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ROM Hacking Discussion / Super Mario Bros. 2-Player Alternating?
« on: November 25, 2020, 06:24:50 pm »
Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone knew of a hack of the original Super Mario Bros. where all that was changed was that instead of having to wait until the other player died to get your turn, it would switch after each level, like how Super Mario Bros. 3 is natively. I love the co-op hack, but this is something that I wondered about for some time.  Have a great Thanksgiving to everyone in 'Merica.


The rabbit hole goes deeper! haha.

I think I may reach my limit on this. I might be better off with NES Zelda hacking using tools.  SSF2 appears to be a complicated game...more complicated than I thought.

Thank you for your responses.

KingMike: Here are some codes akin to what you're talking about:
I guess I was hoping that the damage scaler in the versus screen could be manipulated to have an effect down the chain on a different scale, rather than having to go in and modify every single attack, which I know for a fact I don't have the skill/knowledge (or time, frankly) to do when you account for all of the variations. My thinking was that if 1* made it so damage was a % scale of whatever 8* is, I could find the reference point of whatever it's scaling based off of and then adjust the number to a smaller number to give the players more health across the board. For example. if it turned out that 1* scaled 25% less than the standard damage for attacks, I could simply adjust it to be 10% or whatever. I can't imagine they have a different table of data for every * setting, right? I did hear that this game, being the largest Genesis cart ever made at the time (40 megs), did a lot "bank switching" or something. Not sure if this kind of thing would be affected or not because the same feature exists in Special Champion Edition.

Dacicus: Thanks for this info. The more I'm digging in here, the more I think this might be totally over my head without formal instruction / watching someone do this sort of stuff in real time. The odds of me correctly analyzing every type of attack/defense level, and the RNG (which I believe is tied to "stun"). Can you link me the resource you were looking at? I did some googling earlier and didn't come up with anything that seemed relevant.

OK, so through trial and error I figured out using the RAM search function in Gens ("less than" searches for 2-byte values) that the damage scaler stars (1-8 stars per player) are stored in hex value 00FFFCEA. I was proud that I somehow figured that out. For whatever reason, player one's values are in increments of 256, whereas player 2's values are 1-8.

Now, of course, I have zero idea what to do with this information. haha. I tried using save states to see which values changed in battle, but then I reasoned out that even if I had noticed which values were changing, I wouldn't know how to connect them to what the above hex value is actually telling the emulator.

It appears my missing link is how OOFFFCEA actually sets the attack values for each subsequent game.  I guess in theory that shouldn't be hard to figure out for someone who knows what they are looking for, but I think it's a step-and-a-half beyond where my brain is at on these things.

Of course, I could be way off on this, so thanks in advance for your patience.

It will be a starting point, but you might need to analyze the game's assembly in order to actually make that a permanent change.
RAM search is something you do in an emulator while it's running.  I don't know if Kega Fusion has that capability.  I mostly use BizHawk for systems other than the NES.  There are tutorials available about searching RAM, such as this one and this one from TASVideos.  You can also find video tutorials on YouTube.

Thanks for this information. I'm going to poke around and see if I can do a little damage. We'll see what kind of results I come up with.

Thanks for the response. However, I don't know how to perform a RAM search. Would that allow me to adjust how many "stars" correspond to the damage scaler on the 2P screen? I was hoping it might be straightforward? Is there a program to do this sort of thing to find the hex values, or is this something that you do in the actual emulator while it's running, and you look to see which values are changing?

Hi all,

I've spent some time working on a Legend of Zelda hack lately, but I want to do some slight modifications to a game that doesn't appear to have any proper utilities, so I'd have to dive in from scratch here, it seems.

My favorite fighting game of all time is Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers for SEGA Genesis. My only real gripe with the game is that the rounds are often over too quickly, so I'd like to figure out how to change the values so that all attacks do less damage.  There is a mechanic in the game during VS. Mode where you select your damage scaler, but even when selecting 1/8 stars, it's still over quickly.  I suspect there is a way to scale these back, but I really don't even know where to start.

I've seen people on YouTube pulling up the hex data while the game is going to see where the changes are happening in real time, but I have no idea if this is a realistic way to identify this data.

If anyone can recommend a way for me to identify the damage scaling feature in this game, I would be eternally grateful.  I suppose it'd also be possible to manually edit all of the damage in the game, but that'd probably be a much tougher proposition.

Cool and YW!

Started the 4th quest and so far no problems. However, LVL8 has gives the wooden sword after beat Gleeok? Was that one on purpose? Just thought it was funny.

That was my attempt at a joke, ha.  Did you do the levels in order, or Level 8 before others?

I'm having a good time with this. If the aim was to make quests that take a step up from the challenge of the original second quest, I think you've done well. However, I've just started the latest version and I'll keep you updated with any glitches or bugs found. I'm not going to render input on item location choices as that is up to you, only if something is missing or impossible to reach. Please note, I am deliberately ignoring input from other users, not because their input is not valuable but because I wish to give an independent perspective.

Found the first issue. LVL2 in the 3rd quest has a problem. In the room with the Red Lanmola's is a shudder-door which never reopens, effective trapping the player in the latter part of the level. The only way out is to get the triforce. If you re-enter that part of the level you are fully trapped with no way out. That shudder-door should be set to reopen after the Lanmola's are defeated. Needs to be fixed.

Found a second glitch. LVL4 in the 3rd quest, in the top room with the Patra, if you go into the stairs but then come back into the same room you are deposited into a block in the upper right square, making the player perma-stuck. Needs to be fixed.

Alright, I am going to offer input on item placement after all which is concerning the shield. Making only one available throughout the whole game is not ok, just a bit too harsh. One Like-Like encounter(very possible given how many there are) and the quest is over. One might just as well start from scratch. Very not cool.

Done with 3rd quest. Other than above mentioned comments, I found no further issues. I will say, if this is meant to be a challenge above that of the original 2nd quest, it succeeds wildly. Will start 4th quest tomorrow and will chime in accordingly.

I will make sure to fix these issues. Thanks for the help. Glad that you liked it. Fourth Quest takes some additional liberties, but largely is similar, but just a bit harder.


August 09, 2020, 11:31:11 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
I've been playing Quest 2, and I'm nearly done. I just need to find the final heart container and play Level 9. I have 15 of 16 heart containers. Let me critique this for you now.

This has NOT been fun! There are god good and bad things about this quest, so let's break them down.

Bad or questionable things:

1. No heart containers awarded for defeating the bosses of each dungeon. One would think with as challenging as the levels are, there would be some kind of reward, but nope.

2. Way too much back tracking: You have too many tunnels in the dungeons that warp you back to the beginning of the dungeon creating a very frustrating experience. Every tunnel should lead you somewhere forward in the tunnel and not back to the beginning.

3. Item placement is definitely flawed in this Quest. Plus there are absolutely no items in Level 8 which is absolutely ridiculous. No I take that back. The boss drops the Wooden Sword which you already received from the beginning of the game, so that was very pointless. Again like Quest 1, a perfect place to put the Red Ring. People will definitely want to play these levels out of order and item hunt first for the best chance at beating this hack. After collecting certain items, then go beat certain levels.

4. Just like in the 1st Quest, clues are extremely limited.

5. There is no Magical Shield in this Quest. Ridiculous

6. Not possible to get 16 heart containers.

7. Level 9 is incomplete. It can't be finished in it's current state w/o walk thru wall codes in a few areas.


1. All the Heart Containers In the Overworld. With the exception of 1 in Level 6, al of the heart containers can be found in the overworld. You'll definitely want to find bombs and the Red Candle and go Heart Container hunting before entering any dungeons. Then get the Step ladder from Level 4 and the Flute from Level 6 and hurt for the rest of the heart containers and the Magical Sword.

2. Like the 1st Quest, everything is well hidden here.

3. The Red Candle is once again found in the overworld.

4. The Lion Key is specifically used to open the door to Ganon. That actually makes the key feel special.

Level 9 is definitely beatable.  It's tricky but beatable.  And all 16 heart containers are indeed there.  The Second Quest is supposed to be tougher.  If you go back and play the 'riginal you'll see that it's definitely tricky and the only reason it's not threatening these days is simply because of repetition.  But I am going to dial back the difficulty in a few spots for sure, including some of the backtracking tunnels.  I took some liberties in the Second Quest for a reason, to mix it up.  I'm not super worried about hints for the most part because experience Zelda players (which are going to be the only people that play this) shouldn't need too much hand-holding.  But it's something that will be updated for the initial release/upload to RHDN.  Thanks for the feedback.  It looks like you preferred the First Quest.

I've started testing it again, and there's a stairway in Level 5 that leads to the end of the level that isn't working. The game freezes when you try to enter. So far, everything else appears to be fine. You still need to redo the clues. Their order doesn't make any sense. Also, the Lost Woods needs to be redesigned. Your original version was better. Now it's more like the Lost Mountains.

I'm not sure which staircase in Level 5 you are talking about.  I am looking at both of them right now in Dungeon Master and they all appear to work as intended, like they did in my playtesting.  Can you be more specific?

Also, not sure what to make of your Lost Woods comment.  I haven't changed the Lost Woods since the early revisions.



KevvyLava should ask ShadowOne333 about that as he did implement some sort of faster text scrolling in his Zelda 1 Redux hack.

maybe also change the "Select" button function which quickly changes the B button item instead of pausing the game - also implemented in the Zelda 1 redux hack that I'm currently beta testing - later I'll try out KevvyLava's updated 3rd/4th quest Zelda 1 hack

Thanks man. I figure I'll integrate those last little details once I get confirmation that the map/dungeon editing itself is done. I've played through it several times myself and already know a couple of parts are too hard. The "Fourth" Quest is unforgiving on one of the earlier dungeons with a Blue Wizzrobe or too, but with enough bombs it's not insanely hard. Still needs to be dialed back a bit.

Thank you for your feedback.  Looking forward to hearing what you think of the 2nd Quest.  Took a few more liberties on that one.

I think some of your ideas make sense and will be included in a revision:

- A few more hints
- Move the Red Ring to an earlier point in the game
- Eliminate the need to purchase the Raft since it's only used once (possibly making the Magical Shield a shop item instead?)
- Graveyard secrets in 1st Quest
- Magic Wand earlier in the Quest

Things that I did on porpoise and intend to keep the way they are:

- Blue Candle stays in Level 1 because it opens up that side of the map via Lost Woods hint, thereby forcing you to find Level 1 first.
- No Stepladder in Level 1 (not needed to complete Levels 1-3 and would make Level 4 a total joke).  It's also required to get the Recorder and to enter Level 5 to get the Magical Shield and More Bombs, etc.
- Letter available after finding the Recorder (might provide extra Potions though)

Things I don't know how to do:

- Speed up text
- Change the palette on single screens in a dungeon (isn't that dictated by the Level # that you're in when you enter?)
- Make enemies drop bombs more often (aside from selecting enemy groups that are more likely to drop them in the first place?)


Level 8 is in the Death Mountain area.  You need the Whistle to get the Magic Sword.  You use it to visit a screen that you can only access with the Whistle.

I did find the White Sword and played Dungeons 5 & 6. I am not a fan of their design. Plus unless I missed something, there's no way of getting the map of Dungeon 5 although you can make it appear in Dungeon 6. If there's a way to get to that map, I surely missed it.

I'm at Dungeon 7, and the map resembles the vanilla Dungeon 8, so that's cool. I have yet to mind the Magical Sword anywhere in the overworld, so I can only assume I need the Flute for this. I've also yet to find the Wand, so I'm guessing that's in Dungeon 7.

I'm guessing the Red Ring and Silver Arrows are in Dungeon 9 like the vanilla game. But I do have a question. If you're the unfortunate victim of having a Like Like take your Magical Shield, how do you get another one? Are you just out of luck? With as many Wizzrobes you have in these dungeons, that would be unfortunate to not get another one.

When I made this hack, I expected that people would be more annoyed with Level 7 than 5 or 6.  What is it that you didn't like about 5 and 6?  They're smaller and pretty easy to figure out, I think.  To get the map in Level 5, you just walk through a wall in the first room.

Red Ring and Silver Arrow are in Level 9, yes.  Maybe I should add another Magical Shield somewhere, maybe in a hidden shop or something?  In the short term, you could always find the Letter and stock up on 2nd Potions.  Whistle is required to get the Letter and the Magical Sword.

I've played through the 1st 4 dungeons, and overall it's good, but there are a few things that irritate me.

1. 2 Patras in Dungeon 4 is overkill especially for that early in the game and no White Sword let alone the Magical Sword

2. Getting to this point in the game and no White Sword doesn't make sense.

3. You had to get the Stepladder from Dungeon 4 to go back to beat Dungeon 1 was strange... but ok.

4. I have found every Dungeon, but have still not found the White Sword, Magical Sword, or the 5th Heart Container. I can only assume I need the Flute to find it.

Here are some changes I thought wee cool.

1. Buying the Raft and Bow.

2. Finding the Red Candle in the overworld instead of Dungeon 7. You actually get worthwhile use out of it.

3. Location Of Dungeons. There were a little tough to find, but that's cool. It's part of the challenge.

I will continue playing tomorrow after work and update my thoughts.

I appreciate your feedback.  The White Sword is accessible after you get the Power Bracelet in Level 3.  There's a hint that "Gleeok guards the Power Bracelet."  But I can see how it would be a huge pain in the ass with the Wooden Sword.  My intention was that people would have stumbled upon the White Sword once they got the Power Bracelet since it's in a location that is important in the original game.  The only caveat is that it's not accessible from the same direction as in the original.  So think about where the most important items were in the original 1st Quest and check in those spots.  Since you have the Stepladder, it should make it easier for you.

Also, I'm not sure why you are saying you needed the Stepladder to finish Level 1.  There's a stairway that brings you to the other part of the level.

Hi all, I started a new thread for the beta version of this hack, which now includes a fully functional 2nd Quest....or I guess in this case, 4th Quest.

Hey all, I finally got around to finishing my 3rd/4th Quest LOZ hack.  The porpoise of this hack is to provide a more traditional Zelda 1 experience with some new challenges to scratch the itch of those of us that have crushed this thing 100 times and want more of the same basic thing.  Here's a summary of what I did:

- Dungeon layouts heavily modified (including some rooms overlapping in multiple dungeons, causing some "off the grid" secrets)
- Minor changes to the overworld layout (90% unchanged)
- Some screens have the secret in a different spot, or in the case of the 2nd Quest, might require the recorder instead of the candle, etc.
- Different items found in shops
- Different items found in dungeons
- Different items found on docks & under Armos
- Just enough keys to complete each dungeon (if you screw this up somehow, you fork over the 100 rupees for a spare key)
- Minor NPC text changes for a few hints.
- The difficulty level is somewhere around the official Second Quest, with some moments being harder/easier
- The Second Quest in this hack takes a few extra liberties as far as the locations of heart containers and a few other things.

*Just as a warning, there are a couple of instances where it appears that part of a dungeon isn't accessible (1st Quest Level 9 comes to mind), but I can assure you that you CAN access these areas without any glitches/screenwraps/whatever.  You don't need to be able to do LackAttack24-style glitches to beat this.  It's meant for regular Zelda fans to be able to play through.

**Yes, there's an enemy in some dungeons that animates weird and behaves unexpectedly.  This was done on porpoise.

Base rom: The Legend of Zelda (U) (PRG0)
Hash data: CRC32 D7AE93DF

I'd love some feedback on this, and if anyone wants to send a list of bugs or things that are missing, that'd be cool.  There shouldn't be much, as it's been extensively playtested by me. And a year or so ago, a couple of other people ran through it with no problems.  It's really the 2nd Quest on here that no one's seen yet.

Here's a link to the patch:

Have a great night, everyone.


This looks pretty awesome already. Would you consider switching the Koopa Troopas back to the SMB3 style? I know I'm just some random guy on here, and maybe people disagree with me on this, but I never liked when people tried to cram SNES sprites into NES. It always just ends up looking stale.

erpster2: I'm not sure which review you are talking about.  But I'm almost done with the Second Quest on the rom hack, which I should have ready to go this week in case you want to play it.

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