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I think you have to try further and harder, otherwise this should be a "Help Request Ad". Or a post on the thread "for all those without the knowledge but with all the ideas". ;)
MD5 (google for it -> wikipedia for instance) is a well-known checksum algorithm. I would expect it to be generated (without extra data) as a "signature to check integrity" for the .dat files with the same name.
".idx" sounds a lot like short for "index" and the contents you highlight suggests it is just that: a list of "titles" of contents, probably of the enormous .dat file.
Just so you know, eboot is the main program (executable). That's just the way it is on PSP.

EDIT - I checked easy-to-find CWCheats and I don't see anything interesting for the goals you've mentioned.
What is the format of the .dat files? That's the real question. it's probably something specific to this game. (Or maybe it's a common format with other entries in the same series, if you are lucky and they used a common format.) You have to open it and try to guess. Or use a debugger and guess from what the program does with the files.
There's probably no existing tool for it (I take it you did google fo that, right?)
Which means I'd suggest you read the "Getting Started" sectionabout hexadecimal etc, and especially FAST's excellent intro doc. (It doesn't matter if it is about GBA/DS, most of its techniques apply to PSP too.)

Good luck!

yeah i did google for tool and it no have.  :'(
i will try use debugger and guess as you told me.hope cheat engine 64 can do something and .idx not hard to use :'(
anyway thank for your information that come help noob like me  :thumbsup:

Hi ,
i have idia want to improve the game of (PSP) Gundam Assault Survive (JPN)
i not want translation it to english.
but i want to improve game level cuz it no have option for it.
like a add more enermy robot or tune of enermy robot level on stage.or even unlock cockpit view in multiplayer mode.
but i don't know how to do.
i need help from some hacker that have experience of it.

please tell me where the file of it that i should go edit ?
(i can read japan language a little so if i can go inside it not hard for me to change it/ i hope so.)
which filename extension that it have all data about enermy in the stage i should ?
and which program that i need to open that filename extension and which program i need to use for repacking after change ?

if it have thread to tell about it please give me.
(in my opinion this game is best gundam game even compare with PS3-4 gundam it worthy to do.)


example inside .iso of game

have .md5 also ?
this mean protect ? if i add something need change inside .md5 ?

(i guess fileset.dat and eboot.bin is the locate of language
gundam.dat is locate for script in the mission.but i don't understand it)


inside .idx found index of robot/map
where the robot amount in the map area ?
what language it ? or i need to decrypt gundam.dat first ? but how  :'(

how to compare (know) and change ? ammount ?


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