, etc). You can use the font editor to remap the characters and copy the glyph.

Don't build from the master branch. Just download the release. I'm working on script disassembly and the source code is broken. If you wait 1 week, you can download a new release with a lot of other functions. I will also wirite a good documentation for this release.

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