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Personal Projects / Re: [SMD] Star Cruiser - English translation - Released
« on: November 12, 2016, 04:36:46 pm »
Could you please provide a savestate, taken before it happens?

Sure can, but I'll email it because I don't think I can attach files here. Sent it to <email redacted for anti-spam reasons> from the readme.txt.

Edit: I bypassed this part by switching to the japanese version to talk to dave and then saving and switching back to the translation.  All good so far.

Personal Projects / Re: [SMD] Star Cruiser - English translation - Released
« on: November 11, 2016, 07:39:53 pm »
I am getting a freeze on the gravity catapult after Fantasia.  After landing there and talking to the guy a few steps in (dave), it freezes.

Hmm I just buy 99 silence stones... really useful on the bosses and somewhat useful on enemy casters too.  Makes the game a lot more fair :)

heh... wait until you get to the desert.  I didnt record which teleporters you take for the volcano though sorry... at least youll probably find all the chests hidden in the volcano if you do it enough times. 

Might be a bug in the patch.  I got past the part I got stuck at (going to the volcano north of manei)  by using the unpatched rom.  I talked to a villager in Manei who says to talk to the chief so he would remove guys at the north exit of the village.  The chief actually does this on the unpatched rom,  but he just says something about the volcano on the patched one.  Also might be another bug when you try to sell your magic... I scrolled to the bottom of Tim's list and it froze.  I guess many people would miss this... seems strange you can sell your magic... especially in this game that actually gives you enough money unlike many other RPGs.

Well it seems like you can easily run from the fights... and you get as many chances as characters in your party... but I have found a bunch of cash in secrets... there is a nice secret area south of the cave to imir that had a magic seed and I think a flame shield..  Also one in the small cave where you fight the witch... it like a summoning spell... pretty powerful I think.  Its strange how spells that hit all enemies seem to focus on a solo enemy if thats all there is in the fight.  Anyways I think I hit a bug in the game... maybe ill start over and make sure I talk to everyone so I dont get off track.

Did anyone get to Imir yet?  The road is washed out by lava, so I think you are supposed to talk to the chief in Manei to go to the volcano.  The guys blocking the path never leave though and the chief is no help.  I guess I probably didnt do something, but I am not sure what... Maybe backtrack and get rid of the barrier on the castle?  Lot of crazy secrets in this game, I am finding a bunch while looking around.

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