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Sorry for the silence. Thought maybe if it's fake, this person would go away if I shut up for awhile, move away, change emails, aliases.

Updated short story:
- Got mailed a C&D with my real name and residence. Scary.
- Quietly read the feedback and thought maybe it's a bluff. Did some research in the downtime. Planning.
- My boss just terminated me today after my shift ended. Showing that same C&D letter as grounds for dismissal.

This is creepy and personal. I have to go. I enjoyed this as a hobby but this is too much. Thanks all!

Trusted the wrong person somewhere. Got a C&D. Time to go before the lawyers drain what left I have. Bye bye!

Top Gear (USA) (0000)

Give South America tunnels another try. Drive slowly at gear 1 when going through.

Lufia II might be impossible without an emulator fix. I'm sometimes mixing up Fry and Zap.

Canoe might be too inaccurate (strict) to emulate blending. But try some more.

Dragon Knight 4 (1016 or 1068) -- menu cursor

Lufia II (1016 or 1068) -- rally, zap

Dragon Knight 4 (Japan) (1016)

Menu cursor is kinda like pseudo-gradient. Try adding backdrop to blender. 2 testers.

Dragon Knight 4 (Japan) (1016)

Looking for hires gamma problems

Lufia 2 = idk. Canoe is behaving badly, not responding to 2 working methods even with 1068.

Atlas, The - Renaissance Voyager (Japan) (Rev 1) (NP) (1016)

Another hires (inverse) gamma on map.

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono Trigger Bugfix and Uncensoring Patch
« on: May 18, 2018, 11:02:56 pm »
Good catch about duplicate banks; that was needed to get around some mapping issues.

Something I noticed is that using beat v01, I can apply ctfix_1a to "bugfix only". Even though bps says failed, output rom is perfectly okay and working with bsnes. Tried with older and newer bugfix patches.

For fun, does 1068 do anything with latest?

Lufia II - Rise of the Sinistrals (USA) (1016)

We played with *lots* of blending options. Using 212f to limit bg3 might work out here. Dark Fry, Devastation Wave, Rally.

Chrono Trigger = huh. I'll try checking this out if kitspin doesn't beat me. Question though: ips basically contains entire vanilla rom in some form. Would that create any uhm . sticky problems with takedowns, moderators or fussy legalists?

CT s-dd1 source file

You'll notice that not much was changed to make this work. So bps could work after your new patch. I have no idea though. However you can make it work is good+ with me. :)

Another goofy game.

Doukyuusei 2 (Japan) (NP) (1016)

Assuming it wants to set backdrop to black (0) but doesn't. Canoe treats as transparency error?

Bishoujo Janshi Suchie-Pai = 512x448 hires images. Grey marker.
Aryol = 512x448 logo + title. Grey marker.

Fighting Baseball (Japan) (0000)

fire cli pending irq. maybe fixes freeze after hitting ball.

Ys III - Wanderers from Ys (USA) (0000)

sram + overscan

Doukyuusei 2 (Japan) (NP) (1016)

Look for hires gamma

That's actually an interesting Kirby 3 detail. We're looking at Lufia 2 but so far another misty day.

Lufia II - Rise of the Sinistrals (USA) (1016)

Try adding bg3 to mask window2. Color mask isn't working on Canoe?

Erim fight - Devastation Wave. Load state before special effect should be safe.

Thanks! No problems about Kirby 3, there's others who'll likely fill the request. ;)

Gambling Houraki = funny weird random crashes. Like Accele Brid in similar ways.

Jumpin Derby = has (00)INTENDO label in front. So not being written to correctly on sa-1 side.
(this savestate is very helpful)

Gambling Hourouki (Japan) (0000)

Check for random crashes after rolling dice. jsr 03:6000 OpenBus = rts (Accele Brid).

Let's do clean Jumpin Derby rom.

Please upload savestate of Jumpin' Derby (109c) at title screen. kitpsin pointed out that sram has copy of bg1 nametable. And asking for Kirby 3 savestate at boss6 crash.

Ikari no Yousai (Japan) (0000)

Test post-boss1 cutscene. Too much vram transfer during vblank + active draw.
(real hardware blocks vram writes during V:000 draw = avoids glitch)

0x8FC400->0x2118 Bytes:8000 (inc) V:229 VRAM: 4800 (1,0) word
(should be $1000 nt bytes)

Jumpin' Derby (Japan) (109c)

Try new theory.

Also been discovered that all sa-1 games do not enable fastrom. So real hardware mapper must be slowrom only then. Which bites for (hirom) optimization projects.

Already got bugged about the new ALTTP x SM randomizer hack. That exhirom conversion is wicked. Can't imagine an s-dd1 conversion doing well. ;)

kitspin wonders if originally sa-1 would've worked better than exhirom:
00-1f = alttp
20-3f = alttp (redux)
80-9f = sm1
a0-bf = sm2
c0-cf = sm3a
d0-df = sm3b
e0-ef = randomizer
f0-ff = randomizer

*shrug* Actually this might not work since exhirom needs 40-5f *on top* of this. Whoa. Retroarch for you guys.

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