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It's a verse from a poem, which Nobunaga alledgedly liked and is now generally related to him nowadays. speaks about life in the human world being short and transient compared to life in some buddhist upper world, especifically one where 1 day lasts 50 years, and people live 500 years. There's another version with a changed kanji that changes this to 800/8000 years but this instance refers to the former.

Script Help and Language Discussion / Re: Is Japanese hard to learn?
« on: February 04, 2021, 01:10:56 pm »
Rosetta Stone is bad and so tends to be every software tailored to softly teaching you a language instead of relying on your own will and effort. 
Also, you're not 3 years old, so your brain is not plastic anymore and you won't absorb language by pure osmosis. On the other hand, you are able to understand explanations and comprehend context through intellect. 
Read a grammar guide (like Tae Kim's), do your Anki reviews every day, and read and listen a lot through games, anime, manga, what have you (and add words to Anki), and if your effort is constant, in a few years (or less?!) you'll have a more or less fluent comprehension level (speaking is another matter entirely, though you do end up acquiring it to some degree eventually). 
And don't ever pay money for knowledge that is available for free (which is all you need).  Learning programs and textbooks will never get you to a level where you can pick up a game and play it understanding everything it says, if they can even get you to understanding any text outside of a stiff textbook format, that is. Better get exposed to what real Japanese looks like from the very start instead of being lied to then being afraid of reading anything else because you can't understand it.

Script Help and Language Discussion / Re: Is Japanese hard to learn?
« on: February 03, 2021, 04:59:36 pm »
Yes it's hard. 
Though if you know Traditional Chinese (I don't really know much about the different languages in the family, just that there's simplified characters and traditional characters) then you'll have surpassed much of the kanji barrier from the start, since Japanese mostly inherits traditional Chinese characters (though the pronunciations are completely different, and as far as I know, the meanings can vary pretty often). 
Here are some helpful guides on learning Japanese that get as straight to the point as possible:

Sorry, that line would be something like: 
"Latis is absorbed by the Salamander Army's Ultimate Life Systemizer, 'Zelos Force', being transformed into a planetary lifeform thus rendered unable to counterattack."

In the beautifully radiant planet Latis (Lattice?), the "Prophecy of Flames" has been told since long ago.
"From a thousand light years away, when the dragon that was born from and lives in a sea of flame awakens, the Force of madness will approach, and the world will be covered in darkness, to be destroyed by light."

The Bacterian star cluster continues its invasion with its incredible power, spearheaded by the Salamander Army, which begun its invasion here on Latis.
The Salamander Army is absorbed by the Ultimate Life Systemizer "Zelos Force", and Latis became a planetary lifeform, rendered unable to counterattack.
This planet's prince, Lord British, attempted to counterattack by using a space-temporal ship, but he was no match for the Salamander Army. Escaping by a hair's breadth, the prince escaped the Zelos Force and sought the help of a planet told to have defeated the Zelos army in the past, Gradius.
Upon having received the communication, a hero from Gradius climbs into their super-space-temporal ship, and heads to the all-powerful mother planet of the Salamander.

do you have windows set to japanese locale? are you opening these files in whatever encoding theyre probably in (sjis or utf8)? use notepad++ or any other editor which lets you set the encoding in which to view the file

also, how are you going to localize it if you cant read japanese?

did you transcribe this by eye/OCR or did you actually copy and paste it?

Can't you use the Spanish translation for the 3DS version and put it in the PSP game? At any rate, I doubt that little excerpt is all of the game's text so translating just that won't help much. 

¿No podés usar la traducción al español de la versión de 3DS y ponerla en la de PSP? De todas formas, dudo que ayude mucho traducir ese pequeño pedazo ya que el juego debe tener mucho más texto.

046C = 鎖
0474 = 消
0480 = 積
0484 = 戦

049C = 透
04A8 = 匹 (counter for animals/creatures/monsters etc.)

Script Help and Language Discussion / Re: Might and Magic Script Help
« on: June 15, 2019, 06:30:48 pm »
the first one says

(力を信じても良いだろう。)combine with the first line from the second screenshot

so it'd be:
The truth is we tested your skills.
If you managed to deliver this letter,
then it's surely fine to believe in your skills. (change this word because of redundancy maybe)

Script Help and Language Discussion / Re: Might and Magic Script Help
« on: June 11, 2019, 06:36:05 pm »
I guess it's fine to believe power (your power/strength? sounds like something comes before this)
I've got a job for you,
would you be willing to take it?

Not long ago, the brothers in Portsmith and Algary
both recieved telepathic messages.

Even us wizards/mages (don't know what terminology is used in english)
only use telepathy when a great danger approaches.

It looks like someone must be in a very dangerous situation. (bad translation but you get the idea)
I want you to save that person.

世捨て人 = hermit 
世捨て人同然の男 = man that is basically a hermit 
こんな世捨て人同然の男には希望も何にもない = "there's no hope for this man that is basically a hermit" 
って事かの = no context but im assuming the speaker is asking for confirmation about the above statement. 
"so you're saying this man that is basically a hermit has no hope hmmm" 

"it's the investigation report for that person the boss mentioned last week that could've been 'him', given his bold actions" 
didn't put a lot of effort but you get an idea, also if the game is full of text like this and you've just started learning I wouldn't recommend trying this out until later. also your transcription has a couple of mistakes: 
one last thing, machine translations are useless for Japanese, you're only going to end up with misconceptions and mistakes

im in a hurry but what I can say right now is that 敵にまわす means to make someone your enemy (by doing actions they don't approve of etc.)

March 13, 2019, 07:20:32 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

transcript of the video 

naga: ohohoho 見つけたわよLina Inverse!
bald guy: お?ん?
lina: ナ ナーガ?
naga: さあ、とっとと分け前をよこすのよ。さもないと!
lina: 分け前って何のことよ!?
naga: どうあっても分け前をよこさないつもりね。それなら……Freeze Arrow!
lina: なんなのよ、一体!
naga: 力尽くでも分け前をもらうわよ!
lina: 何がなんだか分かんないけど、相手になってあげるわ! 

(don't know about this series i just googled so don't ask me details about characters and stuff) 

as for the rest, it's lacking a lot of context to properly understand it, though it seems to me like they were tasked with doing something and thus were given the 旅費, since you say in your translation that they've been "accumulating" it, but i don't see any sign of them saying something like that in the original text.

How would you render ぐるぐるする following that, though?  Just "I can't stop spinning"?

I know I'm not great at Japanese so apologies if I miss things which are super obvious to others!
obviously that ties in to the 目が回る phrase and you can't refer to it like that in english so you make something else entirely or ignore the line altogether, e.g. "I'm so dizzy! It feels like my head is spinning!"

it just asks if you want to change your party. also I'm taking the name Jeanne from what you said, the name itself might be something else, but sure that's the name of the 魔鳥

Jeanne's Claw 
Claw from the magical bird (?) Jeanne. 
Brings forth/out the power of monsters. 

Claw from the magical bird Jeanne. Can only be used by Ashton. 
Due to the magical power hidden within, 
its strength changes depending on its user's potential. 
(i don't understand this part very well) 
The will of Jeanne which resides in this weapon 
brings forth the power of monsters 
from the two-headed dragon that possesses the swordsman. 
(the 剣士に憑きし双頭の龍に trips me up. 
what does this dragon have to do with anything? 
and does the sword affect IT, or does the dragon come from the sword and affect YOU?) 
EDIT: ok so watching a video this ashton guy has a 2-headed dragon stand or something so that makes sense

also concerning the previous posts there's some things i'd translate differently:
どうやら この短剣を
They seem to be telling me to fight with this blade, but... (they aren't telling him he COULD use it to fight, it's a COMMAND)   

わ わかったよー!!
A-Alright!! I'll use it, OK?! 
また のろわれそう..   
Guess I'm using it then. 
I get a strange feeling from it...   
I might get cursed again...!

おにいさん/ちゃん and おねえさん/ちゃん are how kids can refer to young men and women respectively (say teenagers or 20s). おじさん and おばさん are the same but for old people. yes, obviously they also mean older brother/older sister and uncle/aunt, but those are different meanings. so the thing is the girl is getting angry she's getting treated like an old lady (idk about the guy but your dialogue didn't show any response like that so I'm assuming he didn't get offended). you could do something like Madam vs. Miss (Miss being the younger alternative), but that's just an idea.

I don't mind/care anymore.
not much idea whats going on beyond that anyways without knowing whats actually happening in the game though, but that line is neither aggressive nor telling another person to not care.


Defense System fired (the) Star Buster!

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