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Zombies Ate My Neighbors is a classic, and one of my very favorites to play around the Halloween season. I would love to see a hack that allows you to strafe or hold your firing position while moving. That'd help a LOT battling against the giant baby and other boss characters!

Yet another Genesis game that could use a good color modification is Stone Protectors. The colors are fairly close to the SNES version, but are somewhat too dark.

Anyone else love Vectorman 1 and 2 on the Sega Genesis? I sure do!  8) Though Vectorman 2 could definitely use a quick fix or two. The intended music doesn't play at the options screen, and the AND and PRESENT screens are left over from the prototypes... aaaand they're also not used.  :P

Check out that original game over screen. Very creepy, but it fits the darker atmosphere of the game! Any hack of 1 or 2 would keep a long-time fan busy until anyone decides to make a third installment!

Anybody wanna fix Taz: Escape From Mars? The physics are too fast and flawed, and the levels are littered with bombs and cheap traps everywhere. Makes the first game feel like a masterpiece compared to this carelessly rushed sequel. Just try and beat Mole World without taking a hit!  :banghead:

Being a hardcore Genesis/Mega Drive addict, I have a few suggestions for hacks. They've probably been mentioned before, but I'll list them anyhow, since this is my first forum post.

Vectorman 2 - Restore the unused options music. :P
Removing top borders from games from Castlevania, TMNT: Hyperstone Heist, Sparkster, etc.
Minor color improvements for already great games like Toy Story, Stone Protectors (the SNES colors are so much better!), and Mega Bomberman. The Lotus games could use a touch-up or two, but those are just guilty pleasures.

By the way, Pyron's work is awesome! 8)

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