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Strange question. Would it be possible to hack RPG Maker: Super Dante, or RPG Maker 2 on the SNES to boot directly into the game saved in SRAM? So that you could essentially design an RPG and then release it as a standalone SNES cart?

Yo! Long time lurker, I've got this idea I've been working on and I wanted to see if it's actually possible and if there are any tools and resources that could help make it happen.

I would like to make what is essentially a rewrite / reimagining of the overarching story of Megami Tensei and Shin Megami Tensei. I have a script I've been working on which I've been calling Shinyaku Megami Tensei.

The things I'm looking to do are:
- Dialogue editing, replacing all the dialogue in the game with my own
- Event editing, to be able to change how story events are triggered
- The ability to add a handful of additional possible endings
- The ability to add a handful of new bosses with new sprites by myself
- The ability to make small changes to some of the existing demons stats, names, etc.

My plan was to have this be a hack of Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei's Part 1, as that has some of my favorite area designs and is a much simpler game narrative-wise than Shin Megami Tensei, but Shin has a lot more story and events that can be adapted. It depends on how easy it is to add new story events and so forth.

The largest gameplay change here would be the addition of multiple new endings, including one for all 9 alignments used later in the series, and a different final boss for each of those endings. The original ending/s would be heavily altered as well.

How much work has been done with hacking these games, and is there anyone knowledgeable with how easily hackable they are? I know many popular games have level editors and tools, but I don't know of anything that exists for the Megami Tensei games. Anyway, let me know! Would hate to get further into the script and sprites and find out it's not doable... although to be fair I may do the boss sprites anyway, just for fun, since I love the sprite work in these games so much!

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