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Couple more errors that I've spotted from my recent sessions.

I've got a few screenshots from my recent session, in an Imgur gallery as usual.

Also, the description for Level 3 Confuse is trying to tell you that casting on a target that's actual level is a multiple of 3 will confuse it. For example, if you cast it on one of your characters, and they are level 18, they will be confused because they are at a level divisible by 3

Thanks, I honestly don't think I would've been able to figure out what it meant on my own.

Hey there, I'm the guy from Twitter that was talkin' about some lines needing fixes.

I've put all of the mistakes I've caught so far in an Imgur gallery.

Keep in mind this is my first playthrough, and I'll still be playing with the 1.89 patch as I continue through the game. ;)

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