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Sorry if wrong place to ask but i really wanna play this game but didnt know where else to ask. I place the fdi images in the same directory as Pachy98 but it doesnt translate them just gives me the manual and cover art. It says error uncaught exception in a log but im not tech savy enough to understand what that means.

I know that offers to pay someone to translate a game are looked down upon, but is starting a crowd-funding campaign like Kickstarter or Patreon within the bounds of RHDN?

I didnt know that offers to pay were looked down upon. I would like to try to start a kick starter or patreon for this game even though i dont know how atm.

Like I played the Genesis port and loved it but then I found out the Sharp X68000 version is not only supposed to be superior but is very different. I played a bit of  it and it looks much nicer and has more rpg based mechanics but most importantly it just felt amazing to play. Something about it really clicks with me and i feel frustrated because its never been translated in english.

I went to the request thread and looked at the wiki but its not up there. I dont know how to get it on the wiki. Id really like to see a group start translating the game. Im even willing to shill out money or try to get others to join in and raise money.

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