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Will the 2nd play through be harder in any way?  Like more map blank spots, or harder/different puzzles? (I don't know if this is even a possibility.). Be a cool way to increase enjoyment for both new and adept metroid players, having an easier and harder player through.  And of course increases replay value.



Any info you can share on how v1.20 is coming along?  Looking forward to another playthrough but waiting to see new version

Thanks again to the team and do take all the time you need.

Thanks to the whole team for such an amazing game! Def one of the best, maybe THE best game on nes. And for what its worth, I loved the mazes especially the hive. Metroid has always been about finding things and secrets so this was a wonderful new take on it. A type of difficulty that was not just giving enemies big stats to make it "NES hard."  You had to think things through.  The puzzle wasn't even knew something was up.  Matter of fact once you learned what to look for, there was always a 'tell' for secrets unlike the original Metroid where everything looks the same so you have to bomb and shoot everywhere (and well i did anyways because we've been trained to, but Rogue Dawn proved to be elegant with its hidden secrets.)

Anyways if it's not to late to voice an opinion on the 2nd play through, I would vote for starting with wave beam. It's simple yet fun to have more firepower. 

Finally, caught small audio glitch.  When you leave the Question Mark Room, the audio makes annoying sound mixed with the wrong music until you make it to an elevator and into a new area.


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