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Hey! I'm new here but I joined cause my idea feels like it wants to burst out of my head. It's a simple Donkey Kong Country (SNES) music hack where only a few tracks are changed. These tracks would be Cave Dweller Concert, Voices of the Temple, Forest Frenzy and Ice Cave Chant. The tracks they would be replaced by will be remixes of the songs that were used in the GBC version of the game. The user by the name of sonicdoesfrontflips on Youtube already did some amazing remixes and it would be these that are used in the hack. The replacement track names are Cavey Cavey, Ancient Beaver Bop, Forest Frenzy (GBC), and Kremlantis respectively and the link to sonicdoesfrontflips' playlist is here:

Not sure how likely it is this hack will actually be made but I figure I'd throw it out there and cross my fingers.

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