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Newcomer's Board / Re: Need quick help on Hyrule Magic.
« on: October 10, 2015, 11:57:56 am »
Nice, also because of this thread,20518.0.html

I'm leaving forum for a while and I also blocked my personal messaging. Don' try to contact me, I won't be there to see it.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Need quick help on Hyrule Magic.
« on: October 10, 2015, 09:52:45 am »
Moving door: select with mouse and then press num4 on the keyboard to change the positions (you need pos7). And you need the door type 02F. (bg3 is checked under edit)

Moving walls - nothing much - with the mouse - pretty much like you move the icons on the desktop - but you need the correct bg checked. In this case the lower wall is on bg1, while the upper wall is also on bg1.

Lower wall is matched with the exit door, upper wall comes on top of it so that the lower wall covers its frame - otherwise a passage from wall to floor.

Try to take this room apart on a test rom to see how walls are made - normal wall and the "deep" or lower wall - to achieve the depth of the room (you know the lower area when you use the indoor steps).

Try to learn from this picture and see what is wrong and what needs to be done for it to be right.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Need quick help on Hyrule Magic.
« on: October 10, 2015, 08:48:45 am »
Mannaged to come up with the solution though.

The game will allow this door combination in the sanctuary!
Door object 02F on position 7,
and the exit will work - but this will require for you to also move the wall lower.

And you can see, that the door gfx matches with bg2 wall. This means you need to put the bg2 wall much lower than normal to match that, and the bg1 wall far to low - and partially off-HM-room-screen (this doesn't break the game though).

You can clearly see that the game was not designed for this, but it works nevertheless - a bit forced out.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Need quick help on Hyrule Magic.
« on: October 10, 2015, 06:19:52 am »
Yes, I believe we talked about this on PM also. As far as I can tell, you want to use the fancy door object 2F or 30 specifically, in the sanctuary as an exit. But this will not work. The game will by default not allow these doors for exiting the house or the sanctuary - even Hyrule castle is questionable. This fancy exit was designed for all the pendant and crystal dungeons and usually if you enter on bg1. I believe 3rd pendant is entered on bg2, probably why the object 30 was programed in the first place.

I can only recomend you to use the door object 02B in the sanctuary with exit-definition-door 033 for this exit to work. You see the problem is that the room above the sanctuary is bg2, after the Mantle is moved, its bg1 again (which is otherwise impossible - you can not go through the door and switch the bg, but here it happens).

So you see the first room uppon entering the sanctuary and the first room uppon entering Hyrule castle... these 2 rooms have some orthodox programing - that's why they probably refuse the dungeon exits 2F and 30.

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: New Hacks Added to the Database
« on: October 10, 2015, 06:04:00 am »
Lol thanks. I hope you don't think there is a virus in the package - like some do - lol. I do intend to update it to allow more emulators and than make an submission with the Patch and Readme only (since you never know if you include a patcher - and that thing has the .exe extension... paranoia for the win.

So far the hack survived through 3 deletion flaggings - lol. Reason is the current version can be played only on the emus inside - I thought this wouldn't be such a problem, since Zsnes is in there, and 70 percent of everyone I know are using that for their SNES gaming, the other 30 uses Snes9x.

But like said, will be updated eventually to allow more emus - specially official emu releases - to avoid drama.

Also needs some minor updating - since if you throw your Awesome New Weapon - The Morning Star - into the pond - the Fairy does not give it back - lol. Don't trust the Fat Fairy - she likes your awesome new weapon and decides to steal it.

Lol, maybe I should make like that. Fat Fairy says: "Give me your Morning Star - then you'll get your silver Arrows."

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: Time to test your IQ
« on: October 08, 2015, 06:50:04 pm »
The difference is is that Direct X is a trusted installer.. You, however, I do not trust. And everything you say stinks if something someone spreading malware would say to try to trick people into running it.
What a paranoid statement. If you don't trust me, why don't you run all my files throught the Malware scanner and Antivirus... to find No malicious files whatsoever, and ultimately proove me right.

The difference is is that Direct X is a trusted installer.. You, however, I do not trust. And everything you say stinks if something someone spreading malware would say to try to trick people into running it.
Yes, that's the thank you we get for all the hard work invested into our project.

How difficult it is to use the patch only then. And use your thrustworthy programs for all the rest neccesary to play the rom.

Here's the tip:
Delete all files of my hack from your computer and go out and enjoy the sun. I hope you trust this statement. Computers and romhacks are clearly not for you.

You are probably one of those people who think that the Queen of England is a dinosaur, or the lizard from another world, conctroling us; and that everytime a tornado comes around - someone made it with the special weather machine called HARP.

The only reason for a specific format for this hack was to stop illegal cart making. Strangly that you have nothing to say about that - an actual and prooven crime - unlike your false accusations.

If the game had not been flagged for removal already, just because it doesn't run on real hadware, I would definitely flag it myself after this obscure thread.

October 08, 2015, 07:18:23 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
There you go everyone. Because of this obscure thread you have killed this beautiful work of art. I hope you are happy.

If someone says NO to illegal cartmaking and takes measures to protect his own copyrighted work, then suddenly he is spreading malware. How beyond-dumb assumptions.

October 08, 2015, 07:20:59 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Don't worry xnamkcor. The hack will be off this site and out of the internet very soon. You Are Safe!

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: Time to test your IQ
« on: October 08, 2015, 05:55:22 pm »
You think you can get 100% compatibility with only 4 cartridge mapping schemes. I love it. Please show me.
I would not make the emu from scratch obviously, I would use the Snes9x original source code as a base. Then hack into it by adding Exlorom 8MB support. All other mappers in the memmap.cpp would remain. So it would support all what the original supports, plus this. Main goal however would be to turn off save stating and cheating. But I don't think such a project would have sense, since players want to do just that - save stating (they just feel safe in a game if the emu has this function).

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: Time to test your IQ
« on: October 08, 2015, 04:48:39 pm »
Liar. I searched for FuSoYa's emulators on my own, and your hack doesn't run in them. Well, not the file resulting from the patch under the recommended filename.

I've done a lot of other poking around, but comparing the included ZSNES with Fusoya's ZSNES in a hex editor revealed that the text "zip" was replaced by "sfc", meaning it thinks SFC files are ZIPs. That's the real reason for needing a specific extension.
You are smart Vehek, but that still IS Fusoya's emu, with 3 byte change, and I wasn't lying.
However Snes9x is RR version= official release (which should be obvious and logical since when you run the emu it says Snes9x RR), ie not by Fusoya. This version of Snes9x is based on the old 151 core, which is better in any way, than the new 153, specially regarding sound and percentage speed-ups. But I again changed some bytes= specially regarding the name of the Dll, name of cfg etc, to make it easier to use.

And the hack works in Fusoya's original Zsnes emu also (if you know how).

Do note that file extensions have nothing to do with the actual file code, which remains the same.

Maybe you are the right candidate for picking up my Glove thrown to the cart makers, for bringing the anti-cart lock down.

Not to mention that there could be different types of DirectX DLLs. Is the one you're destributing for 32-bit or 64-bit Windows? Win 7 or Win 8.1? What version of DirectX? (obviously DX9, but any patches included?)

If we put those DLLs aside for a moment.

Can an user run the official 32bit Snes9x emu?

If the answer is yes (which means DirectX properly installed and all files properly registered etc etc), then they should have no problems in running the Snes9x I provided with a simple doubleclick on the exe.

I can run everything with an ease: Snes9x 147 (old one), Snes9x 151 (official), Snes9x 153 (official), Snes9x (TAS), Snes9x 153 recoded by Fusoya, Snes9x (Geiger's Debugger!), Snes9x 151 RR (which is supplied for this game - and I have no DLL problems or unstable systems).

Why can I run all that, and on 3 different comps, on XP, Win7 and Win8?

Just saying, people just need to learn how to use the computer, and learn how to run programs properly.

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: Time to test your IQ
« on: October 08, 2015, 03:51:19 pm »
You need to install the lattest direct X in your system.
It's not that easy. When you instal DirectX, all the Dlls go to System folder and with d3d9 and similar names. This emu will rather read this vital file from the actual folder (since it will not work without it), that the emu is in, and it will know to look for (name) EDLL, which is already in there as a part of the emu.

I did this specifically so that players would not have any problems (since now the installation of DirectX should not be neccesary, since the DirectX dll is in the emu folder itself as a part of the emu), but they still do have problems (irony).

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: Time to test your IQ
« on: October 08, 2015, 12:32:59 pm »
In that case users who are unable to run Snes9x, which I've been using for decade on 4 different computers and 3 operating systems (XP, Win7, Win8), and are DLL-paranoid, can use Zsnes, which doesn't use DirectX enhancement (ie those vicious DLLs).

I was also kind enough to actually include the d3dx9_31 (part of DirectX) installer to be able to run Snes9x in case of problems (it is just in the Zsnes folder).

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: Time to test your IQ
« on: October 08, 2015, 11:52:48 am »
I did not make this file, nor the emulator. This is a standard part of the standard Snes9x emulator.

When you instal DirectX, tons of such DLLs are copied into the system folder for your comp to be able to run Video games.

With Original Snes9x official release, it is required to get this file separately (which is even worse) - its the fault of the emulator authors! that you have problems with their program/emu. This is not connected with this game in any way.

I run Snes9x just fine with no problems, since I have all Video game dlls and they are also registered in the REG of the OS.

If you are unable to use an emulator, that has been a standard for SNES emulation for years (and ported to Wii, Mac, even DS), then what can I do.

The DLL file can never harm anyone's computer. You should be worried about EXE files.

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: Time to test your IQ
« on: October 08, 2015, 08:19:16 am »
Btw, the 3rd dungeon with the block puzzles is really nice, the puzzle in the room that SunGodPortal showed is really well thought. At first the dungeon seemed like it would be regular block-pushing puzzles, but this room and some others later use this thing where pushed blocks change the tile they are pushed on and its something I never had to deal with before so I really had to stop and think on alot of ocasions. Its the kind of things I was looking for from a hack called IQ test so im glad I gave it a try.
Nice. The dungeon is actually called Block Village. If you can solve this entire dungeon with no help (it really gets advanced and unique later with lovable new ASM mod-blocks), then you can easily call youself a master. You are one of the players, who can really enjoy the sheer amount of intelect needed to make this dungeon/game, since some are concerned with the game's mapping.

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: Time to test your IQ
« on: October 08, 2015, 07:13:21 am »
got an error with snes9x and it crashed
Why oh why it works for me and not for others? Copy pasting the EDLL into
should fix this problem.

On my comp this EDLL is being read from the EMU folder itself where the exe is (the way it should be), but if the OS "wants" it in "his" system folder with all the rest of the Dlls, you just have to put this individual file there.

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: Time to test your IQ
« on: October 08, 2015, 05:48:34 am »
Lol. It's IQ all the way (playing wise and remapping wise).

Do note: that I own The Patch, not the game itself. Thus the game can never be soled by anyone - unless Nintendo puts it on Wii (they own the original and my additional code is freeware, so they own it all - regarding selling - not the actual author-copyright). Funny part: they (who are the only ones who have the right) will of course not do that.

game to run in the "mysterious" emulator in the first place.
The emulator is Not mysterious at all, the game... maybe (but how can a freakin 4MB global shift= basic definition of basic Exlorom expansion, be so mysterious and controversial).

Hell, even I could recode Snes9x and Zsnes to run Exloroms (if they wouldn't), since I know the code for both very well, unlike for other emus. Plus, I did Not invent this format - I took the existing standard.

October 08, 2015, 06:06:58 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Something to cheer this strange topic up:

PD says: "Link, everyone is upset, the way the game is mapped."
Link says: "Who gives the damn about mapping, Exlorom, DLLs and shit, load the freakin game in the Emu and play it; and give me that AWESOME NEW WEAPON programmed into this - The Morning Star, so I can kick ass."

This is the FIRST ZELDA GAME which uses a Brand new awesome item - the Morning Star, which you can see on the picture above. (otherwise this weapon is used by Morning star knigts in Alttp).

Just saying:
Do you think I'm interested in the exotic 6MB Exhirom format of Fusoya's SMW hack The Legend Continues - no, I play the freakin game - on an EMU on a comp obviously - where the hell am I going to get Real hardware, which was extinct in the 90s or other illegal real hardware clones, or illegal carts/flashcarts. This is nowhere to get, plus his hack is free - carts and hardware is not. Yes, hardware is the devil, stay in software people.

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: Time to test your IQ
« on: October 08, 2015, 05:11:59 am »
Btw, about the whole exlorom thing, its not that I think the conversation is pointless but before playing the hack I looked at the comment section looking to find what people were thinking about the hack and it took a long time to find someone who actually tried it and gave some feedback. I understand that it makes sense to talk about it here because the hack uses this weird "format" (or whatever its called) and people seem to have an opinion on wether it should be used or not and thats fine but the whole comment section now looks like an emulation philosophy debate instead of talking about the game. For anyone like me who doesnt really understand all the technicality about the issue and only wanted to hear what people think about the modifications made to Alttp, it all seems kind of off-topic.

I dont understand why this hack should be flagged for removal because it wouldnt work on real hardware or needs a specific emulator when other hacks use chips like the MSU-1 which never existed in the snes era and also only work on certain emulators, I guess a chip could be made to make this hack work on real hardware, even tho the chip doesnt exist at the moment, it theoraticaly could work... right ? Then again I dont know much about all this so dont bash me too hard if what im saying is complete nonsense but just let people who want to play this do please... This site has the best repertory of quality hacks and I think this one deserves to be in here too.
Exactly, MSU-1 is not compatible with real hardware - remove all MSU-1 hacks then (dumb idea isn't it). Real hardware just can not advance - like romhacking can.

So I found the second key, following your instructions, in the second dungeon but It only opened a path to another room where a key is needed
The key is right there you just need to light all torches (you must find a fire rod).
Hint: from the most upper floor (when you are in the most right-upper corner), drop down the most left upper pit that you can reach, now drop the most left upper pit that you can reach again.

Drop some more to come to the room with that Knight statue. Perform a dash jump across the pit to the suspicious Knight statue with stars= ie a secret is near if a star is near; and try to move/lift it. You are going to need some lifting power...

Your ROM isn't unplayable on most emulators because it's "advanced", it's because you purposefully obfuscated it to control how it can be played.
The aswer here is Yes and No. The game uses an advanced Expansion, which allows it to have more space (that's all there is to it). All the data has been repointed. The organization of data is far beyond the poor and squeezed original.

This allows the game to be better in any way. The warp maze is not possible if not all room-header data is available.

Ie: standard hacking= leave as original (D57 are for room headers)
advance hacking (this game)= repoint to address 200000 and use unlimited space for room header, but "exotic" Exlorom format.

Don't you see, we simply need space, and if you want more than 4MB, you need this mapping. More space does not mean all needs to be filled, it mean the organization of data is better and advanced, still leaving empty space, which doesn't "add up".

This data reorganization goes beyond the scope of original or standard Alttp romhacking, I call this hex gluing or advance romhacking; which any "normal" Alttp hack would not use (they would just edit it with Hyrule Magic program - which makes an below average/bugged data organization).

This allows me to have infinite sprites for instance, infinite room-header properties ie rooms transitions etc etc. Standard hacking will not allow this.

October 08, 2015, 05:18:39 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
That's it, I am personally going to reverse engineer this hack for play on original hardware myself.

*sends Puzzledude a PM*

Title reads: Please tell me how to reverse engineer this hack
There is nothing to "reverse". The hack is an Exlorom, glued together from Loroms. The "glued" can not be Lorom, since it uses Exlorom pointers (not compatible with Lorom if repointer "backwards").

There are 2 ways to make this a standard Lorom and thus compatible with real hardware:
-I have to glue all Lorom parts into Lorom instead of Exlorom (a whole bunch of work just to give carters a bone - not my thing, Plus - space problems! - I would have to "squeeze" the data= ie compress the GFX, since currenlty it is left uncompressed)
-Prodigy hex editing of the Exlorom to remap it to Lorom, plus remove super anti-cart lock (ignored by Emus). Also because of the space problem (gfx is not compressed) this would have to be 4MB.

But you know: The Glove Has Been Thrown (to the cart makers).

If anyone is capable of doing the latter (prodigy hex editing of the Exlorom to remap it to Lorom), than this person has beaten me. I would be defeated and I would respect the hyper-intellect of that person and let him do as many carts as he wants= he deserved it- he has beaten my lock. He did awesome work, he did an aweson job= he deserves it.

He could even put this "delocking" on this site as an Addendum. He made a hack, he hacked a hack to now be able to be played on real hardware.

He would hack a hack (this is deep).

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: Time to test your IQ
« on: October 08, 2015, 04:29:06 am »
Those "special" programs are standard Snes9x and a standard Zsnes emulators (used by 70% percent of all players who play Snes hacks), which support a standard Exlorom mapper used for advanced romhacking.

But you are right: the game is emulator specific (that's why it is flagged for removal and admins are discussing this).

BUT this hack:

uses the same mapper as mine. It is Exhirom and ALSO emulator specific (since some of us are just interested in advanced romhacking).

Why is SMW hack The Legend Continues by Fusoya Not a problem (the hack is on this site since 2003 - no problems), but mine is a problem - yet they are of the same (advanced) kind (it is just a Expansion method, not even a format).

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: Time to test your IQ
« on: October 08, 2015, 03:44:51 am »
"Time to test your ability to follow basic instructions". hehehe
Or maybe I should add The Terms of Use:
"Player, follow these instruction and thus agree to the terms of use, if not - go outside and play some basketball, why are you sitting on a comp, complaining."

but seem oblivious to the fact that they have neither legal or moral standing to claim any kind of ownership over anything they've done. It literally doesn't belong to them!
The code presented in the form of the patch belongs literally to me alone. I never released anything done by original authors.

I'd be flattered and amused if someone made a repro of something I'd worked on
Then why don't you let me sell your car for 15,000$. I would be happy - I gained 15,000$ by selling your car, a customer is happy - he bought a car. And you - who are now without your car and without money - would be flattered.
What beyond-dumb ideas.

The only reason why I'm supporting Puzzledude on this issue is because I want to gain his trust so that one day he will send me a copy of the IQ test hack that is compatible with real hardware

The game was glued together from Lorom parts into one Exlorom. No version of glued Lorom (ie compatible with everything) exists.

that I can then make repros of my own and sell those.
no, no, no

If a hack was created, but no one plays it. Was it ever really created.
If you don't like/play the game, someone else will; if nobody likes/plays the game, god will.

It'd be cool if the program I'm forced to use as part of the DRM even worked.
Do we have any quality control rules? Like, if a hack is not reasonably playable, can it be refused?
The DLL was included in the package.

Let me tell again, the game works! Why do you think I tested it and suffering while doing the testing. The game was played through from beginning to end around 10 times!! on both emus!, which obviously work.
You just have Your Computer Messed-Up.

Original snes9x did not have this DLL included at all. You had to find it online and put it into the System folder of Windows. I fixed all that for your convenience.

Also do note: if you don't have directX (a whole bunch of DLLs) or Framework installed, which you don't, you really can not play any games on your comp.

Some dumb protection-filled antiviruses and Windows7, 8, 10 hiper dumb protection measurements will also refuse for you to use any additional/manually added DLLs, unless you "register" them (this is very difficult to do and requires the use of CMD command line to put the DLL "to the list" in the Register).

This hyper dumb move by Microsoft is not protection at all, it simply dissallows you to use completely usable programs.

Try to run a harmless program called Add-ons by Euclid, which can make Alttp sprites stronger. On XP= no problems, Win7 and above - all DLLs blcked (manual registering needed).

So you see this really has nothing to do with this game, or this emulator, it is just Windows refusing the DLL needed to run the program.

See this DLL is in the folder itself - no need for Windows to read from the System folder (where it might or not might be - based on whether you installed DirectX or not).

But your comp/Operating system is obviously dumb enough to not run it, since it sees as something alienated, and requires for you to register the DLL with a CMD command, so that this info gets written into the REG.

The one to blame for your problem is - Microsoft.

Knowing the above, imagine how beyond-dumb your statement is that my hack needs qulity control.

What does a hack have to do with this. Absolutely nothing - you have a problem with the emulator, as a result of a paranoid-programmed Windows, or its settings!, or you don't have DirectX.

If you are unable to run a program on your comp, you can always use Zsnes, which is less complex, and does not require such a DLL to be registered.

October 08, 2015, 03:54:26 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Note: Any user who has his Operating System installed properly ie normally, should NOT encounter this problem, since by default the DLL is run automatically in concordance with the EXE in the same folder.

Of course if you have a messed-up comp/OP, who can not run simple programs in a normal fashionable way and no DirectX (needed to play ANY Game), then it is another story.

Copy pasting the EDLL.dll of the program to

migh also solve the problem. But like I said, if this fixes the problem, the Operating system is just dumb/or has dumb settings. The registering of dll might still be needed nevertheless.

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: Time to test your IQ
« on: October 07, 2015, 04:15:02 pm »
After reading the above. Something is really wrong with you.
Your false assumption comes from the fact that you like carts. So if someone is against that, then he is according to you odd.

And by the way - I was quoting a line from a movie.

To all cart makers: The Glove Has Been Thrown!

To all cart makers: If you can undo my anti-cart lock, you are free to make as much carts of this game as you possibly can, I don't mind.

What a bunch of shit. This thread is f**g pathetic.
But don't worry SGP, next time I simply won't make a so called News submission, so we can Not discusse this bunch of sh**t.

Where are you when they're making carts?
Preparing my samurai sword for them.

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: Time to test your IQ
« on: October 07, 2015, 03:51:50 pm »
Puzzledude ethics on rom-hacking is delusional, egotistical, and downright scary, but if that's what he want to believe, that's on him. Something is really wrong with you.
So a hard-working person who never makes a dollar and is doing a lot and lot of sacrifices: mapping, testing, debugging, designing, uploading etc etc

and then puts all this hard work out For Absolutely Free, just because unknown people across the planet can enjoy,

is unethical and there's something wrong with him, but if someone is selling the work of others, than this is ethical.

It's like saying people who steal are ethical, and a hardworking  worker is unethical - he should be rather stealing to be ethical.

Don't you get it - someone who works like crazy and sacrifices his free time for others to enjoy, while he suffers, asking for no money, which by default belongs to him - since money is justified with work; thus work= money... Isn't this a definition of nobility.

No, that is not how I would define unethical, this how I would define a saint. Or a pro-bono lawyer maybe. Or a pro-bono doctor in Africa healing the sick.

I call these people (and romhackers are among them) IDEALISTS, who are doing general good, beyond any reasonable logic.

Every minute of playing, which you can enjoy on any video game, is equvivalent to hours and hours of working and specially testing - in this case done for free.

Where is Nintendo's new 3D Zelda for WiiU - already finished in 2014. Well - in debugging/testing phase. The entire company is debugging and testig for over a year. Their money will be well deserved! Imagine they would put the game out for free. Bliss. Well that's what we, romhackers are - idealists.

All that we want in return is some freakin respect. (Not a cart up our ass and not - "this game stinks"  and "there is something wrong with you" up our ass).

If I don't want, that a random bywalker wants to sell my car to a third person, why is this such a wrong wish. This is common sence, don't you think.

By the way: WHERE are cart makers, when a Dungeon needs to be made, WHERE are cart makers, when an ASM code needs to written, WHERE are cart makers, when a new GFX needs to be drawn, WHERE are cart makers, when you need to debug, WHERE are cart makers when exausting beta testing needs to be done.

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: Time to test your IQ
« on: October 07, 2015, 03:08:57 pm »
What I found funny here is that tremendous garbage like "dick nazis headless mario" and other trash like that; are not only allowed here, but encouraged to be made and upload, but a normal or high quality hack like this is not allowed and flag for removal.

I figured since I actually do have experience in emu development.
Nice, then you might know what the difference is between real hardware and emulation: save states, cheats, fast forwarding, bg layer disabling. If an emulator has these "strange" abbilities, that the real hardware hasn't, how difficult it is to throw in some more mappers. This is still real hardware emulation - on a different place. How is save state "invisible" and reading a data, shifted by 4MB, "not invisible".

Why can't I tell the emulator to read like real hardware, but staring from 400000, rather than 000000. This should be easy to implement in any emulator, while emulation accuracy is preserved. And Snes9x and Zsnes are doing that. Why can these emus do it, and Higan not?

I mean why do emu makers bother with "cheating" abbility - this completely breaks any game. Wrong value can crash the game. This is not invisible.

Just tell the repro makers that you only want the game being played on a flash cart and that it is not to be sold. Hopefully there are cart makers out there who would respect these wishes.
Already done with Parallel Remodel in a lovable and naive Legal Notice. Cart was on ebay 20 days after the release. Because you see, carters are like wilde beasts, like lions. And: "does the lion ask permission to kill a zebra". No, HE TAKES IT.

Does a cart making game abuser ask for permission to make carts. No, HE TAKES IT.

Can you guess the movie, from where this is from?

But with this game: "thy shall not do the cart".

Remember everyone, this exsotic format was only an "answer" to cart making of my previous projects. If my previous projects were not carted, I would never release a game in this format. It is a simple reaction to their action.

Makes me want to make a spoof hack entitled: romhacker vs. repro cart maker.

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