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Just had the same glitchy trees in a town in Final Fantasy V. There is a very good chance that Canoe is the culprit. Will change emulators once I have the chance, but at least this romhack can be ruled out. Sorry for the trouble.

Here is a quick photo of my screen. Notice the trees in the top. While dashing left and right they jiggle about.

It only happens when dashing, not while walking.

Will check my ROM, would be super silly of me...  ;)

Edit: So I checked and my ROM is indeed unheadered.

Just started playing this romhack (v1.98b) yet again and I may have found a graphical glitch. Probably due to the dash feature.

Anyways, if you go all the way north in the town of Baron (not the Castle) right above the dancer in red, and you run left and right there (while holding the dash button) then the trees start to glitch out.

Not sure if this happens anywhere else, and I haven't tried on other emulators yet, but I thought I'd point it out.

Quite easy to replicate but I can provide a screenshot if needed.

I'm playing it on my SNES Classic by the way. Had to patch the ROM using something else than LunarIPS to get it to work on that.

Yeah that's what I gathered. Your solution sounds good. :thumbsup:

Edit: So I got home from work and applied your patch chillyfeez. Works like a charm! Thanks a million! ;D

During battle you can move the shield and weapon from a character in such a way that you end up with 256 of said weapon. You can then use them as throw-stuff with Edge for example. Very benificial and shouldn't be patched indeed. ;)

So I've been using TONS of sirens and managed to get 2 Pink Tails last night! Normally I would go and change them for an Adamant armor right away and not continue fighting, but I was in a grinding mood and kept on going. When I finally wanted to get my armors, things got real ugly quick...

Because the little guy in the Adamant grotto took both my tails but only gave me 1 armor! :-\

Luckely I made a save beforehand but I really hope you can patch this! I don't want to farm for another tail.

Happy lil' Nos

Sad lil' Nos

Thanks for changing it. But you guys owe me a couple of hours of my life. :happy:

Hmm, I've found something to be wrong with the drop tables of the Dark Sage enemy. I've been farming them for hours now (for Ribbon, no luck yet) and they never drop SomaDrops for me. Instead I've gotten Maidens Kiss', DryEthers and Phoenix Downs...

Alright, so I just finished my playthrough and had the greatest time ever with this translation! Thank you to everyone involved for making such a great update to the original.

Anyway, here are my last two nitpicks.

I feel like the word "Join" shouldn't be capitalized. But that could just be me...

This sentence doesn't read too well. Maybe ditch one 'will'?

And now to show off a little bit!

No typos, just pure awesomeness! :thumbsup:

I found another rather minor glitch. If you press the select button after battle, at the Gil received textbar, you get a "%" symbol at the Exp textbar.

You may be right... I don't have to means to test it out on an unpatched ROM at the moment, though.

[...] I'll release an update after your play through.

Sounds good. Making quick progress at the moment. Just finished the Giant of Babil and Bahamuts Cave. No typos there.

Am going for adamant armor so will revisit Kokkol soon too. No typos during the making of Excalibur at least.

Edit: I have found some small error. If you try to use an item where that isn't allowed, you get a glitched menu in the top right. Works with GysahlGrn for instance.

I have found two more typos in one chatbox.

I do "no" need...



This is after the events of the Sealed Cave and challenging the Baron King to fight Odin.

I am playing v1.96 and I also noticed the Kain response not having his name. So that is still there.

The blank text box at the epops wasn't there, though.

Am currently at the point where Edge joins the party, so might report back.

Edit: Found a typo.

After defeating Rubicante. He says "you" twice.

Thanks for your help KingMike. I never realised that Lunar IPS had an option to make your own patches...  :P

Got the patch working on my Retron5 with a Japanese game, and I can even save to the cartridge itself and plug it into my SNES with the saves still there.

Will soon try it with my Super UFO Pro 8. :thumbsup:

Perhaps this isn't the right place to be asking this, but is there any way to apply this patch to a Japanese ROM? I know it's supposed to be used in conjunction with the NTSC-U version, but I'm from Europe and have no interest in USA type cartridges. (For the record, I dislike emulators, but did play Namingway Edition at great lenght on my SNES classic mini.)

Reason I'm asking is because I do have the original Super Famicom cartridge of FF4 and I would like to translate that with a 'Super UFO Pro 8' on original hardware. I have modded my PAL 1-chip Super Nintendo with the SuperCIC mod just for this sole purpose...

Any help in the right direction would be much appreciated.

About a year ago I pointed out a blank chatbox in the library in the Feymarch. Has that also been fixed?

I'm looking into making a physical copy of FF4 with this patch, so I'm kinda waiting for the ultimate version. 8)

Hi all, longtime lurker but first time poster on these forums.

Made an account to thank Rodimus and all who helped him for this amazing patch. Playing it on my SNES classic and am really enjoying it. So thanks!

I stumbled upon a minor error however. One of the bookshelves in the library in the Feymarch (where you can battle Asura and Leviathan) has a blank second textbox.

Nothing major, but thought I'd let you know. If I find more, I'll make sure to post again.

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