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I feel LUCK vs LUCK would be cleaner, and distingish between bosses better, once the values correctly assigned (only bosses, or all enemies depending on the amount of work required).

I hope you will find something satisfactory. But as I said, even without LUCK, even it's it is temporary, an simpler aggro meter would be vastly better than nothing. :)
All enemies already have a luck stat. As with all base stats they use Lise (base, L at 20, L/L at 40) progression and having all stats at the level specific cap. Well, except Koren (imitate Angela) and Heath (Charlie clone)

I gave it linear progression per level. Lv1-10 has +0% then it rises to +60% at lv20 (+6% per level), +90% at lv40 and +100% at lv50. And there it stops.


Hey, could you tell me what this, "-changed the level based bonus to a gradual increase by level instead of a sudden spike going from 19 to 20 and 39 to 40" thing is?  In vanilla, there was sudden spike of bonus from lv19 to 20, and 39 to 40?  Actually, there was some kind of bonus of any kind?  Is that for your characters or for the enemies? (or both)
in vanilla spells do:
-60% more damage if they hit a monster of level 20-39 or a player with 1 class change
-90% more if the monster is 40+ or the player has done both class changes

just to be clear, if checks on the TARGET there.
I changed it to a check for caster instead and always check for level.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy 5: Void Divergence [SNES]
« on: April 11, 2022, 12:23:02 pm »
Best I have is that she should start weak to fire. The weaknesses she has are about 3x effective compared to normal.
Any form scan doesn't reveal her current weakness, only the first element she uses after barrier change should tell you in which form she is then.

Argh.  INT/PIE effectiveness.  Dang it.  I looked around the addresses you posted, but I don't see anything obvious that I can change.  I was hoping I can see "01" somewhere, so that change that to "02".  I mean, we know that INT/PIE gives 1 MP.  My intent is to change that to 2 MP.  Could you tell me what address/value I need to change?
No, you'd have to dive into asm coding proper.

I assume you didn't yet decide on the melee counter in a satisfactory way.  I hope you didn't just drop it.
No satisfying idea on that, consider it half dropped.

I know that the characters' MP rises differently (Carlie and Angela get higher MP per level, even without factoring the INT/PIE).  I want to play around with that for all characters (lower them), and at the same time, raise the Max MP gain per PIE stat (instead of just 1, make it 2).  Which addresses contain that information?  That is, after applying your patch.  That way, PIE will have more importance than what it is currently (which isn't much for all characters/classes without Heal Light).
Table starts at D1/3940, 14 bytes per level, 2 per type,
Duran, Kevin, Hawk, Angela, Charlie, Lise, Boss

As for the INT/PIE effectiveness, that would require going into the compressed section for the post class change value, don't bother with that.
The non-compressed asm for MP calc on level up is around D0/E315 and jumps to D0/E35A.

If you want less headaches you'd probably be better off to half the MP from levels, spell costs and walnut recovery.

The chance of that happening is right about 0 or less.

Not yet, no.

Btw, can anyone recommend me a good action rpg and/or action adventure for SNES or NDS?
If you've not tried it yet I'd suggest you give Terranigma a try.

I did close the game a couple of times abd reopened it, or reloaded the game from the snes9x menu as one of the ready files.

So to prevent this from happening do you suggest to close the game and then open it manually? Or if it happens will patching another rom fix the issue also till it occurs again?
I meant reloading via ingame save/load menu.

I was using Thunder Saber when fighting Mispolm, used a level 2 tech resulting in 1 damage, even tho he is weak to Air

But besides that makes sense why level 2/3 tech did 1 damage on Dolan with Moon Saber, or Dragon Emperor after he casted flare, my moon saber covered party did 1 damage with level 2/3 techs until I applied anti-magic
For L2/3 techs I made all of immune, absorb and reflect just deal 1 damage; if mispolm used countermagic he reflects most elements including wind.

I am not sure why Level 3 techs/spells freeze the game in the bug fix even more frequently than in Sin of Mana, I am only at the second Bill and Ben fight and already the third time that happened (once vs Machine Golems 2, twice in the second Bill and Ben fight), while in an entire Sin of Mana run I had it happened only once.
Depends; how often do you reload in either version?
Knowing the stuff I did I take in sin you reloaded much more often which resets the mem leak or whatever the issue behind this is.

Another thing I noticed is Level 2/3 techs doing 1 damage when using a saber spell.
Which saber on which monster?
If they are immune to the element it returns 1 damage.

Okay then, an idea on top of the aggro meter. Don't set it too low for the sake of regular enemies, but LUCK is now a direct percentage that the character's hits will reduce the opponent's running aggro meter by 1 point or a couple points (or even reset it), which in effect delays the counter execution. So 10 points of LUCK means 10% chance for the hits to lower the aggro meter.
Sounds counterproductive; if there was a aggro meter system it should imo be mostly predictable.
RNG chance to randomly reset is wouldn't be.

I did follow this thread, though I don't understand the technical details. Praetarius5018 stated that even 1% counter chance still likely result on 3 counters in a row. My conclusion from it is that the RNG is kinda broken/faulty. If that RNG is unfixable, then another dice roll may help to effectively reduce the percentage below %1 chance, to compensate for the RNG deficiency.
That sounds more like a value hmsong would whine about; I mean I made it currently so that with max luck you can trigger counters at 5.6% with melee strikes.

The issue is that RNG can just screw you over no matter the percentage.
Having the enemy decide to cast a spell by themselves and then triggering 2 counters at that time can happen with any percentage. If everyone had Hawk's luck it would still happen 0.3% of the time with 2 consecutive hits; with worse luck and more hits flying around 2 reactions would easily happen 10% of the time or so (too many unknowns to math that out)
That's why I'm thinking about making it an "aggro meter" instead; that way you get at worst the regular cast + 1 counter.

But atm I'm not sure which values/formula I should use for that; if it is too low, regular enemies will never get that counter.

When the bad RNG is taken care of, LUCK and counter interaction could now be simplified. Say counter will default to 25% chance (with proper RNG). Then one point of LUCK equals -1 % counter chance, so 20 points of LUCK equals -20 % counter chance, ie. 5% counter chance, which seems reasonable.
Just my 2 cents.
No, that is unreasonable.
Counter AI exists already at low levels when you have 2~6 luck; 23% chance per hit to get killed is too much.

The video is from a week ago:

I'm guessing the guy who's in charge of the channel is using your video without your permission.
nah, is ok.
also: "originally published on 2011-12-22", typical youtube stuff

Oh.  In that case, why intentionally use the J version, instead of the fan translated version, or Trials of Mana?  Or does TAS not work with anything other than J version?
At that time there was no official translation and just random hacks aren't allowed if you want to TAS the original game.

so I'm guessing you can read Japanese and stuff.
I wish...
there's nothing complicated about SD3 - items have their icons, spells shouldn't be used, dialog options are always in the same place. And if something comes up during making a TAS - rewind, temporarely translate the ROM, then you know what's up and then undo that.

Ohh.  I see.  Makes sense.  When you say, "it hits you with a spell", does that include monster's HP threshold spell/tech?  Because if it doesn't, then I don't think monsters can actually cast spells, except in the beginning, where they have 0 aggro anyways.  And there "can" be a spell combo, if a counter and hp threshold spell combos each other, but I think that's an acceptable combo.  Not sure about regular monsters having that though...
if I include that then in the damage formula, so doesn't matter where the spell comes from.

the aggro depletion is mostly interesting for bosses.

and the combo would happen anyway with regular randomness.
just not an aggro reaction with itself (unless you throw a lot of quick low luck hits while the game has its usual lag issues)

I think I misunderstood you.  I thought when you said, "if the monster uses a spell or L2/3 tech it loses 10 aggro", I thought you meant that it's "80-10", which is 70, which is only 10 away from triggering a counter.
example with "0" luck since I've no idea what the LUCK_ADJUST should be really
base 0
hit monster with spell: +40, so 40
it hits you with a spell: -10, so 30
hit monster with spell: +40, so 70
hit monster with spell: +40, so 110 which is above 80, so trigger counter, reset down to 0
it hits you with a spell: -10, stays at 0

Wait wait, enemies like Zable Fahr don't have counter in the first place, right?  I thought counters are for regular enemies and small bosses.  Are you putting counters on big bosses that don't normally have counters?  I thought you were putting counters only to regular enemies and small bosses, because they don't randomly use skills, unless it's right at the start of the battle (ex: Poron, Nightblade, Bill/Ben) and/or HP threshold (ex: Bill/Ben, Lugar, Koren, BR).
ZF was just the first example I thought of where a non-time freezing move is actually a spell in disguise in contrast to just a normal attack or a L1 tech.

Wait, what?  How do you get 5 spell/techs before enemy uses 1 counter?  Assuming the threshold for normal mon is 80, and the smallest Luck stat is 2 (Duran, Kevin), so... wait, I'm lost.
Exactly, you CAN'T for bosses.
You'd have to hit them with 5 spells before they reset the aggro totally with your suggestion which is flat out impossible.

If enemy gets its aggro to 80, but while it's casting, if you damage it a bit, then aggro may be raised to 90, in which case, after the magic, it'll be reduced to 80, and since it's still 80, it'll use spell again -- x2 combo.  And against the bosses, if it's 200, but you do enough damage to make it 220, then that's x3 combo.  Etc etc.  I think that's way too anti-Kevin.
I've no idea what you're thinking here.
When the aggro meter reaches the threshold and (tries to) trigger a counter it would then reset to 0.

I'm not entirely sure how Luck Adjust works though
That is exactly what I'm trying to figure out.

As soul_knight said though, I do wish for a system that encourages players to use more spells and Lv2/3 techs.  Spells/techs having high aggro discourages that.  Spells and techs do more damage, but they also have restrictions, like the cast time and tech meter.  Well, I'm sure there are flaws there too...
My logic behind that is that with buffs spells deal 2-3x the damage of normal/L1 techs at best. So 2.5x ish aggro sounds fine to me.

Why do monsters only lose 10 aggro when they use spells/techs?  Shouldn't the aggro gauge be emptied?
If it was emptied counters would effectively "never" happen.
There are not only obvious spells being used like evil gate and such but also stealthy ones, like zable fahr's fire breath (not screen freezing), that is a disguised gremlin spell.

Please think about it; with 0 luck stat you'd need to inflict 5(!) spell/tech hits BEFORE the enemy uses 1 - that will never happen.

I feel like this is just another "spell combo" waiting to happen, esp the bosses.
How so?

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