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ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Help needed - need DS Romhacking tool
« on: September 12, 2019, 01:56:13 pm »
Sorry if i sound bad but
- let me ask you straight: do you have any idea how much text there is on a AA game??
- do you think it will be just like translating a txt document when you can open it in Tinke??
- do you think you have the endurance of translating hundreds of pages of text??
- try do a search in this forum for "ace attorney" and see how many people already tried but failed. Why you think you can do it??
- last but not least: there is no rom hacking tool that works for every game. Every game is different.
- a tool like Tinke, do a good job to showing you the alphabet but romhacking/translation is not just an alphabet, it's like a language with grammar and words.

Programming / Re: Pattern / Decryption
« on: September 09, 2016, 01:30:04 am »
I will give it a try, thanks :)

Ps: note to myself: don't ask questions about length  conversions after a long and hard day of work!
I just noticed what bullshit I wrote. Sorry.
The important is that you got the idea :)

Programming / Pattern / Decryption
« on: September 08, 2016, 01:30:06 pm »
Hi Guys,
I have spend a lot of money buying some measurement hardware and i find myself with a software for window that came with that thing that sucks!
Especially the export function is very shitty because they not output everything it has measured and need a lot of clicks to do so.
Now i am trying to read their own archive file to that i can export everything how i want and i am not dependant on that stupid software.
The archive seems simple enough with a lot of space between data so i don't believe there is any compression and there is some Unicode Text in plain view but i can not make out how they have stored the values.
It seems that all numbers are stored in blocks of 8 Bytes and I tracked down some measurements in cm to my list below.
Note that the program input is in cm (centimeters) and my decimal values are in cm as well so maybe 0.0001cm is actually just a 1mm.

0           00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
0.0001   8D ED B5 A0 F7 C6 B0 3E
0.0002   8D ED B5 A0 F7 C6 C0 3E
0.0003   53 E4 10 71 73 2A C9 3E
0.0004   8D ED B5 A0 F7 C6 D0 3E
0.001   F1 68 E3 88 B5 F8 E4 3E
0.01           2D 43 1C EB E2 36 1A 3F
0.1           FC A9 F1 D2 4D 62 50 3F
1           7B 14 AE 47 E1 7A 84 3F
2           7B 14 AE 47 E1 7A 94 3F
3           B8 1E 85 EB 51 B8 9E 3F
4           7B 14 AE 47 E1 7A A4 3F
5           9A 99 99 99 99 99 A9 3F
10           9A 99 99 99 99 99 B9 3F
100           00 00 00 00 00 00 F0 3F

Here a screenshot of the Hex editor with the area with the value (left side) and the right side is when i save with "nothing" measured (there is some fields that are saved on the archive because they are some constants from the option menu).
Like i said, a lot of space.

Maybe an usefull info: when i export with the program itself, the max number is 10+comma (0.123456789) but it look like it's still a 8 Bytes block. Those 3E/3F are something very prominent on that archive.

Does somebody see a pattern or have any ideas how to decrypt this??
If you think you have an idea but you need more values to test it, just request them, i can input them and send you the 8 Byte block back.

@dougeff, hanhnn: i get the idea, i need to see where it's used and how it's on the rest of the series. I actually never found that in the game but i have an idea where to look now :)

@Seihen: There is no context, it's just a stand alone sentence anyway you are right with the Found it, there it is. It appears when you click on the right place on the screen :)


Script Help and Language Discussion / Just a graphic late at night :p
« on: June 20, 2016, 07:39:20 pm »
Hi Guys,
i need a small translation because late at night and tired.

How would you translate "あった!"??
Got it?? Found it?? There??
There is a game on android with this name.


Well, as the modified title shows, the newes patch is out :)

Have fun

Hi Fast,
thanks, sorry for the late answer, i actually got an answer from a PM over at CR so i didn't check it in here.
I got that when i manually inserted the smaller arm9 (by compression) in to the AAI2 rom.
Well, what CT2 does when you say yes there, it's not only changing the size in the ndsheader but change a view bytes.
Addint to that it will "watermarking" the rom with "Crystal Tile" in the Chinese version 2 rom name in the banner.bin.

Anyway, if you are already looking at here, is the CRC16 function at gbatek wrong or it's normal that the CRC16 of the ndsheader doesn't match (in an original dump) or did my programmer do something wrong??

Hi everybody,
at many occasions CT2 gave me an error and this time i decided to finally understand what it says :p
Can somebody please translate this??

Yeap, I found your tool CUE and i was trying it out but i wasn't sure if it was doing something or not.

Yesterday it was too late to post but i correct myself, there are the locations in the executable even in the JAP PSX version and some text about memory card as well.

Adding to my discoveries, you could try to see if this people can share some informations with you:
Lunar Silver Star Harmony Translation

Well, i was poking around a bit more and especially the US and JAP PSX versions.
Most of the executable is changed or at least moved.
The places names are there in the USA version but not the japanese ones (at least not in the same spot).

I found a font in the executable and they are different:
The US


Nice to see they used the "english alphabet" to make complete words or abbreviations (the the list above).

Anyway, checking the ram of the PSX i noticed a little something:

Welcome dictionary compression (at least i think it's what you see there).
To open in hex editor.
Exactly while i was cutting the ram file above, i found some names as well.

Well, i had some time to spend so i poked around a bit.
Mostly i can confirm what Psyklax said; example that you are missing the complete english alphabet in the "probably text font":

A little calculation:
94912/64= 1483 characters in the main font.

The second font is split in 2 parts: a 8x8 and a 8x16 and i believe that is HUD or debug font:

Here you see the player names in small, and probably the level up.
The rest is or has something to do with the option screen (sorry, it's longtime i didn't play the game on the saturn) or it's debug because you see clearly the:

The second half is the names again in bigger. the LV and %:

On a general note, CPK and CMP extentions are sign of some sort of compression. I still don't know if the text is compressed or not.

I have the feeling that the first part of that dic file is the font tile map with something after it but i am not sure yet.

A little calculation:
94912/64= 1483 characters in the main font.

Not directly an help about the translation/hacking but i think it's usefull as well:


Thanks to GyakutenGodot and Mrichston for this coverart and SuperAj3 for the right one back on 2011 :)

Gyakuten Kenji 2
Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth: Prosecutor's Path

Translation Patch Case 1/2 and 3.

1) What is this?
2) What it does??
3) How to patch it??
4) How to play it??
5) Know issues
6) Feedback
7) Future
8) I want to help with the translation
9) History
10) Licenses
11) Members and thanks

1) What is this?
This is the first public release for the patch of the game "Gyakuten Kenji 2" or "Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth: Prosecutor's Path" (yes, we dropped the 2 because earlier entries in the series never had a number in the title in English).
The Zip contains this readme file, the patch and the complete Artcover (front and back) that GyakutenGodot and Mrichston made.

2) What it does??
The patch translates all the common screens of the game (title screen, case selection screen, save screen, profile/evidence screen), all the text, all the graphics (yes, including backgrounds, sprites and even evidence) and all the voices (recycled the old voices when possible or dubbed by voice actors for the new characters) in English ONLY for case 1 / 2 and 3.
In other words, we eradicated all Japanese from the game and you would think you have a US release of the game in your hands.
The only japanese left in the game is the song at the beginning of case 3.
As bonus, it will remove the anti piracy protection so that you will not see only Borginian when you start the game.


3) How to patch it??
First of all you need the ROM of the game (don't ask us where to get it, Google is your friend).
Remember to keep a copy of the clean ROM for future patches (we have yet to decide if we will make a progressive patch or you will always need to use a clean ROM.
For this patch we offer you 2 patch formats:

For BEAT, choose the BEAT download link, decompress the patch, run BEAT, press "Apply patch", choose your .nds file and your .bps file, then "Patch" when you finish, play it on emu or transfer to your micro SD card.

For Xdelta, choose the Xdelta download link, decompress the patch, run Xdelta UI, select your ROM, select the patch, then "Patch" when you finish, play it on emu or transfer to your micro SD card.

For mac users:
MultiPatch is your friend to patch the ROM.

4) How to play it??
With emulator:
Desmume (win/mac) : the game runs fine without any known issues apart those descrived in 5)

No$gba (win): NO$GBA > Options> Emulation Setup, and then a window will open with all the emulation settings(as you might already know), then you just change the Reset/Startup Entrypoint from Start Cartridge directly to GBA BIOS(Nintendo logo) and then it works!

No$gba (win) alternative : after you applied the patch to the ROM, you need to encrypt it with the tool eNDryptS Advanced v1.2:

No$gba (mac): HERE

No$Zoomer (win): Start NO$Zoomer... After opening it, you simply have to go on NO$GBA > Options> Emulation Setup, and then a window will open with all the emulation settings(as you might already know), then you just change the Reset/Startup Entrypoint from Start Cartridge directly to GBA BIOS(Nintendo logo) and then it works!
Thanks Plaster Wright for this and the first No$gba option.

other emulators: unknown, feedback is welcome.

with flashcards:
Little is known about what flashcards are supporting the game and witch ones don't.
If your flashcard run the original ROM, there are good chances that it will run the patched as well (some exceptions are known to this)
You can try the patched ROM first and if it still doesn't work, try eNDryptS Advanced v1.2 after having applied the patch.

DSTWO play the game fine with the latest EOS
Acecard2i with Akio 1.19
R4 2013
Are confirmed flashcards running the game propely without having to use eNDryptS Advanced v1.2 and no issues apart the ones descrived in 5).

M3DSReal flashcard with quadboot: AP Active (no solution yet)

Feedback is welcome on this, too.

5) Know issues
a) One issue affecting your gameplay are the voice command (when you screem "Hold it" or "Objection" to your NDS), they seem broken.

B) A second issue is that when you load a savegame, it's possible that you will get an empty text box.
Don't be scared, the next text will show up as usual.
If you are on a cross examination, you can go forward and back and you will get the missing text.

C) Some older flashcards still activate the AP.

At the moment there are no other known issues.

Please report any problems you encounter when playing the game.

6) Feedback
Your feedback, corrections, suggestions etc... are naturally welcome.
When posting corrections / typos / text overflows, please be clear on where it happens and if possible with a screenshot.
If you have problems like freezes, glitches or messed up screens, please specify what configuration you are playing with:
emu/flashcard, version, OS and naturally where it happens.
You can give feedback on the thread where you downloaded this patch (on RHDN or GBATEMP) or per EMAIL:

Well, naturally we will translate all cases.
We will try to optimise the patch size (yes, at the moment they are a little bit big with 24MB Xdelta and 27MB with Beat).
Depending on your feedbacks we will try to make the patch more compatible with other flashcards (if possible).
There are some little tweaks on the plan (example a separate savegame file for the translation, a different icon and else).
We will try to make the whole patch more "easy" to be translated in other languages.

8) I want to help with the translation
This project is far from being finished so help is naturally welcome.
Graphics and sounds are already finished so we don't need any help there.
You can help if you are a good hacker for NDS because we still have some issues with the RAM management.
You can help if you have English as your first language and want to help correct / insert the text back into the game
(instructions and tools are given to you).
You can help if you are more or less fluent in Japanese and know the Ace Attorney series well.
You can apply by posting at Apply for a role in the Project.

9) History
09.03.2014 Case 1/2 and 3
17.09.2013 Case 1/2 beta patch
Summer 2013 Backtrack to original plans without ASM
Winter/ Spring 2012/2013 Try to fix memory problems
October 2012 Planned release but abbandoned because of ASM problems in case 2
Summer 2012 Finally much text translated
Winter/Spring 2011/2012 not really much
Fall 2011 I took the head of the project.
Summer 2011 My first draft of images in the game.
18 April 2011 First concrete discoveries
10 April 2011 Project Start (at least in the heads)

10) Licenses
Ace Attorney and all the names, material, graphics and sounds are trademarks of Capcom.
If you want to mirror the patch to your site, feel free to do so but please always attach this readme.txt with it.
Please don't release an already patched rom in anyway form and don't tell other people this is your work.

11) Members and thanks
Well the list here is long...very long, I hope I have not forgotten anybody (no special order):

If you worked with us but you not see your name in this list, don't be scared to PM me and I will add you.

Hacking/format discovery: Hackotedelaplaque, jjjewel, Henke37 and myself.

Tools: Hackotedelaplaque (Sprite and Text Studio), Henke37 (GKTool) and Whivel (AceFontII).

Translation: BigKlingy, Choky, N-Forza, Tanaka Houji, Runebearer, Jin, Dowolf, Bad Player, Mirii-chan
and kimchi314.

Localization / Text Insertion: Fatalfeline, Mrichston, Redjiggly, Junebug493, 6Toushiro9, Mracy, Gerkuman, Paladia, Jacunni, missyquints, Rollingball, FinalClipX, Aleister, Jorpho, Ginko, Etherealblade, Sorenwind, ChaosArgate, black imperator, Gameleon, j00m, mujie, Wolverfrog, SuperAj3, KneehighPark, RPGamer, bluebomber1815, Wellington2k, BlueOrb, Darksonic22, yuudachi, GyakutenGodot, Waffleman, Jamdy, Accord, mmcgeehin and AustinM11.

Voice editing/ Voice Insertion / Voice Actors: HanOnimous, Sempermania, Katya-Edgeworth, Sonicshadows, Byronic Hero, Negihyga90, Inverseman, Tivanenk, Zergrinch, PVHD, Crazed Ninjia, SLeon, Spario the endernerd (Wario), Fusionmaster, iViking, , MSAnemanja2/super saiyan, AJS, Bii, Wellington2K,Wuigi Draginite, ProZD and vi3trice.

Graphics Editing / Graphics Insertion: Mrichston, Secretmonster, Jinnai, Hamster, Percei, 6Toushiro9 and myself.

Cake Movie: Wellington2K and Mrichston

Testing / Debugging: Mrichston, Hackotedelaplaque, Choky, DarkSonic22, Rollingball, Henke37, Plastic Wright, Xalusc, Shiro9, Accord, FinalClipX, Hanonimous and myself.
A thanks to DeMatador, Tateyuki Shigaraki and Henke37 because those are the people that tried to start this project back in April 2011 even if they didn't know much about ROM hacking and a special thanks to the first 2 for letting me take over (involuntarily) the head of this project. Being at the head of such a big project and big group is equaly an honor as an hard work.
Some other people that didn't work directly on the project but still was around for decisions or supports:
Permafry_42, Lusankya and all that helped in anyway (example all those people that helped choose the names of the characters in the game).

Thanks to all the people that supported us in this project since the beginning (or later on :) ) and thanks to all the fan that gave us the energy to continue this work.
Naturally thanks to Capcom for making the game.

Have fun

BEAT Download link:

Xdelta Download link:

Please leave this thread clean!!
Only thanks or feedback are allowed in this thread.

PS: I am sorry if I didn't use the submission feature, it's just way to complicated especially if I got already all created in the link and example the readme already packed inside the patch file.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Syphon Filter - hidden tims...
« on: June 29, 2013, 07:02:59 pm »
did you try some of the many timripper/extractors that are found in the utility section of this site??
Game studio could help as well.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Shining Tears UNDUB attempt
« on: June 22, 2013, 06:54:34 pm »
OMG, i posted an answer but it got lost O.o

Well, here again.

If you open the japanese version of the game, do you have the same 1582 sounds??
Do they look in the same sequence??

Post a pic or a write down the folder/file tree of the iso or dvd for both versions of the game like this please:

Do you want to the english version of the game (without full dub) with japanese voices....right??
Not the japanese version of the game (with full dub) with english text....right??
If you want the first, you still have a chance, if you want the second, you will probably need to "untext" the japanese version of the game (insert the english text/images in the japanese version).

Gaming Discussion / Re: XBOX ONE
« on: June 20, 2013, 04:57:55 pm »
I've been loosely following all the madness for the next generation gaming consoles and I've come to the realization that my time with "new" console video games is nearing an end...  Well maybe it's now over already?  I think what Sony and Micrsoft are doing is a crock and very shady in regards to the used game (even if only 3rd party companies doing it) and forcing online connectivity (even if only once).  Plus just look at these two consoles--especially the XBOX One, they are hideous to look at!  Trivial I know.  LOL

I do not like DLC.  I do not like paid services like XBOX Live Gold in order to play games with my friends.  I do not like to see any other media types on my VIDEO GAME console like "apps", TV or whatnot.  I do not like being forced to do or not do something on a console I just paid hundreds of dollars for.  I do like used games.  I do like using discs over downloaded games. 

I'm done.  I have a Wii and 360 and I plan on getting a PS3 before it becomes discontinued.  That's it for me.  I will use a PC from this day forward for any "new" game.

I totally agree with you with probably the difference that i started buying just second hand consoles since 2-3 generations.
I never payed any cent for online gaming and I find it outrageous you have to pay just to get a new costume for your character (DLC) when you had already to pay for the game and maybe for the online system as well.
I then prefer play the blocky Minecraft and make the costume myself.

The best thing Sony/Nintendo/ Microsoft should do is bring 2 versions of the consoles since day one:
- one full fledged all in one console like they are planning with the Xbox One/PS4
- one clean "old school console" with only gaming system and max a cd player like PS1
And not do is when the console is almost dead like the cheap PSP version or the Wii Mini (is it called so??)

I am sure there are many people out there that are using all the function of a PS3/Xbox360 for music, pics, media server etc... but I am sure there are almost the same amount of people (including me) that never used any of those things (example me that never ever used the PS3 as blueray player or PS2 as DVD player).

About self-publishing on the 360 and One...

It's "our fault" that the XBox One situation just got worse.

About this articles, well worse for who??
Everything he say (the second article) is ok and dandy but what if you not care about all that online bullshit?? What if you not play games on steam?? What if I prefer to share my games giving them to my real friends that stay near me from hand to hand?? How you know those resells would had better values??
I need to have the disk on the console....that sucks?? Well I am not a lazy ass that can not stand up from my couch to put a disk on the console.
What if your ISPN modem breaks down and you have to wait a week before you get a new one?? Will you be happy with your console??
How many times you will get rejected from the DRM from playing a game you buyed before you will get pissed off??
See how many cases of people playing sim city that still have days they having problems today.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Shining Tears UNDUB attempt
« on: June 20, 2013, 04:25:46 pm »
Well, make at least a file list of what you saw when you opened it so that we get an idea as well.
Even if we are romhackers, we didn't open and memorized all file structures of all games around.
Remember this next time when you ask questions.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Your #1 RPG you ever played?
« on: June 15, 2013, 01:39:49 am »
Interesting to see how almost everybody is dwelling on the past and almost nobody mentioned any of the Xbox360/PS3 RPG like Nier, Fable, Blue Dragon, Infinite undiscovery, Resonance of Fate, the Last Remnant or all the new Tales of..., Atelier xxxx and so on.

Even titles that have been requested for longtime like Xenoblade are not in anybody favorites.

Interesting to see that some (long) series got forgotten over time as example: Alundra, Vandal Hearts, Breath of Fire, Romancing Saga,(Genso) Suikoden,  persona, shin megami tensei, Disgaea (or everything made by Nippon Icchi).

Another interesting fact is that nobody mentioned any of the many perls lost in Asia (japan only) games.
There are even there many games that are wonderfull: Black / Matrix, Popolocrois, Spectral Blade.

And I wonder why there is almost no licensed game in anybodys list.
For licensed i mean games that have movies/cartoons a side of the game.
Something like Lord of the rings or  Dragon Balls ( can not think of any more but i am sure there are).

Anyway, I started with Secret of Mana, Secret of Evermore, Terranigma, Chrono trigger.
Even if i  like story driven games, I have to admit that I just played too view of them even if I have them.
If i should make a list of my best memories:
Secret of mana, Chono Trigger, Breath of Fire 2, FF7 and 9, Chrono Cross

Newcomer's Board / Re: Koryu no Mimi
« on: June 11, 2013, 04:49:17 pm »
Well, I just tested the path with a rom without header, on Zsnes 1.51 till the second "biker attack" and it was working fine.
If you get a black screen on zsnes when loading the game, it's mean you applied the path to a rom with header.
If it's the case, download snestools from the utility sections and delete the header before patching the rom.

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