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Thanks for playing! (I'm Matt, the creator of the game)

Great, I love the classic mode of the game, although I feel that from level 15 it becomes very difficult, and from level 20 it all depends on luck since you do not have time to think, in my best game I barely reached level 24 I don't remember how hard I put it, but I don't think I'm that bad at playing Tetris.

Level 24 is actually very, very high. Few people can make it there.  :o

Here's some level 29 gameplay if you are curious. It's pretty insane:

That is why I would recommend that they include a mode where you can limit the maximum speed of the game, it is not fun to be at the top and then start over.

Although if you allow me to dream, I think that a life system would be great, also a bar that fills when you make a piece fall faster and serves to briefly slow down the fall of other pieces, I am also the only one who would like to rescue some of the mechanics of the block games of the "Brick Games", for example that piece made up of a single block that you receive passes through everything until you fill a gap, this could be given as a bonus when completing a level.

Those are cool ideas! Probably not something for this game, but if I ever make a sequel, I'll think about a more "chill" mode.

Changing the subject, I don't understand what the "H.DROP" option is for, I assumed it was to retain pieces or something like that, but if that's what I don't know how to activate the option, does the logic of dropping pieces change or something like that?

When you press UP on the dpad it instantly drops the block. This is called a "Hard Drop". I refer to it is H.Drop just because I don't have space for the full word.  ;D Tap means it instantly drops, Hold means it drops after holding UP for 2 frames (to avoid accidental clicks for people who button mash), and off just turns the feature off completely. (high level players don't really use it).

On the other hand I think the soundtrack is great, although it is a shame that there is only one melody for the game.

The music is by a guy named Tui if you want to look up his other work. The songs a limited just due to ROM space. This is an NROM game, so only 32k for the all code, data and music (8k for graphics). There is actually a secret sound test mode accessible from the main menu...


I am putting together a little SMB de-make for Pico-8. You can see a quick playthrough here if interested:

Anyway, I am interested in looking at the byte code for levels and objects in a Super Mario Bros ROM. I have managed to find some of them by comparing data in a Super Mario Bros Level Editor, but it is fairly time consuming, so I was hoping someone has already done this work.

I found this ( which appears to be exactly the kind of thing I am trying to find, except that it leaves out Level and Object information.

I am essentially looking for something like:

World 1-1: 0x0000->0x000f [Map] 0x0010->0x001f [Objects]
World 1-2: 0x0000->0x0020 [Map] 0x0010->0x002f [Objects]

Apologies if this is super obvious stuff. I have no background in ROM hacking.

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