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Hi there, for a fun little personal project, I've been wanting to work on a patching tool that can handle several different patching formats (IPS, BPS, etc.). However, I've been struggling to find any technical documentation on how the formats work. I did manage to find a decent IPS article ( But everything else I haven't been able to find. If anyone has any good resources, I'd like to see them. Thanks!

Newcomer's Board / Re: Getting started hacking
« on: July 22, 2019, 10:07:32 pm »
I'm going to hijack this thread, as I've been messing around with hacking for a bit, but I'm still finding myself coming up with a somewhat fundamental issue. I can sit around all day and learn about different regions of a game's RAM, but at the end of the day, I don't understand how to turn what I've learned into what to change in the ROM. If I see a sprite I want to edit loaded into a specific address in RAM, how do I find that in the ROM? Or if there is an enemy whose attributes I want to edit, or one of many different scenarios. So far, my approach has been to make changes in the ROM, load the game, and see what happened. It's very inefficient, and I know there must be a better way. I'd love to be able to make some discovery with the debugging tools, and do some quick operation to find out where to edit in the ROM, but I don't understand how this is done.

Programming / Kirby's Adventure Hacking - Issues with Warp Stars
« on: January 24, 2018, 12:39:26 am »
Hi there! Lately I've been working on a Kirby's Adventure Randomizer, and it's coming along pretty well and I'm quite proud of it. However, I've run into a game-breaking bug that I don't at all understand or know how to fix.

What the randomizer does is takes the memory addresses corresponding to the entrance door for each level and the door leading to the bouncy "bonus" end of level game and jumbles them. For example the Stage 1-1 door might lead to Level 3-4, and then the last door in 3-4 will lead to the bonus level for 1-1; this way Kirby re-enters the world map properly. This is all well and good, except any stage that has a Warp Star contained in it has the warp star travel to the wrong coordinates or even the wrong rooms. My workaround was to simply not randomize those rooms, but the final level has a warp star in it, so I need to actually solve the problem for the randomizer to be beatable.

If anyone understands or has documentation on how the warp stars behave in Kirby's Adventure, I'd be interested in hearing it. My assembly isn't great, I'm 1 lecture into a college course on assembly, which is preventing me from figuring it out quickly. If you're curious, these are my (poorly organized) docs for the game. Once I finish up the project I plan on uploading them more formally, but for now it's on GIthub.

I finished a big update to my Kirby's Adventure Randomizer today:

In the new version you can randomize the level order, in addition to randomizing the abilities given by enemies and changing Kirby's color.

 I also added the ability to completely randomize Kirby's color palette, which has some... interesting effects.

Programming / Re: Where did you learn assembly from?
« on: November 14, 2017, 02:18:22 pm »
from a #rom-hacking IRC log by DahrkDaiz i found one day on google search.
Daiz was teaching a couple people like "Solid T-Snake" (some name like that) how to do some simple things with Mario 1 NES. It was a super extremely long conversation, and that's how i learned how to do NES programming. Just because of reading a IRC chat log. :)

Solid T-Bone

I don't suppose you have a link to that log? I'd like to read it.

Personal Projects / Kirby's Adventure Ability Randomizer
« on: May 24, 2017, 06:19:57 pm »
Hello all,

I've just completed the first version of a program to modify the enemy abilities in Kirby's Adventure for NES. The abilities gained from enemies are randomized, with the option to also randomize enemies which don't give abilities by default.

I also plan on having an option to randomize the rooms, and possibly randomize Kirby's color.

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