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Newcomer's Board / PSP character mod
« on: December 20, 2017, 11:26:25 am »
Hey there! ;)

I am modding the psp game megaman maverick hunter x.

I am changing the X character model for Zero.

What program can this be done with? I have Umdgen 4.00.

BTW how can I add two extra move sets for zero in order to add his rekouha and special kick?

I'll update as soon as I have done some improvements on this modding project.

Note: umdgen extracts the files and I get bin files plus folders with .prx files don't know which folder is for models.

Sorry if this sounds weird I am a newbie in this sort of thing.

Hey guys!  ;)

I want to mod the game megaman Maverick Hunter X  for psp.
I want to stop X from getting his armor. You know change his model so he can get the armor upgrades but he won't change from his classic look. I don't like to keep playing as the first armor.
But I am new to modding so if anyone knows how to do this sort of thing, I would appreciate it if you could say how to do it.
Thanks again.

Note: if I could change X into Zero that would be awesome.
So if anyone knows how to do it great!

ROM Hacking Discussion / Custom Music in psp game
« on: December 12, 2017, 04:44:13 pm »
Hey there!

I need help.
I want to change the music in the psp game Dragonball z Tenkaichi tag team with for example Ssj 3 rock theme remix.
Now how do I do it??
I am gonna be  fiddling around with it. Just wanna know if somebody else knows a proven or better way to do this. Thanks.

Hey this is my first time posting in a forum so hi to everyone!

So.. I have been in simple stuff in the room hacking area, so I don't have much experience except for adding custom firmware to my psp 3000 and applying patches using lunar ips. That's it..

I give great respect to those who actually mod or hack games. I wish maybe in the future I might able to contribute something like that. But for now I would like to ask for a request..

I don't exactly know what are the rules concerning asking for a request or help in this topic since I am not doing anything except for the idea.. I will always be respectful and considerate if this can't be done or goes against any rules. So thanks.

Now my idea is this. The psp game MegaMan Maverick Hunter x isa cool remake for the original but in this one you get to play as x or vile. I know most of you know this but, here comes the change.
I want to replace vile and make zero a playable character. I know all his models and moves and stuff can made by reusing everything we see zero do in the vile vs x and zero battle.
Vile would be gone. Except I would like in a way to copy x's story so that zero can fight sigma.

Here's what I would like to see zero do:
Basic movements with dash
His rekouhah( pardon word spelling)
His midair foot kick dash
Normal and charged buster shots
The hadouken
And maybe a special aura burst that can be turned off and on

Now I do not want to change Dr light into wily. No. I want to keep Dr. Light but maybe change dialogue. I know sounds like dialogue won't or can't be done but muted dialogue just like in the classics would be fine.

Change story dialogue and so forth to suit zero.

Give him  the armor upgrades but with no change to his armor.

Now this is a what if but if the 3d models could be changed to look like x2 zero that would be awesome.if it's possible the game would be like this:
You start as x1 zero and as you get the light capsules he gets his x2 armor.
Same principle as when you play as X.

Well that's it. Hope somebody likes my idea and helps me realize it. I can help in what I can and am willing to help. Don't exactly have a high tech pc and stuff but I can learn to do more complex things if I'm taught. By the way I'm a fast learner.

So thanks.

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