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Newcomer's Board / Help with translation (NDS jap to eng)
« on: August 11, 2017, 10:18:03 pm »
so i loved playing a game on the ps2 as a child (*1 metropolis mania its like the sims and sim city had an amazing anime baby) and i found the ds version and am having difficulties in translating it myself ive tried hex editing but have found no use or clear path to (i have a very basic understanding of Japanese like i wouldn't even be able to say i understand it when i can only differentiate yes and no but you gotta start somewhere) anyways i could really use some help in getting either translation tools or a area i should look specifically in the rom (all my experience with rom hacking and japanese comes from this game and kingdom hearts lol) also if its any help the games name in japanese reads Machin-Ing Maker

another thing if it proves to be to difficult to translate the ROM id like to take a look at maybe developing a team of sorts in the goal of creating a similar game to what i described in (*1) ;D

***So update***
 I've managed to get into the ROM and have found WORDS.BIN and WORDSEVE.BIN in the process of trying to convert them to some sort of text file of possible

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