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It seems I've already heard your flickering issue when using another rom (than the one provided in stock) of Yoshi's island. I don't know why this issue is not present with the stock game (i.e, the use of a sligthly modified rom by nintendo ?), but you should try some things anyway :

- Firt, try the correct preset ID 123D (or 3D12 in old hakchi versions)
- Second, by chance, try to convert your rom with SFROM Tool (and also use 123D)
- Third, be sure you didn't have put a different core than canoe to launch your game. This flickering issue seems to be known with the use of snes9x until 1.43 version : probably retroarch + snes9x 2005 lead to this also.

Man, sluffy would have fixed that right away.

I agree, like a bunch of other issues discovered since his retirement  :-[
We miss you sluffy, hope you're fine ^^

Reported (on minisnes sub-Reddit) Joe&Mac graphical glitch on the first lava stage.
Video to show this issue :

Could you please re-upload?  The download links are both invalid now.  Thx!

I suppose this is the one included in the compatibility sheet (see first page of this thread) ? :

And so a permanent link here :

I did a full single player playthrough of my patch of Special Tee Shot to the Gold Course and watched the Staff Roll. I did not see any issue. I haven't tried multiplayer, that might be worth checking out but so far everything is good.

Great result ! I will follow any other work you should bring for the future dump of for another title by chance :)

Oda Nobunaga - Haou no Gundan
Super Daikoukai Jidai

Very nice ! overscan issue totally fixed, good job and thank you very much Bosco ! :)

Hi, Some new overscan issues on Canoe's UI reported for these games (maybe another work for the courageous Bosco82 ^^) :

-Ossu!! Karate-Bu
- Oda Nobunaga - Haou no Gundan
- Super Daikoukai Jidai
-"King Arthur's world" and "Royal conquest" (US and Japan versions of the same game)

For these 2 last games, I also noticed a strange sound issue : Sound effects in-game should are either present or not at all : it's totally random (even if it's appear it's more frequent that no sound effects are there) : you could launch the game one time and it will be OK and the nex time not at all. EF10, EC10 or use of SFROM Tool change nothing to this random component. Funny thing is that if you load a save state where the sound effects were presents whereas they are not in the current game, sound effects are yet there in the save state (and vice versa if no sound effects in the save state whereas they are present in the current game) : needs confirmation of other testers for this sound issue.


I'll share the transparency problem I found on Goof Troop both USA and JAP version.
This is how Canoe shows:

And this is how should it be:

Have you tried to change the preset ID (ctrl + alt + e in hakchi) of Goof Troop from 0000 to 6810 (hakchi only) ? a similar transparency issue was solved with this preset ID on "Soul Blazer"
I would have tried myself but I never played at all this game and don't know how to go in the cave place^^

Tested more,following your directions, and yes, in the wood with skeletons there were some annoying sound distortions at some parts with snes9x10 ^^'.

Retested it with canoe, and just noticed a tiny one at the end of that level (the switch to the place where is the final chest : sound issues). But, this minor issue was easily solved by add" -no-lowlatency" at the end of the command line of the game in hakchi. So, I think the gameplay should be "perfect" with this correction (so it would seem better than it is with a retroarch core). And I don't think the decline of the sound of shots (didn't noticed a total disappear of this sound) when a skeleton is around should be abnormal. Of course, not to mention the lack of japanese sentences. But for players who don't understand japanese language or who don't care about the script and just want to enjoy playing, I suppose it's not really so annoying.

Hi there, I am new here.
I posted this on r/miniSNESmods, and this board got mentioned.
I am currently playing "Doraemon nobita to yousei no kuni"(Doraemon and the land of the fairies?!)(SHVC-DR) and I have found some emulation errors when running it with Canoe.

There are sometimes lines of text missing. It is starting early on (didn´t see it at first, because I skipped the opening :) ), but I first noticed it when there was a missing option to answer during one of the dialogues. It seems as if the four lines of text don´t fit the box, or something.
Here are pictures from the beginning of the game (one of Canoe and one of Retroarch/SNES9x):

Is there any way to fix something like this in Canoe?

I played Doraemon 4 roo and haven´t seen any error so far, but it is somewhat different from Doraemon 1-3), I also ordered Doraemon 2 and 3, maybe I am able to test them soon.

Edit: So I tried Doraemon (1) with SNES9X and BSNES on the Mini, SNES9X (16) has pretty hefty slowdowns and sound crackling, SNES9x (10) some sound issues and sound crackling, BSNES runs at, I don´t know, half the framerate?! Maybe I will try SNES9x(05) later, but it seems as if it isn´t possible to get it running properly.

Thanks for your report ! : I tested the game and I can confirm you're right : same "missing text" issue with canoe. I tried some quick "magic" preset ID like 6810, but no change here. I suppose this type of issue should be not too hardly to be fixed, hopefully someone could do this one day.

However, concerning retroarch, I tested the game with absolutely none issues at all. But, I used (in my opinion) the most reliable and simple version of hakchi + retroarch that was never made for the SNESC and for SNES games experience : the old 2.21f version + retroarch 1.0 (and snes9x2010 core) : works just fine

So I'm hoping this is the thread you can ask for help on certain titles that you're trying to work on the SNES Classic, 'cause I got a few. I hope I can some help with these. Sorry if these issues have been brought up before, I wish this board's software had a better search feature to search threads first.

Anyways, here are my issues:

~Dragonball Z Hyper Dimension: I keep getting a black screen followed by a C7 error after I reset. I keep trying to get the 2010 English patch version working but even with the Canoe Patch it still just does not want to work.

~DOOM: I hear this may be a lost cause just because of the fact that it's a shoddy port but I'm gonna add it for the hell of it. This lagged really bad with 1 rom and then I replaced it and now its just a black screen (strangely enough no C7 error with a reset like with DBZ HD just returns to the menu).

~Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Fighting Edition: This is an oddball. game was running fine until you start the match, then the sprites would bug out but it would still play just with glitched sprites. tried applying the Canoe Patch and it made things worse! now I can't even get past the VS. screen without it crashing.

~Super Bomberman 4: Got the japanese version to work fine but the english patch version just is a buggy sprite mess. it's bomber man so it's no real loss if I can't get the english patch working but I'm just gonna try anyways.

Theirs also Earthworm Jim 2 and Primal Rage. no problems as of yet with these games but they are seriously lacking sound effects and music, I heard it's a common problem but I can't find anything recent about fixing the sound issues on these games or if they been patched to be fixed yet.

Again thank you for the help on these. I hope I don't sound too much like a new guy with a broken record lol.


I tested more precisely the game you mentioned, (cause I had already played some without any issues on my SNESC) :

- DBZ hyper dimension works just fine for me (with or without the english translation) : absolutely no issues encountered with sluffy's patch

- Power rangers, the fighting edition : exactly the same: it works like a charm for me (with patched rom used)

- Doom : I tested on canoe and on Higan (PC) and I honestly don't see noticeable (accurancy) differences between these 2 versions : same very minor slowdown (with slight music distorsion) at some rare spots. I didn't noticed special lag on canoe, nothing uncomfortable. But maybe I'm wrong here, I am not used to this game.

For EarthwormJim2, No, we tested a lot of different presetID to solve these major sound issues but no improvement at all. The problem is much more complex and sluffy's quit the scene before finding any solution. (More than that the game freezes at the begining of level 2)

However, for Primal Rage, it's a good catch here, because nobody had never reported any issues on this game (considering the compatibility sheet). And Yes, you're right, a bunch of various sounds are missing (the more noticeable are the "RAGE" voice at the beginning of a battle or the victory yell of the victory character at the end of a battle). Preset ID EF10 or EC10 have no effect to correct that.

For the games that don't work with you, be sure to use correct roms from the no-intro set and don't use SFROM Tool in a first time : patch them manually with lunar ips (with the patch into the compatibility sheet) and only then, put them in hakchi. then you can also add a translation patch (for example in DBZ hyper dimension, that don't require header rom)

P.S : I didn't tested Bomberman4 translated; maybe later.

Hi, Report of issues on Canoe for Jelly Boy (with PAL to NTSC patched)

- first an obvious (minor) graphical glitch that occur when a window is opened -> the window (its border) don't totally disappear when we close it and so an artifact is present until you die of finish the level : video here : 6810 has no effect on it

- second : the background sound has a parasitic noise/slight rattling on bass, probably something pretty close it was with Plok (without patch) : EF10 and EC10 have no effect on it

I wasnt sure lich's collection was up to date and had everything?

clearly not up to date with also some patchs not included (for the last games solved by sluffy). For a complete ips patch pack, I supose you will have to create it manually from robin64 sfrom pack or to pick one by one in the common compatibility sheet (which is up to date). For the games I need a patch I personally use this second option, my bible ^^


• Krusty World (Japan) -- I think the colours of the level are wrong (, this is how it really must look (

Krusty World in japan is exactly the same version as Krusty's Super Fun House (USA) : no japanese translation, even no title change (it's not "Krusty world" inside game, but always "super fun house") "Krusty world" title appear just on the cover box, not in the ingame.
No matter : tested the sluffy's patch for Krusty's fun house (USA) on Krusty world : as expected it works perfectly well to resolve colour issues of first level :) :

I tested your fastrom fix patch pimpinelephant a little more precisely with a timer, on this patched rom and vanilla game on Higan : exactly the same time to switch between map and sanctuary screen !! The annoying white flickering line has also disappeared now ! :) I also played a little ingame : looks perfectly fine ^^

Concerning blue lines at top and bottom on map, it's very very minor and don't disturb me at all (even if I first noticed it here ^^''), the improvement of the worst point of slowdown and "flickering" is really a very nice fulfillment : congratulations and thanks for your work !! :)

Good find Bosco82, maybe EF10 can help with sound issuses in other games like Earthworm Jim 2 or The Blues Brothers.  :thumbsup:

EF10 and a lot of other pid was already tested a long time ago on Earthwormjim2, since a lot of games with some sound issues were solved with these "sound" pid ( : no change, and it would probably never solved by a "simple" preset ID

May 23, 2018, 05:04:19 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

First post here. Big thanks to Sluffy and all of the community for all your hard work with Canoe!

I downloaded som recent patches yesterday and noticed that the links for Battle Pinball, Yoshi's Island (U) and Unirally are dead. Would very much appreciate if someone could re upload them or send me a pm.

Thank you!

Hello, Sendspace links have short lifetime unfortunately. But links to these patchs exist outside this thread. Take a look on the community sheet for games compatibility with canoe : Ask on PM otherwise ;)

Report issue, after games tested :

Marmalade Boy (Japan)(0000) :
- Sound distorsions, specially noticeable on the intro music (=BGM of the opening song of the Marmalade boy animation TV serie : "Egao ni Aitai"), again a popping bass drum, like it was on Plok or Space Megaforce (nothing change with pid EF10). Appear also on few scenes after that, with some other musics (but less annoying).

- Lots of major freezes when a scene needs to be loaded : loads are specially long in this game, and sometimes (randomly), the loading freeze up forever. The only way to override it, is to use the rewind function on the previous scene and pray this randomly freeze don't happen again on the same loading

Thanks! No problems about Kirby 3, there's others who'll likely fill the request. ;)

Hope this one will help you ^^ :

Done with vanilla game (9C10), 2 suspend points inside : First Save, when boss 6 has just one red line of live in its second form, and Second Save when the game is freezed after have defeated it. (after freezing, notice that the game is now corrupted and you won't be able to boot it if you come back to the main menu of the SNESC and then try to launch the game : only work with an older save state or if you use rewind function to come back before freezing)

Tested EarthwormJim2 with slowrom patch : no change at all on sound issues. Sorry no time left tot test other games today :(

And for ToP, Yes, also tested Japan (0000;03) : background picture doesn't exist here.
Indeed, it's not so important. For this game, as far as I'm concerned, I should only play it (I'm rather talking about my wife who played most of the others "Tales of") with a french traduction of this game. Unfortunately the 2 that exist don't work with this patch, or I did something wrong I don't know (tried added header with same result). Anyway, this is the only game why I still use retroarch on my SNESC, no complaints here, this situation suits me well :)

Talking about Tales of Phantasia, I admired the intro of Japanese version + patch to work on canoe, and 3F12 (it was my first time I experimented the sluffy's great work for canoe on this game) when I just noticed that, at the very end of the intro, where an issue seemed to be here with The Namco picture screen. It's normally this one :

But there I just was able to see "Produced by Namco" and all the background was black without any picture at all. illustration has strangely disappeared ?

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