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OK. Now I really have it. The romhack that I have requested has been already done by some chinese team.
They have done a romhack that fixes the diagonal missed inputs that are failing in the original kof98.
Now the problem is that they have modded the game so much that it can be considered another game. That game is Kof98ae2016.
I have tried to move some roms from one zip to the other and some are interchangeable, and the game works and some graphics are replaced from one another.
But I dont know In what rom of the zip file is the part that recognizes the inputs.

With this new information is there a way to make this thing possible? Is there information somewhere about where are the neogeo inputs stored in the roms?

thanks guys.

One might argue that is not a bug but a feature, and one does not do moves too well but in fact not time them properly. Still enough of me being snarky.

LOL. Well, from the part that I understood in human language I can respond that it is indeed a bug as it has been corrected in the updated versions that were edited on newer consoles.

and from the other part, I barely can understand any of what you have explained. It seems complicated and nothing that could be solved easily. Anyways thanks for the answer, and if some fan with the time and knowledge wants to do that (I doubt it) i think it would be much appreciated by online kof warriors.

Thanks Fast.

OK guys I have one request for you supersmart people.
I think Its a very simple thing for somebody that has the skill to do what you guys are doing here.
There is a small bug in NeoGeo old king of fighters game that has been fixed since KOF2002 and beyond.
The bug is simple. The diagonals will not get recognized when doing moves if they are not pressed for 4 frames or more.
What that means is that if you do your moves too well and too fast you will fail to do your fireballs or supers. Happens in kof9897,96 and i guess in others too.
The most cool to be fixed would be KOF98 as it is the one that is being played competetively through emulators these days.

Does any of you guys think that this can be possible? any help? thank you guys.

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