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Hello , once again you are right ....It works now.....I can continue ....thx for all problem was that the way the rom is organized was not very clear for a newbie ( when i was young i coded with an amstrad cpc ,easier.....but it gave me some knowledge useful for what i m doing now with snes ...)

Thx for the reply.despite i haven t your skills i have managed by myself to do the same thing before your answer. I have now one little problem again. I usé #4400  for name graph.and 4000 for the font decomp and graph we are talking about. I have decided to put the part of #4000 on #10800 ( #83fff) and the graph of players name on 87000 ,( #10f00). My problem is that only the 4th teams have the correct gfxs the others not despite i can se them in my rom at the correct adress. Is it possible that the rom size is too small? In fact i really need space because i want to change after that the gfxs of the ending part.

Hello guys

AFter several days i have to admit that i m beaten trying to dejap the end of the game
Jap text is in sprite compressed and i ve found i think where is the routine call ( 52670 code : 22 48 8b) , i ve tried to take the sprites found in wram as phonymike has made copied it in 84500, written the same routine as he did ( changing on-field name adress by mine ) and put 6 nop ,changed at 52670 the 22 48 8b 00 by 22 20 c4 10 ,the adress of the new routine ).

when i test it i see that all the screen is affected by what i ve done ( not only the text , which is not correct ....arrrgh )
In fact , i think that all the sprites of this moment of the game is decompressed by 52670 and i wram i can't see the other gfx ,only the japanese text ......( big guy at the top of the screen )

the other pb is i think the way it s decompressed wich is probably not the same as the first routine phonymike has done and so , i doesn 't work as expected ...

Can you help me a little more ???


Hello , back after a long time ,busy with professionnal life and so on ...
With the Covid problem , i m now at home for a feww weeks ( no work )  and i  have decided to continue the hack of super formation soccer 2 , with the help of anyone interrested in this project .

What is done for the moment ?

- changed order of teams according to results of the 2018 world cup ( of course FRANCE is the first team ... lol )

- changed colors of teams (new shirts, socks etc ...)

- intro dejap

Thanks to kingmike the name of players can be dejap ingame ( not done for the moment , it takes a little time but I KNOW HOW TO)

what i need for now is changing the team stats during the line up ( i ve tried with the help of the super formation soccer 1 help and info given in the hack found here but it s like the data are once again compressed ( i can't find it in the rom ).for example the goal keeper of the 2nd team has 20/ 1/ 5 , and when i search it in hexedit i can't find it ( in super soccer 1 it works however ...arggggh ). with snes9xdebug i can see it in 7e0023 7e0024 and 7e0025 and when i change the player during the line up , i can see the walue are changing i suppose there is somewhere a code that decompresses the data of the rom ....but where , and how there a way to do like Kingmike ( put the data uncompressed at the end of the rom ) ?

I think it doesnt change the behavior of the players during the match ( putting a higher value won't make the player really stronger but i will study that after )

Comparing super formation soccer 1 and 2 , i think some of players need to be boosted to make the game more agressive , that s why i think it s interresting .The advantage of super foramtion soccer 2 is the possibility to play with 4 players ( very funny option)

Ready to read you ...Thx for all

April 11, 2020, 04:04:33 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Ok i ve found by myself where are the players stats and it changes their behavior ingame , so it s cool.I have to change those stats to make players run faster . ( normally not too hard to do )

Now i m gonna try to dejap the 5 or 6 jap sentence in the game to make the hack more pro

Newcomer's Board / Re: help decompress super formation soccer 2 gfx SNES
« on: August 27, 2018, 08:32:19 am »
big thanks for the reply .The adress of sprites in wram and in the rom too , despite i m a newbie , i had already discovered it with vsnes .but the adress of the routine i couldn't manage to have it because of my lack of knowledge in using breakpoint.

I m at work and a little busy for today but wednesday i will take a look at your patch and see what it does ....

Thanks again

August 27, 2018, 01:47:06 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Ok i ve taken a look of your ips file and you are my master !!!!!!!!!
You have made a miracle .I can continue to work now on my project ....I think i will need help for the end of the game ( compressed data of ending screens that i want to change with russian world cup screens )

stay tuned

Newcomer's Board / Re: help decompress super formation soccer 2 gfx SNES
« on: August 23, 2018, 11:58:34 am »
thx for the reply ...The name of the great game is in the title " super formation soccer 2".
And you have understood the project ....I ve found ,i think , where the jap compressed sprites are in the rom ....I will study how the program decompresses  them and will post my report here for future help .

Newcomer's Board / help decompress super formation soccer 2 gfx SNES
« on: August 17, 2018, 03:45:09 am »
Hi i m a newbie in coding and m'y project is to dejap this great game and change some old gfxs by newer to make a 25th anniversary version . i ve managed to reorder     the team order ( France my country is now first). there is an option ingame to play with the name of the players instead of their the original game names are in jap and i want to dejap them. i m pretty sure that they are in compressed gfx format but i cant find them neither with tile éditor nor yychr. i also have to find the ending screens to change them and i have the same problem.( despite  i have found a lot of other sprites of the game). thx for your future help

August 21, 2018, 11:01:16 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
after reading a few things , i ve seen that vsnes can be used to show decompressed graphics using a save state made with zsnes .And i can see the sprites of the japanese names of the player in VRAM but i dont know what to do with that ...

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