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Hey ya,
it's about time to inform you about the latest progress i made for Space Complex.

  • rewrote parts of the Music Engine for that it does what I WANT IT TO, and not the sometimes really buggy Metroid Engine. Main reason is i have quite an amount of songs i wanna insert, and Metroid's Engine is not really well opted for that. Another thing is the "Item Room Music" - Procudure often produced buggs in the music or rather behaviour i don't want.
  • tweaked Underwater Physics to my liking, they are a bit less restrictive as in Rogue Dawn. So you are a little faster in general and can jump a little further
  • optimized the Space Jump, it's now fully working on land and underwater.
  • worked out and implemented Gravity Suit. That was the most work. Days. Many Days.

Depending on the Upgrades you have found, the Jump Height underwater is different.
The Jump Height is calculated as follows, in order of Jump Height:
  • None of the both upgrades
  • Hi Jump only
  • Gravity Suit only
  • Gravity Suit + Hi Jump
Reason is i want the player to really 'feel' each upgrade.

Other thing that Gravity Suit offers is additional damage reduction.
That is calculated as follows:
  • VARIA SUIT or GRAVITY SUIT only: 50% reduction
  • BOTH SUITS: 75% reduction

... + many many other detail tweaks.

Learned and applied quite some assembly in the process, which was a pain in the a-- sometimes to figure out and get right, but here we are now.

Crafted the background music for the Temple Area.
You can find it here:

i am working on a Lavafall for the Volcano Area. WIP:

Worked out the tileset, background animation and the whole graphics for Marine Area.

+++++ GAME PROJECT MANAGEMENT in general +++++
Last days i also put much thought into the direction the game is meant to go, where what upgrades are, which upgrade does what, and came up with the progress chart of the whole game world. Therefore i had a nice long day with a good friend of mine,also a retro game geek as me (so like all of us ey?). That was so important to get a feel for the whole game world, how progression is meant to build during gameplay, how the world is interconnected and so on. Also we put together some scenes of the game, like some enemy rooms, that you need to beat to get something, something like grey doors in Super Metroid. and more.
In general, there are many different possible routes throughout the game world, so that each playthrough differs. I also thought off speed runners in that regard.
I could post the chart we drew, but that would spoil too much most certainly.
But let me say, this helps so much in getting a picture of the product, and thus start designing nice and well put together levels.

So I'm feeling accomplished and look into a bright future of this game's development.

Personal Projects / Re: Landstalker
« on: June 04, 2020, 06:23:46 pm »
Yeah! =)

Looking forward to this!

Remember good times trying to jump on the fast chicken in one of the first villages and having an extraordinarily good laugh with friends. aaaahh good times.

I find it a bit odd how the stalagmites/stalactites in the background are alternating in height but not the ones in front; kinda makes it look like they change in size.

Aside from that, though, great work on the parallax effect; it looks pretty good, although the stalagmites/-ctites could use maybe some more detail/color? I dunno, it's good, but kinda looks lacking to me with all the black (unless that was to save on graphics/animation space, in which case, that's fine). Either way, good job.

There are many reasons i chose to do things as i did.
The parallax tiles take up 8 entire chr pages, as the effect has to be tricked by storing every individual frame in the rom, there are 32 frames.
The tiles have to repeat once so often to make the effect work, for the front stalactites it is evey 16 pixeks, the ones in the back every 32 pixels. They have different movement patterns. Hence why the front ones don't change in size, but the back ones do, as i wanted to bring variety in where i can.
The whole thing is rather complicated to figure out, i leave it like it is for now. Maybe for the time being. It's important to prioritize and manage your time. Spent two full days on the parallax, it's time to move on, and maybe come back to it later and polish further.
For the more colour thing, the stalacts mostly are black and just sprinkled with highlights to make them pop. Was a design choice.

I'll get to work on replacing that horrible suit.  Besides, that was for the old animation sequence anyway  :beer:

Thanks Morinis, as always. yeah suit and enemy sprites could use some touchup.

I'll do something about the waterfall anytime soon. what you see is the first "hey it's in the game now, how does it look?" screen capture. So it needs mist where it hits the bottom, more legit and subtle colouring of the surrounding wall tiles, something it flows to and so on. I'll come back here when i have done something considerably about it.

What i have done in the meantime though is to work out parallax scrolling stalactites and -mites in the cave.

Looks absolutely stunning.


and also: animals saved. ;) as someone has to teach you walljump  ;D

also in one of my recent posts regarding Space Complex bgm i forgot to add the Surface Area Theme, so here it is:

May 30, 2020, 11:13:43 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Once again regarding Music:

I made a high quality album of everything that's done for the OST so far. for your pleasure.
You can find it here:
Metroid: Space Complex OST High Quality

June 02, 2020, 11:36:08 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
OK, so i went on to design rock cave, the cave scene as a whole and the waterfall scene, which the cave seemlessly transitions to.
Be aware both are work in progress, but I'd like to show what is there now, as i've been working hard on this stuff lately.

Rock Cave Test Scenes:

aaaaaand Waterfall (well at least what has seen the day of light already):

Over and out!  :)


Already consider you a part of the team as  you're a valuable person  :beer:

The VRC6 will come as Ramdemann tears it apart more for once that is done anything we touch can be VRC6, even Super Mario Brothers or Metroid for that matter.  Just need to do the extra steps and programming to make it happen which some people don't want to do or believe its not possible.  Reason why you can rebuild stuff to one's benefit when you have the know-how.  Shameful that some people still deny that kind of factor within programming but whatever floats their boat.  Kind of reminds me of the flat Earth believers :P

In the end, the Castlevania 3/Akumajou Densetsu encyclopedia we plan on putting out in the future is going to be extremely big when its released  :thumbsup:

Hey intetesing as Grimlock and me talked about crafting a Metroid Hacking Document too whenever we will have finished our latest projects.

So plans on VRC6ing practically every ROM? Well yes sounds about perfect. I'm totally on board with this. As i found my Metroid sound mods and possibilities already great, but also limited. Anywhere i read about the possibility of inserting famitracker tracks into NES roms too, though also was mentioned that it's no trivial task trying to do so. Both sound like great things! :) would require essentially writing an own sound engine from scratch and then putting this into a ROM. Was not yet keen enough to to so, yet, but after gaining more experience than now even, i would also try to do so. Great you're up to Vrc6 love the plan.

Other than that, yes of course you're also part of my team, wanted to stress the fact i would love to tackle famitracker songs with vrc6 just that as of now i have other priorities first.

Alright. See you, and good luck.

I switch projects now and then to avoid burnout along with being productive to get more things done :)

Also, still no help offered for the FamiTracker reference music.  No matter as I'm still going to continue on seeking  help :)

Obviously that is one thing i'd love to do, and probably will, but am too invested in my own project Space Complex to be able to spend much time on something else. What was the chip expansion i could use, vrc6? As i mentioned, i will do something but consider this mid- to longterm really! Don't know how much you are in a hurry with this, if not, call me part of the team!

That looks very cool! Just excellent!

The music sounds great! Great job.

thanks a bunch!

++++++++++++++++++++++     UPDATE TIME!     ++++++++++++++++++++++

Hello you crazy gaming nerds, I have done quite a lot recently and i wanna keep you in touch, also those not frequently checking out my discord.

Did manage to implement Space Jump and nerf it, so now it's a rewarding and balanced mechanic. Was quite a struggle to get it into the code as the NEStroid Code Bank has a serious space problem. Had to move and rewrite entire existing code sections to make it possible. Wall Jump is still in the game too, and it is permanent from the beginning, as in Super Metroid. Space Jump requires an upgrade, as it's still powerful and is considered an endgame upgrade, like seen in other troids.
Here is an example gif in a test room:

Have modified the sound engine, cause Metroid seemed to load music tracks in occasions i didn't want it to, so that's a change you won't recognize, so i'll let you know it's a change that has happened, and it was necessary. Two days of hacking time where spent here. Just so you know.

Then i started to materialize my idea of tree interiors in the woods. You may guess which means of travel is needed to scale upwards here.
It's not fully finished graphically but almost there. Here is the latest WIP tile design document:

And lastly, and most noticably i created roughly the half of the first area, the Planet Surface. You may test a demo if you so wish, in this case let me know!
With some inspiration from Super Metroid i finally drew and implemented a Heal Station (aka SM Save Station). Though SM was just the raw inspiration, as i had to make use of the only 3 colours available at once in NES palettes. Also i tweaked the tile graphic and the animation to my liking and now i am quite pleased. Have a look:


That is it for now, i think. over and out, greetings to all of you, take care! :)

Hello everyone,
i am working on implementing Space Jump. I am fiddling with certain numbers that regulate the trigger points of the space jump (i.e. how fast you are able to jump again).
So i've got differently restrictive variants on it, and i need YOU to playtest the variants of the mechanic and give me some feedback.
Please let me know if you're up to it, thanks.
Just write here, send me a message or let me know on discord.
Some example gif? :) here:

This is another one of those Music Posts. ;)
So at first i just wanted to crunch out some title track parallel to its screen creation, and then I went through my archive of tracks and began to decide which ones i am actually gonna use, and which area i use' em in.
Those are tracks spanning the period of 2016 till today. Some got some revision, others are not yet fully finished, but mostly they are!
So what follows next is the most recent playlist of Space Complex Tracks. I named the tracks after their dedicated area.
So this is as of 2020-04-2020:

+++++ SPACE COMPLEX BGM ++++++












SNOW THEME (unfinished)


Happy Listening

Thanks for all your feedback, constructive suggestions and your points of view.
It's absolutely true, it's my first bigger graphic screen aside from the spaceship.
So it will be an all iterative process, in other words: much work ahead (still), but i want it to be good.
I take nearly all your suggestions plus some things i had on my to do, and make something out of it.

Now to your points:

Nice work Flower. I agree that the X doesn't match. the rest of the lettering.
Is the "X" intentionally stylized differently from the other letters?  If so, I think it should be more dramatic.
Otherwise, I think it should be wider.
Looking good but the X from Complex looks kind of squished compared to the rest.
Also looks like a misformed H in my opinion. :P
I already gave the 'X' another shot.

The rock on the metal supports looks like a head. Intentional?
wow, your screenshots look fantastic !

As for the Title screen I know it's not finished, but I don't understand what I'm looking at in the middle of the picture  :(
What's under the "P" ?
looks like a glass globe in blue, ok, but what's under the rock just below it then ?

The ship is well placed in the sun.
To be honest, yes, and i think i will change it to something else, it's a bit infantile and silly.
I will go to drawing board again with this one.

That looks great so far! Love the logo and the brown asteroids on the right/middle!
The orange planetoid on the left looks a little flat to me, though. I assume that part has yet to be finalized or something... hopefully in the final product it will be shaded as well as the others   :yay:
It's actually meant to be a dwarf star (so the redder colouring), and those shine less bright than usual stars, a bit in the redder range.
I could try and apply the darker red more in itself to give it more of a shading this way.

That's really good man.  I have some comments!

I'm not sure why, but the blue guy in the bubble was the last thing I noticed.
The scale of everything in the FG seemed enormous until I saw him... that the structure + tethered rock(?) was maybe the size of a 40 story building.
After spotting him, I'm having trouble gauging the size of everything.  The scene seems too epic to be focused on something the size of a 2 story house.

I think the tether on the right might look better at a different angle - or, redrawing the thing securing it to be angled out further.  It looks odd to me that these are not pointing in the exact same direction.

Those are asteroids, right?  If possible I think they should have some variety rather than all looking exactly the same.  The closest one looks identical to the medium sized ones, too, except for the tethers.

Looking forward to what's to come! Nice work!
So, first of all, gladly i still have 28 tiles left (8x8 px tiles), so i have yet some room to work with.
There are several points you mentioned, i have not yet mastered to create convincing proportions and angles, this is a steady learning process i have just began to do.
What i want to do is include more stars, debris and more varied meteorites.
I strive for an convincing 3dimensional look, i hope i will achieve that.

Hey y'all i felt it was finally time for a custom title screen. Recently i started in coop-mode with Sinis. This screen still needs tweak, polish, more stars, + x from my designing hand, but i have to say i already am quite pleased with the interim result. Will continue to work on it the next time through.

Wondering if you have considered (or if it's even possible) to animate the colour palette as the transition from area to area happens.

I noticed going from blue to grey at one point, and I remembered that Super Metroid fades the scene out and in when moving through doors.
Hi mdtauk,
the palettes are hard-coded into the game and what i can do is load different palettes per screen, per additional assembly - but i cannot animate the transition itself.
i do admit it would go for a nice fx though!

Thanks y'all and Happy Easter.
Sum impressions from my later tinkerings in Surface Level Area (Brinstar).



And this hot area is meant to be accompanied by this track i composed late summer.

I did break the long time hacking hiatus. Trying to organize my works more to make more progress. This actual quarantine situation is quite well suited for hacking, so i took the opportunity. Hope you're all doing great and stay healthy! Cheers

atm i'm playing through a lot of metroidvanias on steam. kind of the reason why i'm not that actively hacking, though i'm getting lots of inspiration in doing so, which is good in the long run. greets to y'all and stay safe!

Personal Projects / Re: Duck Tales 2 2019 (hack, NES)
« on: December 13, 2019, 05:01:25 pm »
Hey hacking companion,

congrats on your project having progressed so far. Makes a solid impression. (which makes me also wanna continue working on my own game tbh)
I was always more into DuckTales part 1, but i did simply not find the right time to play the second game too.
Maybe i will catch up, cause certainly i'd like to test your game. I'm intrigued by the fact you kept an eye on secret locations. But - i think - i will have to play the original second game first, which was on my "bucketlist" anyway.
I'll let you know.

btw what were the edits you made to the original? Levels but also graphics/tilesets, music, modifications to the engine, ...?

Personal Projects / Re: Metroid: Space Complex (Metroid 1 NES Hack WIP)
« on: December 11, 2019, 11:37:22 am »
Is there much to release? The project is improving. :thumbsup:

I can't say anything specific about an approximate release date. Things got worse (or better), due to the fact i'm working 8 days a week now... This hack with its huge scope is a heavy workload for a "1-man-team" to begin with (and Morinis for some sprites as he mentioned). But regarding the loss of free time because of my new full time job you can expect this game to be a finished thing somewhere in the middle-far future.
At the moment i'm creating several tilesets, some of them i showed here (what about the Rock Surface for example?).
I would expect the game to go live 2021 the earliest, but even that is no promise!
I will shoot a post here if there is some playable demo though!

Heat suit for the game  :thumbsup:

Updated from the old versions that I had going for MindFlower.  I'm introducing my 'Sentinel' suit design that takes a new animation approach so that way everything doesn't feel the same within the game along with a slimmer look instead of the bulky battle suits you have been seeing :beer:

I like what I'm seeing a hell lot, and also great you're bringing variety into the mix with a rather slim suit this time. good job! :)

Personal Projects / Re: Metroid: Space Complex (Metroid 1 NES Hack WIP)
« on: December 09, 2019, 05:03:39 pm »
Due to my new full time job i will have less time for hacking. Despite that i will go and continue working on it whenever i can and feel like doing so.

Here are some examples of what i've done recently:

Some little companion

The slow emergence of Cave Rock
I began with the shapes first, and then layers of shading and highlights. itsa long work, but it's good.

First Level Design test screens in Brinstar /w the new Tileset


Personal Projects / Re: Metroid: Space Complex (Metroid 1 NES Hack WIP)
« on: November 24, 2019, 10:04:35 am »
Looks great. Also, I might check out PyxelEdit myself. Photoshop is kinda tedious for pixel art. I use Aseprite too.
Aseprite i want to include too in my app collection very soon. It also is about to get a tileset feature.
PyxelEdit is great tho, and 9$ isn't that high of a price.
It's so much more fun and motivating doing tilesets with this. I often got burned out doing that task with ol' Photoshop.

November 25, 2019, 07:44:16 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
and there's more to this area, the environment grows, details show up.
Tileset Status Quo

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