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Sorry about the necro bump. About the Metroid Mother Galactic Edition, does anyone know which ROM I should apply the IPS patch?
vivify93 only mention in the readme USA version but no mention of CRC, MD5 etc.
The problem is that it seems that there are several Metroid USA ROMs with different CRCs.

Also, why this romhack is not in the main page?

Personal Projects / Re: The Guardian Legend - SRAM Saving Edition
« on: February 12, 2018, 02:39:57 pm »
Does the target ROM must have the CRC FA43146B or I can apply the IPS patch on any NO INTRO Guardian Legend (USA) ROM?
I can't find the ROM with CRC FA43146B, only with CRC C94AC75F. The funny thing is that both files have the same SHA-1, I thought this was not possible.

Anyway, I applied the IPS in the ROM with CRC C94AC75F, it works fine on FCEUX 2.2.3 but no luck on Everdrive N8 (OS v16), just black screen after start game. This happened because of wrong CRC or incompatibility with Everdrive? I would presume the problem is on Everdrive but since @8-bit fan used the Everdrive and does not mention the required CRC on the readme file, I can't really say what went wrong.

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