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Personal Projects / Re: Final Fight AE CPS2 Beta Starts February 1st!
« on: December 27, 2021, 10:42:10 am »
@GameHAckFan & @Anubi 2 , you could also contribute to Palmod :

Currently, it doesn't support Final Fight or Final Fight anniversary, but it already supports tons of games, mostly but not only arcade ones.
Adding support there shouldn't be more difficult, provided you know the palette's addresses.
I mean, even if the team wasn't interested (which I doubt), there is now a "unknown game" mode that lets you fiddle with it all by yourself.

Also the next fixes and updates to this hack seem incredible, Grego, thanks a lot !

Personal Projects / Re: Secret of Mana, Turbo - Beta 210818
« on: September 15, 2021, 12:44:02 pm »
Hello again, it's been some time since I post something, I find the pixel work harder this time and I am not 100% satisfied with it, but I hope to enhance it in future versions (it was hard making the new hair animations, especially the Randi hair). This is the walking front animation sequences.

The references are still the same, Hawk, Angela and Carlie from Seiken Densetsu 3.

The colors tiles are the repeated tiles and the mirror tiles, there are some rare tiles positions in the animation sequence of Randi, I hope not to have made any mistakes.

If there's any color which does not belong to the palette, it´s a intruder color result of the pixel work, and it will be removed. On the other hand, I will do something with the compatibility problems of the palette colors with the background game colors (thanks Queue).

See you later.

Wow, this is all very impressive, it is beautiful, congratulations !

If I may add constructive feedback, Randy's hair normally would almost roll over his face before flipping back into place after each step.
You missed that detail in your rendition and the hair look a bit flat.
I think in general, the original art being simpler, the devs chose to enforce movement by zooming in an exaggerated way on things moving forward at the end of the move (girl and guy's hand for example).
Just my opinion, anyway it is very difficult and really nice !

Newcomer's Board / Re: Mame IPS patches?
« on: July 11, 2021, 05:39:45 pm »
I think I understand your problem.
The CPS3 roms have been redumped or changed format a few years ago.
Old format went like 10, 51, etc...
The newer format is something like simm_1.1, simm_1.2, etc... (quoting from memory, so this is a bit inacurate, but you should get the picture).
I have a small utility taht allows to convert CPS3 rom files one way or the other.
So you could turn your pathced 10 into the fourn new corresponding roms (and recreate IPS patches if you want to softpatch).

Here is the utility :

Personal Projects / Re: STREET FIGHTER 2 DELUXE NES
« on: March 24, 2021, 01:38:31 pm »
Hey all, I just thought I'd let you know that you really made me interested in something I had zero interest for.
Your work is really amazing and very inspiring. keep it up !  :thumbsup:

Gegege no Kitarou: Gyakushuu! Youma Daikessen on PS1/PSX is one of the most beautiful 2D games ever made.

It is an adaptation from Shigeru Mizuki's famous manga.

If I'm not mistaken, this is the very last game released on PSX, so it got next to no press and stayed in Japan.
Even today, it is pretty much unknown.

There is a Saturn version, bu I couldn't find an iso/bin that would work in retroarch, so I couldn't compare.

It is beautiful, has a unique macabre atmosphere, huge bosses, great voice actors doing all the dialogues, impressive music both traditional Japanese while very bold, and run 'n' gun platformer style, think a bit of megaman and Contra.
And yes, Kitaro has two different sets of sprites when facing left and right.

Sadly, some aspects of the gameplay make it a pain to play.

If these were to be addressed, this could be an excellent and very original platformer.

Namely the problems and some solutions may be :

- Kitaro's projectiles are way too weak, enemies come continuously and you can hardly kill them all before they come to contact, even though you keep mashing the button.
> buff the strenght of Kitaro's projectiles and add an autofire.

- Kitaro has two main types of attacks mapped on the same button : 1) shooting his hair, 2) shooting a sandal. If you keep the button pressed he moves freely and stops shooting hair to charge the sandal attack, megaman style.
The sandal attack is a homing attack that goes after every enemy and most projectiles on screen, but Kitaro can't move anymore while waiting for his sandal to come back. This is a real pain.
> change the button mapping and add an autofire to the hair attack
> Let Kitaro move while the sandal is away and map the sandal charge to a shoulder button

- Kitaro's jump is terrible. If you jump forward and let go of the controller he keeps gliding down forward. There are some cool platforming moments that are a bit tedious because of this and because you get through some platforms since the jumps are so tight.
> fix his jump controls, and maybe increase it a bit. Also, a solution could be to add a double jump to Kitaro, using his crouching animation as a link, like Oro is Street Fighter III 3rd Strike :

- Kitaro has a repelling move but the animation is too slow, so it is a bit hard to time, thus making it useless.
> make this animation faster

- Kitaro has a few other special attacks that all depend on the sandal charge, it's very tedious and keeps you from fighting if you want to use it.
> remap these attacks (they both use some shoulder button)

- there is an overworld to select your stage like in Super Mario world.
Once you've beaten a stage, you have to beat it again to go through, and the revisits don't add anything.

- after a while Kitaro can choose some yokai friends with special abilities and summon them in game.
Sounds cool but they are not that useful.
> no idea what to do there...

- Kitaro's mobility could be improved reusing his falling down animations to let him slide under projectiles, megaman style.

- you can shoot in many different directions, but Kitaro can't shoot in diagonals without moving.
> again some different button mapping could allow him to stay in the same spot to aim.

I think that's about it.

Also, the game could be translated :)
Hope somebody takes interest in this game as it is worth testing.

Improvements could go further and make it a great game if levels were to be edited/extended to take advantage of an increased mobility.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: PalMod: color hacking for fighting games
« on: October 16, 2020, 04:32:43 pm »
Thanks for your reply, actually, after writing, I had a look into your version 1.66 and it's great !
Congratulations and big thanks to all the people who ported all our old rips, it must have been e huge work.
It's nice to see it's been useful for others :)

I must have missed tons of things you've added since there is so much to look at now, but I noticed a few things that may not be on ESN's that I had found and gave up on adding to the site because I lacked the time.

Here is what I found in my files (sorry if I double some of your entries, sometimes you have the palette and not the art so, I'm not sure we're describing the same thing :

Code: [Select]
Gouki - Fireball + Impact

Gouki - Triple Fireball + Impact

Gouki - Air fireball and Air SA1

Gouki - SA1 (ground)

Urien - Player 2 Intro suit

Urien - Fireball and Impact

Urien - SA3 Player 1

Urien - SA3 Player 2

Gouki - SA animation colors part 1 (first 64 colors are also parry colors)

Gouki - SA animation colors part 2

Shin Gouki stage - Entire stage

Shin Gouki stage - tinted

VS Screen - VS LOGO State 1 (grey)

Select Screen - Blue Arrows

Select Background - Tinted

Character Select Screen - 1P and 2P selector cursor rings

In Game Misc - Versus Screen

Not sure about this one : Versus animation (logo ?)

Also, here is a pack with extra graphics in one form or another. It's .png images that I put together in Photoshop and screenshots :

Btw, sorry about the first pack I posted, I was so happy to see an updated version that I missed some stuff.
This time I was careful to really dig things you missed :)

About the characters, actually you did a great job !
Each char has many sprites, and the combined Alex+chop is great.
But it's not what I meant.
Some colours are really tricky to trigger and show only in a couple frames.
Still if you did something extreme, it pops.
I think you got it all, but I'll try to check.

Sorry for the following wall of text that could sound like ungrateful criticism.
It is not, I really can barely imagine the sum of efforts that went into this and it seems you really strive to make Palmod the ultimate editing program.
It's just things I noticed as I know the game really well if you want to improve even further your program. Not big things by any mean :

From the top of my head, I may be mistaken, but :

- Ryu and all the shotos have two extra light skin colours showing up a couple frames while throwing forward. I's row 6, column 2 & 3. I think you missed it. So it would be useful to add one of these specific frames.
(There also may be two extra colours on his gi that are tricky to trigger, I think you got them for Ryu at least. Row 2, column 2 & 3 + Row 4, Column 2 & 3.)

- Remy's lightest hair colour : Row 2 , column 3 shows as the white of his eyes during Forward+MK move, this limits what you can do with his hair and it would be nice to have this sprite as well.

- Oro is a very tricky dude.
I think you missed the lightest colour from the top of his head that shows up at the peak of his dragon punch. Row 5, Column 4.

Here it is in action :

I'm also pretty sure you're missing big chunks of his eyes colour cycle.
This part of the pal is also used, visibly in the startup frames of his regular SA2.
One good addition may be the one frame where his whole silhouette flashes.
Also, his hands preceding that move use the same pal as well. Sorry, I don't remember all of it that well.
Check the two spritesheets I posted in the pack with Oro if you want to check it out.
I'm almost sure you could cut out some heads/hands from there, paste it in Palmod and call it a day.

- Ken's backdash triggers a couple leftover pixels from Ryu's headband. It's located above his shoulder (two entries Row 8, column 6 & 7).

- (It's not like anyone will care with the glow effect, but Gill has 7 sets of colours (doubled, eft/right of course). You can see this briefly during Sean's intro on his stage if he shoots a ball. I remember that then Gill would not glow immediately, making it visible. I added screenshots in the pack)

That's all I remember now !
I could ask L_E_T who did tons of edits with me and researched addresses as well if you want to get thorough.
Anyway he'll probably be very glad to see you've done this much.

And here is an idea that I've been thinking of, years ago.
It's about the real hassle taht can be XCopy.
In the pack I linked, three of the images are of Twelve.
It's a big spritesheet, not usable as is, but at the bottom you'll notice I pasted a frame of every char he copies on XCOPY's startup.

This is the very first frame when he uses during this SA, it's pretty quick, but it's there, at the end of his transformation.

Surprisingly, on the original pal, the developers left big chunks of these sprites a flashy green.

Twelve's whole move set uses only the two top rows of his palette.
The Xcopy sprites use the same rows, plus the 6 extra rows left in green at the bottom of the pal.

With some blind guessing, I completed this part of the palette and replaced every green entry with a valid one copy/pasted from the two first rows used by Twelve's body.

All that for one single sprite (well, one for each char he will copy) ?

Maybe not...

I always found editing Twelve's LP palette and not editing, say, Ryu's XCopied LP pal was a throw off.
And taking the time to create 7 new Xcopy palettes for each char when you update Twelve is just nonsense.

I thought a programmer could make an easy workaround.

Maybe you could use the data that I provide (the 3 Twelve spritesheets+the 2 palmod screenshot) at your advantage to automate the process of creating every character's XCopied pal from Twelve's.

To be clear.
You could create a custom LP pal for Twelve using all 64 colours, like I did on one of these spritesheets.
And then a bit of code could probably remap the used colours from Twelve's pal to every other char's corresponding XCopied pal.

My test was just a blind guess game, I did it without the sprites, it could be vastly improved upon with these sprites added to Palmod.

The 7x20 characters Xcopied palettes generated automatically and accurately would be a leap towards accuracy and years stupid work saved.

Well, it's just a thought.

Cheers mate

PS, the unknown game feature would mean I could edit Super Metroid with it ? yeah !

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: PalMod: color hacking for fighting games
« on: October 15, 2020, 03:14:39 pm »
Hey Preppy,

I'm very glad I checked the Rom Hacking Discussion tab today (this is the first time I do that in about two years) as I could discover your post.

I'm impressed by the number of games you've added !
Palmod is simply the best user/artist friendly tool there is...

For those who don't know Palmod, here are the little things that make it great :

- You can open two palmod windows independently, keeping one as visual reference, or to temporarily stock colors or a variant palette to copy/paste from.

- you can select several colours at once with CTRL + Click, copy/paste numerous colours all at once, just using the every days shortcuts : CTRL+C > CTRL+V

- the interface lets you switch from Photoshop-like Hue, Saturation, Light controls, to Individual RGB sliders.

- You can modify several colours at once

- the sliders recognize the mouse sroll wheel !

After many years editing 3S, dabbing at MVC2, modding Bare Knuckles III, I finally came across the tools to edit Super Metroid (I wanted to play Hyper Metroid but can't stand the palettes).
Man, these are effective, but they are incredibly cumbersome.

I really missed Palmod.   :)

I haven't checked your latest version as of now, so don't mind me if it's already done, or if it's not your plan, here are a couple ideas :

- have you added 3S's portraits, icons, and various bars/interfaces ?
All the addresses, along with graphic content is on ESN's site. Some content has been deleted by clumsy visitors, but I'm sure ESN has a backup for everything else.
Or I may have some more resources on my HDD.

Here :

- have you already, or do you plan on extending a bit the spritesheet for each character (3S), so that you could see every colour on the palette in use at once ?
Back in the days, ESN proposed me to make some full sprite sheets but I really got overboard with the number of sprites displayed for his own site...
Just a full sprite + Cropped bits for specific colours could do it as that game is pretty complex and an annoying number of hues don't show on the idle stance.
I think I still remember many of them correspond to what move.

- Some suggestions for games (and these are just suggestions, I already have enough games to keep me busy for years) :

- Final Fight 30th anniversary edition
- The Last Blade 2
- Matrimelee

Anyway, thanks for your work on Palmod, I really had a great time playing around with it.

You've been adding lots of stuff !
I'm not sure I saw these... if it can be of any use (noticed the "rerip" on the rom name):

Personal Projects / Re: Dr. Mario DX
« on: July 26, 2020, 06:23:41 am »
Didn't notice anything wrong when playing yesterday !
Thanks and bravo  :thumbsup:

Personal Projects / Re: Dr. Mario DX
« on: July 20, 2020, 04:58:12 am »
I will test it again, actually I played a bit, but had no time to check things closer.
I play on emulator, I own only one GB with no means of playing a rom.
I'll post when I come back. It all looks really good.
The different blacks are interesting but, in  my opinion, it looks a bit weird as for the looser and the winner, the light black squares are not on the same level.
I would either use one or the other, but for the full bottle maybe.
The ending looks nice too ! (I'll check the lvl 5 one as well, but the lvl 20 is out of my league).

Personal Projects / Re: Dr. Mario DX
« on: July 18, 2020, 07:46:06 pm »
Hey I just saw your message, too bad I haven't seen it earlier, I just spent some time play testing the alpha 4 version in 2P and took screenshots for you ;)

I'll try the beta 1 when I come back and let you know if I find anything else.

Just in case, on the alpha 4, I found this ;
- there are different black colors, a full black and a lighter black, on the 2P win/loose screens
- when the music speeds up, Mario moves his hand in the back and it turns yellow. I also think there are a couple pixels that probably shouldn't be here on this sprite between his hip and yellow hand.

I also don't think the music issue is important, I just wanted to inform you :)
Thanks again, it's great !

Personal Projects / Re: Dr. Mario DX
« on: July 18, 2020, 10:27:50 am »
Yeah !
Downloaded and installed, I hope I'll have time to test it with my gf this weekend, we're leaving for a while on monday.
Otherwise, I'll tell you if I find anything when I get back.
I found the "ending" for levl:10 on High speed to have some palettes trouble and the music didn't loop correctly, but that was with alpah3.
I'll check if it still happens with alpha 4 and send you pics as soon as I have time.

Thanks for the time you took it looks really great !

Personal Projects / Re: Dr. Mario DX
« on: July 14, 2020, 07:48:13 am »
Great ! :woot!:
thank you for your work !

very beautiful, I'm amazed you're pulling this on NES !

wow, your screenshots look fantastic !

As for the Title screen I know it's not finished, but I don't understand what I'm looking at in the middle of the picture  :(
What's under the "P" ?
looks like a glass globe in blue, ok, but what's under the rock just below it then ?

The ship is well placed in the sun.

Personal Projects / Re: Dr. Mario DX
« on: April 03, 2020, 07:21:36 am »
Wow, so cool to read that, I was just playing your hack yesterday :)
Thanks for continuing the work, it's reaaaaaaally good looking !  :thumbsup:

Thanks a lot for this guys !
It's really looking incredible.  :thumbsup:
I use Retroarch and it worked right away after updating FBNeo.

Now I just have to figure out how to make the inputs work as it always crashes my other sticks when I plug a third one in...  ::).

Small question, I've been editing extensively palettes in a few games, characters and backgrounds(Street Fighter III 3rd strike, Bare Knuckles 3, MVC2), but I am no code wizard, and always used dedicated programs made by others...
Does someone know of such a program with a graphic interface for Final Fight ?
I would be glad to make my own or contribute some alts.

Personal Projects / Re: Dr. Mario DX
« on: December 06, 2019, 01:33:13 pm »
Hey thank you very much for this one, I actually love Dr Mario and prefer the sharp gameboy music over the NES.
Thanks to everybody who participated as it looks really nice.

But, may I ask, would someone be able to fix the multiplayer game feature ?
Its the kind of game I regularly play with my gf and I would love to play this one instead of the  NES.
If not, no worries, I can still play it on NES and SNES :)

Personal Projects / Re: Metroid: Space Complex (Metroid 1 NES Hack WIP)
« on: October 10, 2019, 02:35:27 pm »
While I agree with Shade Aurion on the matter of making things easier to dissociate for the eye.
I far prefer the 3rd and don't like the first much.

I think you have excellent graphics and you spent some good time making the pillar look round.

On the first picture, the problem - imho - is that while things stand out, they stand out too much, and the pillar, along with the whole background lost all its volume which is pretty sad.

The 2nd looks too unified because everything is greenish and it makes it harder to dissociate things.

And while the 3rd is as bright as the 2nd, planes are easier to read as you have a much different color for the ground than the grass(and you keep the volume).
So the eye can easily break out parts in the image.

I guess it's just a matter of opinions, and while Shade Aurion really made a valid point, I don't think it is worth "killing" your impressive artwork.

Your combined efforts look incredible.
Technically, it barely resembles a NES game !

Personal Projects / Re: Super Bomberman 5 - English Translation
« on: June 06, 2019, 02:23:55 pm »
It's shaping up really nicely so far !
I like the "Bomberman Union", and the thumbs up stamp would be cool (but I sure would be fine with whatever you decide).

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono trigger plus
« on: June 06, 2019, 02:21:11 pm »
Hey there, all these modifications seem very interesting.

I don't know the original game very well (started it only recently), so I didn't want to look too close at your work to avoid spoiling myself, but I kept checking back this thread, lol.

Nice work, keep at it, it is very promising, and like everyone said, swapping idle and running anim would work fine if you can pull it.

Enjoy the weather !

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